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Anguilla is a tiny country situated in the British overseas among the Caribbean group of Islands. The area covered is only about 91 km2. The total population is approximated to merely 13454 as per the 2011 census. With such a small population, the country is self-sufficient and also can export goods overseas. On average, the exports are estimated at $11.7 million (Rs. 870.24 million) per year, according to the reports presented during 2014.

Due to water all around, having a fixed data over a long period is not possible. There is a lot of oceanic activity, landslides, and natural calamities happening throughout. Thus, the last data that is estimated is as recent as 2002- 2004.

The country is celebrated for its scenic beauty and calm, peaceful vacation. The island engages in Tourism on a large scale. There are a lot of destination weddings and functions that take place in Anguilla. On the following note, due to the presence of the ocean all around, it has a significant salt production industry that flourishes even beyond the country’s boundaries.

It is recorded that the economy expanded at a very rapid speed from 2004 till 2007. Later, due to economic depression, there was a loss, while it picked up its pace along 2010. Due to pandemic though the manufacturing industry n fishery continues, major income generator Tourism is stagnant.

Overview Of Anguilla

The country’s GDP is estimated at -8.5% as per reports from 2009, but Anguilla’s recovery started only after 2010 and is estimated at 3.6% as per 2014 reports. Analysts have recorded statements mentioning there might be a significant dip in the GDP post-pandemic.

The GDP is made up of 4 sectors in decreasing order: Tourism (45%), Services (32%), Industry (14%) and agriculture (9%). The job market is also segregated, respectively, where most of the population is engaged in the Tourism business directly or indirectly. At the same time, the least amount of people are involved in self-employment.

The population is the highest between the age group of 25 to 50, out of which 4.93 are employed. At the same time, there are about 7.2 unemployed.

Total population - 13,454

GDP - $175 million (2009)

Economic Overview

90.08% of the population are black originally belonging to Africa captured and transported to America and British during revolutions. This made skills, knowledge and business levels very low in the country. People from Britain, India, Mexico, and the Chinese werefluxuxed to create the development of tourism and industrsectorsctor. The whole labor force count is only at 6,049, with the unemployment rate high at 8%.

Market Size

Natural resources are a necessary part of survival and market. Anguilla has limited resources; only ocean water is in abundance. The government aims to use the educated population at its best use by employing them in foreign private sectors and bringing back FDI’s. The enrollment in educational institutions is exceptionally high at 93.7%.

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Glimpse Of Various Sectors

  • The soil is highly unsuitable for the agriculture of vegetables and fruits; only horse plantations like coconut trees, creepers, tobacco, sweetcorn etc., can be grown on the land. There is a significant import done on food material like vegetables, fruits, nuts. While on the other hand, the fishery is one of the tremendous income-generating sectors. Many seafood like lobsters, fish, etc., are exported to Britain, the USA, Canada.
  • The tourism sector contributes to the majority of the country’s GDP. Many hotels and resorts are constructed on seashores, prone to damage regularly due to platonic activities or any natural calamities. The cost borne to rectify and get back to normal is completed instantly to not lose business. The country has recorded an increase of 240.5%, with a figure of 6,821 arrivals pre-pandemic.
  • The financial sector is relatively stable, having around six banks operating domestically and internationally. On the whole, there are over 250 people engaged in finance operations.
  • The industrial sector lacks a proper organization, and many experts from other developed countries are flown in to make developmental changes in the Manufacturing, Automobile, Industrial factories.
  • The country poses a primary natural resource as the ocean and the sun. There is a very menial consumption of fuel while the majority of the electric needs are satisfied by solar energy. Most people enjoy seafood as it is available a lot at a cheap cost. There is the production of solar panels and renewable energy technology, proving to gain a positive response.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living and vacations are high. The high-end resorts and apartments are very functional and convenient and also cost their worth. The country has only one tax, i.e., property tax; thus, more to spend on buying than renting. It is awarded the calmest and comfortable place to live and work on your laptops for a fresh mind and imagination.

Sector Area of expense Expense estimate
Utilities Electricity, water, internet, services, housekeeping US $30 – US $60
Rentals Apartments, flats (With all inbuilt utilities)
O one-roomed US $600 – US $3000
O multi-room  
Food Restaurants, take outs, groceries, raw materials. US $8 – US $30 (raw materials)
US $60 – US $300
Transportation Car, fuel, maintenance, public utilities US $5.30 – US $90
Salary- finances Monthly income (Consolidated all sector)
US $200 – US $1500

Cost Of Renting

The cost of living is very high in Anguilla. The rentals are very high compared to usual estimates. Beyond that, basic amenities are cheaper when popularly used, and prices rise when there is a deficit in the income generated by the country. There is a range of studio apartments, houses with 4-5 rooms, bunking rentals and hostels.

Location Type of rental Cost
The valley O 1 roomed apartments O $1666.35
O 2 roomed apartments O $2499.53
Anguilla O house O $3332.7 
O 1 roomed apartment O $2221.8
Bay village O bunk rooms O $1200.23
O 1 roomed apartment O $2300.45

The top sectors that are expected to hire in 2021 in Anguilla are: -

1 Project Managers
2 Hotel Managers
3 Financial Experts
4 Culinary Masters
5 Self0 Employed
6 Public Servants
7 IT Sector
8 Industrial And Factory Worker

Top Skills In Anguilla

The opportunity to learn and develop skills is minimal. As most of the population is of African origin, the building helps them withstand hard working tasks like mining, agriculture, factory working etc. But the natural habitat does not help work along with their skills. It should be noted that post-2010 many students have been educated from foreign universities and have displayed versatility in hotel management, business, management, finance sectors, etc.

To list down specifically-

  • Computer skills
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information and communication
  • Finance 
  • Tourism

Hiring Cost

The size and the population in Anguilla are very low. This does not allow an extensive range of options to choose from. Though, the college graduate population is knowledgeable and skilled and has proven to be a good source of labor in the major sectors.

Factors to be considered before hiring

  • Compliance cost
  • Training cost
  • Hiring and onboarding cost
  • Time required

Salary Structure

Sector Estimated salary for year
Self- Employed US $200 - US $500
Manufacturing sector US $4000 - US $5000
Finance Sector US $2500 - US $5000
Hotels US $6000 - US $14000
Industries US $2000 - US $5000
Fishery, stock and salt production US $4000 - US $7000
Services US $2000 - US $5000
Public Worker (govt employee) US $5000 - US $9000

Employment Law In Anguilla

There are fixed laws for basic labor safety, salary payment and employment terms. The country has laws in its constitution to violate the labor laws and form uninformed unions and organizations. Some of the rules are -

  • Providing valid employment contracts, signed, and verified by the HR department.
  • Providing annual vacation leave with a minimum of 12 days a year.
  • Public holidays are to be followed strictly.
  • Sick leave to be provided on presently medical certificates.
  • Severance package to be cashed on time without delays.
  • Maternity leave of 14 weeks to be granted
  • Following working hours
  • Providing health insurance

These are laid down by some acts and conventions by the government. Social Security, Health-related laws, and Labor work safety are to be followed precisely; otherwise, the company or organization might fall under government blacklists.

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