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Hire Yii2 Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Yii2 Developers

Numerous online projects continue to rely on raw PHP and PHP frameworks for the back-end. Companies hire PHP experts for a variety of jobs due to the language's technological capabilities. While the debate about the acquisition of other technologies continues, the competition in back-end coding is little. 

Amongst the most widely used languages, PHP offers a plethora of frameworks. Here, we'll explore Yii as a popular choice for applications of all scales. This article will assist startup owners in incorporating Yii2 developers into their businesses, as well as how and where to hire Yii2 developers.

How is the Yii2 Framework Defined?

Yii 2 (simple and evolutionary in Chinese) is a contemporary framework built to provide a stable basis for your PHP application. Yii2 is an excellent alternative if you're looking to streamline your development process. It includes a CRUD-generating module named Gii. It enables you to swiftly produce a large amount of common code.

Yii2 is a fast, safe, and efficient framework that comes pre-configured with sensible defaults. Because Yii2 is meant to be adaptable, it is simple to modify the framework to fit your needs.

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Yii2 Framework Development Technologies

1. Installation: There are two methods for installing the Yii2 Framework: by utilizing a composer and issuing a single command or by downloading an archive from the internet. Yii provides a simple template for a web application upon installation.

2. Template system: In contrast to other PHP frameworks, Yii2 does not provide a built-in templating mechanism. It enables developers to use his or her discretion in selecting a system that is most suited to the tasks at hand. Smarty and Twig are two of the most popular alternatives.

3. Database: Yii2 offers reasonably strong database support, particularly for relational database management systems (DBMSs) such as Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, and built-in ActiveRecord ORM support. Additionally, third-party packages for Microsoft Business Intelligence and MongoDB are available.

4. Support for APIs: Yii, as is the case with the majority of current PHP frameworks, was intended to handle API routes, JSON, and oAuth 2 data inputs. Nonetheless, this is an additional feature that may be disabled when not required.

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Consider the Following Development Industry Benefits of Utilizing the Yii Framework

1. Reduced development time: Yii has a plethora of tools for automating a large number of repetitive operations in projects. This enables developers to devote their time and attention to the most critical business needs and logic. "Gii" is one such tool. Gii automates the process of creating code templates for Models, Controllers, Forms, Modules, and Extensions. Gii is entirely adjustable, allowing developers to create scalable and customized code with total freedom.

2. Security: Yii has a variety of security features, including anti-XSS, anti-Cross Site Scripting, and anti-CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery). Yii's approach to the three most serious security problems is as follows:

  • When a web application collects data from users, such as on a forum, there is a possibility that malicious code will be injected into the postings. Yii has a very helpful component called the CHtmlPurifier, which eliminates potentially dangerous material and guarantees that filtered content adheres to industry standards.
  • By default, Yii includes CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) validation. When a malicious website leads a user's browser to conduct an undesirable action on a trusted site, CSRF prevention happens. Yii incorporates a CSRF protection mechanism to aid in the defeat of POST-based attacks.
  • Yii provides a cookie validation mechanism that prevents cookies from being changed. It essentially does an HMAC (Hash-based message authentication code) check for enabled cookie values.

3. Caching: It is a highly efficient technique for increasing a web application's speed. It contributes to the reduction of response time and increases the web application's speed and performance. Yii makes it simple to integrate a cache application component. Yii has a variety of cache components, including:

  • cMemCache: Memcache makes use of the available RAM on multiple servers to function as a memory cache for frequently requested data.
  • cDummyCache: This section includes a dummy cache that does not do any caching. This component is intended to simplify the code responsible for checking the cache's availability.
  • cFileCache: This class stores cached data in files.

4. Simple configuration: Installing Yii is a breeze. The fundamental framework may be acquired from the Yii framework website or via the composer. Once the structure has been downloaded and the contents extracted, developers only need to connect the files to the database, provide the database configuration included in the configuration file, and the database is ready to operate.

  • Yii offers an object-oriented, open-source programming language, as well as simplified security.
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) generators and the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design.
  • By default, the most recent static binding, as well as anonymous functions, are used.
  • It's easy to provide functional and unit tests using CodeIgniter integration.
  • The development process is sped up, thanks to a plethora of ready-to-use solutions and extensions.
  • A well-documented framework with a solid community that is easily scalable for many uses.

5. Massive community support: Yii has a huge community. It includes forums and discussion groups, as well as live chat, news, and a hall of fame. There is an option to add badges, which allows developers to earn badges for satisfying specific requirements. The criteria are specified in the community for the Yii framework. Additionally, there is limitless support accessible via numerous plugins and other components.

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Yii Development Costs

The cost of development varies according to region and kind of employment, ranging from $14 to $32 per hour for just a pro-mid-level developer. Unlike many other PHP frameworks, Yii does not have such deploy and host platforms, which means that expenses will vary according to the pricing range of cloud or custom servers. Additional costs for the research stage as well as ongoing maintenance should be anticipated.

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Demand for Yii2 Developers

Web development with Yii offers a healthy number of projects, which maintains the need for developers. Most companies that demand Yii developers would either require the construction of a complicated large-scale system from the ground up or the support of an existing project.

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Required Expertise

Requirements - hard skills

  • Extensive experience in PHP, MySQL, JQuery, AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML & CSS
  • Write high quality, structured application/interface code and documentation in Yii2
  • Design, develop and maintain PHP based internal and external applications
  • Integrate user-facing elements by working with front-end developers
  • Troubleshoot and solve architectural and performance problems
  • Research and collaborate to come up with solutions resolving the root of problems as they arise
  • Develop skills and knowledge by defining functional as well as technical requirements for application software 
  • Should have experience in PHP with a strong hand in Core PHP, MVC frameworks, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii
  • Extensive experience with API development
  • Strong knowledge of relational databases, version control tools, and developing web services
  • Knowledge of email standards and protocols such as SMTP, IMAP, POP
  • Experience with Yii2 MVC framework
  • API Integration into existing systems
  • Must know Bootstrap, and other libraries
  • Knowledge of code version tools, including Git, SVN.
  • Familiarity with PHP MVC Frameworks (Laravel, Zend, Yii, etc.)
  • Proficiency in HTML5/CSS3 coding is highly preferable 
  • Knowledge of Bootstrap 3/4 is an added advantage
  • Linux commands and deployment experience are a plus
  • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and ajax

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Requirements - soft skills/others

  • Writing, debugging and testing of scripting languages like Javascript and Actionscript 
  • Planning and developing websites and other projects from concept through completion
  • Understand front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Strong grasp in web development open source: CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery
  • React/NodeJS/React Native experience will be an added advantage and will be preferred
  • Familiar with backend development, servers environment, Cloud
  • Analyze and document user requirements
  • Maintain and update new and existing web applications
  • Stay up to date with current web technologies and conventions

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Salary Structure

Yii2 developers get a range of salaries depending on their roles. It ranges between USD 63,954 and USD 81,130 each year, according to market research. Salary is decided by the job title, location, and experience of an individual.

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Industry Expertise

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