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Hire a Yii Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire a Yii Developer

In today’s world, when you think of developing web applications, the PHP language is one of the names that come to mind. Though it’s more than a decade old language, it’s still widely used by sites, including Facebook, Wikipedia, and more. W3Techs says, currently, PHP is employed by around 79% of all websites. So, not to mention, its usage has been consistent over the last few years. PHP programmers utilize PHP frameworks for composing their code. These frameworks provide code libraries for commonly used functions, reducing the original code a coder needs to write. Yii is one such PHP framework, which is considered fast, secure, and efficient. This component-based PHP framework is used for rapidly developing modern web applications. Since it is lightweight and has a component-based architecture and sophisticated caching mechanisms, it is most suitable for developing large-scale applications such as content management systems, e-commerce sites, portals, forums, RESTful Web services, and so on.

Yii is an abbreviation for Yes, it is! Yii is a universal web programming framework since it is suitable for web applications using PHP. Yii is an MVC framework cautiously designed to be a competent tool for serious Web application development. It is neither a combination of any third-party work nor a byproduct of some project. This is an end product from the authors’ ample experience with web app development and their study of the most popular web programming frameworks and applications.

Why Use Yii Framework?

The Yii framework has gained popularity due to its flexible nature, allowing web developers to embed third-party codes. Although this open-source framework was developed on PHP5 and widely used to develop large-scale web applications, Yii is ideal for small and large-scale projects. Developers tend to prefer Yii because of its unique features and benefits. Below listed are some of the characteristics which make it a hot topic in the market.

  1. Easy Configuration: For any web developer, time is money and hence, they aren’t interested in spending their valuable time on complicated installation and configuration processes. However, the scenario is different with the Yii framework as it is easy and straightforward to install and run. Developers can download the basic structure from the Yii framework website or through the composer. Once the developers download the structure and extract the files, they need to connect them with the database. Then finally, give the configuration of the database, which lies in the configuration file, and it is ready to run.
  2. MVC Architecture: The Yii framework is known for Model View Controller (MVC) design. MVC keeps data, logic, and presentation modules as separate entities, making it easier for developers to work on one entity without affecting another. This enhances the overall dependency of the platform.
  3. Highly Extensible and Provides Personalized Experience: The main goal of an entrepreneur is to provide a consistent customer experience. Yii is quite popular for its capability to be tailored as per one’s needs. With the Yii framework, developers can develop rich and customizable e-commerce solutions to meet the customers’ requirements. Yii framework comes with built-in templates, plugins, and components that make it easy to add more functionality to any web application. Also, virtually every bit of the Yii framework is extensible. Yii takes advantage of PHP’s advanced features like the latest static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.
  4. Highly Secure:  Security is a pivotal part of any web application, and fortunately, Yii has some great security features. Some of the Yii framework security mechanisms include XSS, Cross-Site Scripting, and CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) prevention. Yii helps create a more protected application through these security mechanisms. For example, when a damaging or destructive website causes a browser to perform an undesirable activity on a trusted site, the CSRF prevention system helps to defeat the POST-based assaults. The Yii framework also offers a cookie approval technique that prevents modification of cookies via an HMAC (Hash-based message authentication code) check. Moreover, for user authentication and authorization, Yii includes ready-to-use classes.
  5. Sophisticated Caching Support: A slow website makes users annoyed. So Yii provides several tools to gain speed. Caching helps in reducing the response time and improves the speed and performance of web application services. The Yii framework permits the programmers to easily integrate cache application components like CMemCache, CDummyCache, and CFileCache. CMemCache utilizes spare RAM in numerous servers to act as a memory cache for most frequently accessed pieces of information. cDummyCache contains a dummy cache that doesn’t do any caching. cFileCache provides a file-based caching mechanism and uses files to store cached data.
  6. Minimal Development Time: Normally, projects involve a set of repetitive tasks. So, the Yii framework offers quite a few valuable tools in order to automate many of these repetitive tasks. Yii is one of the most powerful of these tools. It is a web-based code scaffolding tool that quickly creates code templates for models, controllers, modules, forms, extensions, and CRUD controller actions & views. With the help of these tools, developers can focus more on core business requirements and business logic.
  7. Encourages Testing: Yii is tightly integrated with the PHP testing framework called Codeception. This module helps developers simplify the process of unit, functional, and acceptance test creation for the application. Codeception makes it very simple to build any application all along in the testing. Yii framework is an apt choice for creating a website with quick, extensible, and security features. Developers can easily build any web application and make it awesome with its structural design.
  8. Minimal Development Cost: When choosing a tool or framework for an application, the first thing a customer will look at is the total cost. The primary reason why many developers prefer using Yii over its counterparts is that it is an open-source, object-oriented framework, which means the overall cost of app development will be lower. So, it saves expenses on licensing and helps entrepreneurs, especially those who work with a fixed budget, use this amount somewhere else.

When developing an application using the Yii framework, developers will be writing the code in an object-oriented fashion. So, it is important to understand the concepts of classes, objects, and namespaces. To be a professional Yii developer, one needs to have a basic understanding of object-oriented programming. While looking for a Yii developer for your team, prefer candidates with hands-on experience in PHP. Additionally, he/she should have the potential to code the designs supplied by the clients. However, an ideal candidate might not have expertise in all the required technical skills. Still, familiarity with the web app development process and the ability to pick up and learn modern technologies can play a major role.

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Required Expertise

Requirements - Hard Skills

  • Hands-on experience in PHP, including Yii framework3
  • Good knowledge of technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Familiarity with Bootstrap
  • Good understanding of cake PHP and its extensive feature set
  • Hands-on experience in API for mobile applications
  • Familiarity with the LAMP development environment
  • Sound knowledge of MVC design patterns
  • Strong understanding of SQL/NoSQL databases
  • Excellent knowledge of object-oriented programming languages
  • Familiarity with optimization concepts and good knowledge in cache and search plugins
  • Expertise in plugins/add-ons development in PHP for various CMS solutions
  • Good Knowledge of Responsive Web Design
  • Good understanding of version control systems such as SVN and Git
  • Ability to understand project-specific accessibility and security compliance


For building a fast, secure, and efficient web application using Yii, having a developer with extensive hands-on expertise is vital. At the entry-level, a Yii developer is expected to adapt to the dynamic working environment and understand the backend and frontend code.

However, at the mid/senior level, one needs to have a “can-do” attitude and experience in custom coding. Some of the responsibilities of a Yii developer involve:

  • Administering backend services and data swap between the server and users
  • Developing server-side logic, defining and maintaining the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the frontend
  • Integrating the frontend components created by other developers into the application
  • Converting PSD files into pixel perfect responsive Yii and custom PHP sites
  • Troubleshooting and rapidly addressing the technical issues
  • Building reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Optimizing application for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Collaborating with various teams and building cutting edge, fast, and interactive components
  • Creating database schemas that support business processes
  • Resolving cross-browser compatibility issues

Salary Structure

The ongoing pandemic has forced companies and workforces to resort to remote working. Whether you’re looking for freelance, full-time, or contract Yii developers, we at Skuad can help you hire the best talent tailored to your requirements and industry.

Experience Avg Salary
Entry Level $63,000
Mid-Career $83,000
Late Career $108,000

Industry Expertise

We cater to various sectors - Edutech, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics & Transport, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel, Banking, Media, and more. From selecting to onboarding, invoicing, compliances, and taxation, we act as your local HR to manage the day-to-day operations related to your overseas employees.

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