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Employer of Record in Anguilla

Anguilla is a territory managed by the British. It is an island in the East Caribbean surrounded by. several offshore islets. Recently, the island economies have started growing. Therefore, these countries are looking forward to attracting young and dynamic people who can work in these countries.

Anguilla is a similar country. An employer of record like Skuad has a good understanding of the Anguilla labor laws. It gives them an edge in finding the best talent for companies already present on this famous island or planning to set up their offices in this region. Anguilla employment laws govern the employment aspect of the country. With Skuad, you can get the best people on board who will contribute to the growth of your organization.

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Employment In Anguilla

If you are planning to hire people for your company in Anguilla, you should be well versed with all the laws that govern employment on the land. As the population of Anguilla is small, the companies are always looking forward to attracting talent from other countries.

All the employment contracts in Anguilla have several clauses regarding hiring a foreign national for employment in Anguilla. These contracts are in place to ensure that both the local and foreign nationals are treated fairly within the organization.

Several laws and policies are listed on an employment agreement in Anguilla. Employees are entitled to several benefits like employee health benefits in Anguilla, paid leaves, etc.

Some of these entitlements are listed below:

Employee Entitlements and Explanation

Public Holidays

Every employee, be it a resident or a foreign national, is entitled to get a holiday on a day that is declared a public holiday. These days are paid, and almost all organizations follow the same calendar while releasing the public holiday list. These days include:

  • New Years’ Day
  • James Ronald Webster Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Labor Day/ May Day
  • Whit Monday
  • Anguilla Day
  • Sovereign’s Birthday
  • August Monday
  • August Thursday
  • Constitution Day
  • National Heroes and Heroines Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • Day off for Christmas Day
  • Day off for Boxing Day

If an employee works on a public holiday, he can take another paid leave in the same month or be paid for the additional day.

Sick Days

Once an employee completes a year in the organization, he becomes eligible for applying for paid sick leave. Fourteen days of sick leaves are given in a year. In Anguilla, there is a sick leave policy for contractual employees as well.

Once a contractual employee completes at least 110 days with the organization, he becomes entitled to one sick leave for every 22 days of service. All of these sick days are paid leaves.

Maternity Leave

Female employees become eligible for maternity leaves only after completing a year with the organization. A female employee is eligible for paid maternity leave for 14 weeks.

Also, if the employee works for 26 months post-pregnancy, she becomes eligible for a maternity stipend.

Paternity Leaves

Anguilla is one of those countries that have a paternity leave policy. According to the policy, a male employee can take a month of unpaid paternity leave.

He is entitled to a two-week paternity payment. This amount is calculated based on a certain percentage of their fixed and variable earnings.

Social Security Contributions

In Anguilla, the employers contribute 10% of the employee's salary to this Social Security Contribution. The employees themselves make 5% of the contribution.

The Social Security fund is maintained to cover any urgent or emergency expenses.

These policies have been recently drafted in Anguilla to ensure that the employees are happy with the organizations they work for. With Skuad, all these entitlements can be easily managed within the organization.

Contact Skuad to understand how these entitlements work in Anguilla and how employees benefit from them.

Contractors vs. Full-time Employees

In Anguilla, there are both contractors as well as full-time employees. Several laws protect both kinds of employees. In Anguilla, the contractual employees are entitled to sick leaves too. There are various types of contractual employees in Anguilla. These employees enter into a contract with any company in Anguilla for a fixed term. The arrangement gets extended based on the performance or the requirement of the company.

All employees, be it full-time or contractual, will get an employment contract where the terms and conditions of the employment would be listed. Generally, professionals like accountants, lawyers, consultants, etc., get into a fixed-term or recurring contract with companies. All employees demand a written contract as a verbal contract is not binding in the court of law.

Employees need to read their employment agreements or contracts before signing the document. Experts of Skuad can help you draft a cohesive employment contract for both your full-time and contractual employees. Learn more about Skuad’s customized solutions today.

Hiring in Anguilla

If you want to look for the best talent for your company, you should start locally. You can hire employees in Anguilla from various sources. The organization needs to figure out the hiring requirement of the company before looking. Also, a budget should be allocated for the role beforehand. Various platforms are using which you can hire the best talent. There are professional sites like LinkedIn where you can list the jobs to attract talent from all countries.

There are other job boards too where you can look for employment in Anguilla. Some of these job boards are Indeed.com, Jobsisland.com, Simply Hired, etc. Also, several hiring companies in Anguilla can help you find the best talent. These companies are well versed with the employment contract law, Anguilla. With Skuad, you can hire the best talent from various nations and shred the hiring burden off your shoulder.

Probation & Termination


Probation is a trial period where the performance of the employee is observed. Based on the performance, the employee is retained within the organization. A probation period is mandatory for any new employee who joins the company.

All companies have a standard probation period in Anguilla. This probationary period of Anguilla is different for different companies. However, all companies follow a minimum of three years' probation policy post which the employee is absorbed in the organization. A probation period is essential to measure an employee's performance.

Termination of Employment in Anguilla

There is no clarity in terms of termination of employment in Anguilla. However, the employment gets terminated in two cases for a full-time employee:

  1. When the employee decides to leave the organization and submits his final resignation
  2. When the employee is fired from the organization

In both of these cases, an employee has to serve a notice period pre-decided and defined by the company. Skuad can take care of your employees both during the probation as well as the termination period. With Skuad, you can free yourself from any employee-related activities.

