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Hire Zend Framework Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Zend Framework Developer

Zend, created by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans, is an open-source framework powered by PHP. Zend has been created around the design pattern of MVC and is purely object-oriented. Zend framework can be described as a varied collection of different PHP frameworks that now enjoys more than half a billion installations. These PHP packages that comprise the Zend Framework can be employed for the development of various web services as well as applications.

Presently, Zend Framework 3 is the latest launch of this extremely popular open-source framework and has been regarded by experts as a worthy successor of the Zend Framework 1 and 2. While the Rogue Wave Company is presently powering Zend Framework, many leading tech companies like Microsoft and Google have also teamed up with the parent company Zend to create more features. Now, the Zend Framework is known as the Laminas Project.

More about Zend Framework (Laminas Project)

Laminas takes a configuration-over-convention approach to application structure and does not prescribe any certain application structure. Skeleton apps for Zend-MVC and Zend-Expressive are available, and they include everything you need to get started and run your applications.

Voicing is available and includes everything you need to get started and run your apps. The objectives of the Zend Framework are listed below.

  • Flexibility 
  • Simple but effective 
  • Compatibility 
  • Program planners can quickly stretch all sections of the framework due to their flexibility. Many cases are supported for carrying.

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Important features of Zend Framework (Laminas Project)

The following are some of the features of the Laminas: -

  • Every component is fully compliant with PHP5 and E STRICT, which assist in the development of non-disruptive and harmless applications by allowing testing and authorization code. 
  • IBM DB2, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Informix Dynamic Server are the most prominent database programs and supported providers. 
  • Emailing and transfer of emails, as well as retrieval via mbox, POP3, and IMAP4 
  • Uses that can be used at any time, with loose connections and minimal dependencies 
  • PHP-based structures and templates are automatically supported by this expanding MVC functional below
  • A temporary backup system that works with various backgrounds, including memory and file systems. 
  • Zend agility helps developers create APIs, validate APIs, API documents, and more using a Remote Control Call and the Representational State Transfer services. Conversion is easy

Benefits of Zend Framework (Laminas Project)

The Zend Framework has several advantages, which are stated below.

  • Loosely Coupled Zend gives us the ability to remove modules or components from our application that we don’t need.
  • Zend Framework is highly optimized in terms of performance as the latest version is almost 400% faster than its predecessor.
  • The Security Framework supports industry-standard encryption.
  • The PHP Unit is integrated with Zend, making it simple to test the framework.

Role and responsibilities of Zend framework Developer

A Zend framework Developer works with PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and JavaScript to create and deploy various Web-based products. You create back-end components, connect the app to other web services, and help front-end developers ensure their work is integrated with the app. You may also be required to create and integrate plug-ins for well-known frameworks.

The following are the responsibilities of PHP developers:

1. Analysis of the Code

You must do a thorough examination of the criteria for the website or webpage. A brainstorming session with a development team is held to develop ideas for a new site/page or a complete redesign of an existing one. Then you’ll need to assess each idea’s viability before deciding on the best course of action. You’ll also be requested to provide information about the site’s features and functions.

2. Database optimization and development

The next step is to apply your technical skills to build the site/page according to the final plan. What you create must be dynamic and utilize PHP Script’s features. A PHP Developer is expected to create a portal with a database that is optimized.

3. Testing

You must thoroughly test the site/page for any possible flaws and solicit feedback from the client. Debug the errors and finish the site/page once you’ve found them. Implement the webpage or host the site online after gaining approval.

4. Maintenance

When a website/webpage is published, the PHP Developer’s work isn’t finished! To optimize visibility and user experience, you must update it regularly and change functionalities as needed.

Skills Required

This is a high-level position that typically requires candidates to have a bachelor’s degree. A growing number of businesses are allowing Zend framework developers to work from home. Hiring businesses, overall, seek applicants with strong problem-solving skills and a genuine desire to overcome technological problems.

  • A typical Zend framework developer job description includes the following requirements:
  • Good understanding of SQL and related databases, with a preference for those who have worked with MySQL.
  • Excellent understanding of basic PHP 7 or web server exploits, as well as how to fix them.
  • Building or managing a content management system (CMS) is a plus.
  • Understanding of MVC frameworks.
  • Thorough knowledge of database architecture and administration.
  • When it comes to code versioning tools, expertise is required.
  • The capacity to combine data from multiple sources and databases into a single system.
  • When it comes to code versioning tools, expertise is required.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Zend Framework Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary for Zend Framework (Laminas Project) Developers

The average annual pay of a Zend framework developer in the United States is around $90,000. But the maximum salary for a skilled Zend Framework (Laminas Project) developer can go up to $200,000. Along with a handsome salary, skilled Zend Framework developers can earn significant bonuses and perks as well. The salary packages available are directly related to the skills and knowledge of the developers.

Freelancing and Contractual Work

Working as a freelancer will also give you the opportunity to earn good pay; you can earn around $45 to $70 per hour based on your experience or the job offer; the same goes for contractual based work. Many companies are looking to outsource their Zend Framework (Laminas Project) development work, so you can expect a steady stream of work that allows you the freedom to work at your convenience and maximize your income. The money you can make as a freelancer or contractor is directly linked to your skills and knowledge.

Zend Framework Certification

With so many young, competent people struggling to find work, obtaining a Zend Framework certification could be the turning point in your career. Zend Framework has a large following in the PHP community, with a focus on the Enterprise market, e-commerce platforms, content management, healthcare systems, entertainment platforms and portals, messaging services, APIs, and many more business applications and services are built on it. The Laminas Project will continue to assist PHP developers who are creating similar apps.

In the application-frameworks market, Zend Framework has a 15.86 percent market share. Zend framework is presently used by 60 organizations, including BBC, Cisco Webx, Awin, Gittigidyor, Directus, Saramin, Hostinger, Stack, Catho, Zingat etc. Hence, it’s a great opportunity to get certification in the Zend framework to get hired by big companies.

Zend Framework development talents will be in high demand for the foreseeable future, with the digital economy likely to grow at an exponential rate in the next years and the majority of that digital economy using PHP in some form.

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