EOR Solution

If you want to focus on the other vital aspects of the business and outsource HR functions, EOR Solution can help your cause. Several employers of record (EOR) companies in Anguilla help companies with the management of all human resource functions. Skuad is one such company that provides end-to-end employer of record service to several companies that are spread across the nation.

The rich expertise and presence in multiple nations make Skuad the best of all the employers of record companies in Anguilla. You can reach out to Skuad if you want to hire new people for your company based out in Anguilla or if you want to incorporate an entity from scratch in the country and you need help with onboarding workforce and employee management. Talk to our experts today to know how with Skuad, hiring and managing employees becomes a cakewalk.

Types of Visas in Anguilla

Anguilla comes under the British Territory. Therefore, if an employee wants to travel to Anguilla to perform his regular duties, he will have to apply for a visa at his nearest British Embassy.

For working in Anguilla, you need to have an Anguilla work visa. There are several Anguilla work visa requirements that you need to fulfill to get your visa. These requirements include submitting the necessary documents, letter of employment, etc. You also need to pay the clearance visa charges to get your Anguilla work visa.

Types of Work Visas

Two types of work visas can be availed by people working in Anguilla or those freshly employed in the country. These two types of visas are:

  • Single Entry Visa: If your job involves staying in the country like a regular citizen, you can apply for a Single-Entry Visa. For a Single-Entry Visa, the employees have to pay $140.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: If your job demands traveling to Anguilla, and when required, you will have to apply for a Multiple Entry Visa. The fees for both of these visas are different given they solve different purposes. For a Multiple Entry Visa, the employees need to pay $250.

However, If the employee is a UK resident, he does not require a visa to enter Anguilla.

To know more, reach out to Skuad.

Work Permits

Getting a work permit in Anguilla is not a very cumbersome task. Once you receive a letter of intent or an employment letter from your organization, you can apply for an Anguilla work permit for foreigners if you are a foreign national.

However, getting an Anguilla work permit without a job offer is almost impossible as there is no documentary evidence of your future employment with the company. Submission of the necessary documents plays an extremely vital role in getting a work permit.

These are the documents that you need to submit to get a work permit in Anguilla:

  • You must have a valid passport and a copy, which will be submitted to the immigration office.
  • You must submit two passport-sized pictures along with your birth certificate to prove your identity.
  • A processing fee would be applicable in case you are applying for a work permit. This fee is around EC $50.

The work permit has to be attested by the organization you are going to work with. With Skuad, you can easily avoid this hassle as the experts here will take care of all the requirements and documentation involved in bringing the foreign national to the country of Anguilla. Book a demo with our experts today and understand how all employees and their work permits can be managed without the hassle.

Payroll & Taxes in Anguilla

As a company, there are several core activities on which you can focus. It would be best if you got into payroll outsourcing in Anguilla to save your time and efforts. Payroll management is a crucial function for employees as they want to get their salaries on time. The amount is calculated after factoring in the employees’ leaves and eligibility for any bonuses, etc.

Skuad is known to provide a unique payroll management system. With Skuad, all the employees will get their payments on time without hassle. Call us and our expert will guide you about how the outsourcing of payroll will work for your company.

Anguilla Employer Payroll Taxes

The citizens of Anguilla benefit from a no income tax policy. This even expands to corporate taxes, capital gains tax, gift tax, net worth tax, inheritance tax, etc. Government is solely dependent on customs duties and a few other charges to run the country.

In Anguilla, property taxes are levied on people who own or buy a house. However, the amount is pretty meager. This is the only tax income that the Government of Anguilla earns via the residents and the foreign nationals who visit the country for any work opportunities.

The no-tax policy makes Anguilla a very lucrative destination to work in or to start a new company. The 0% Anguilla payroll tax rates have proved to be an excellent opportunity for businesses planning to expand their expanse and grow. You can easily set up any legal business in Anguilla.

With Skuad, your company can figure out how to save on other expenses like human resource management, recruitments, etc. We have been working with several companies in Anguilla to provide them with the best of talent from all over the world. You can reach out to us and give your company a competitive advantage with accessible human resources and employer of record solutions.


Recently, the islands in the Caribbean area have become a lucrative place for starting a new business. Companies from far and wide are trying to set up their branches here. The most crucial factor that is driving this growth is that there are no taxes applicable in Anguilla. Setting up a business in Anguilla is not as cumbersome as it seems.

Incorporating a holding company in Anguilla comes under the International Business Companies Act. The act came into force in the year 2000. Several business opportunities in Anguilla have emerged in recent times. It is considered one of the best offshore business centers. Consulting and management firms have now set up their offices here as the offshore businesses need help with many operations.

There are three types of companies that can be incorporated in Anguilla:

  • Anguilla Business Company or Ordinary Company
  • The International Company
  • The Limited Liability Company

The incorporation of the companies is governed by English law. Therefore, it can be easily understood by companies coming from across the world. Also, Anguilla has a regulated financial service industry that comes with a decent and developed infrastructure. The best part about doing business in Anguilla is that the government is stable and follows a modern legislation system.

Also, you can register your business under the ACORN registry system. It is one of the most efficient electronic registry systems in the world. Companies have to fill a simple licensing form that can be downloaded from ACORN. The minimum amount required to incorporate a company in Anguilla is USD 50,000.

The following documents are required to incorporate a company in Anguilla:

  1. The proposed name
  2. Registered office address
  3. Mailing address
  4. If the company will be limited by shares or will be a mix
  5. Passports of the owners
  6. The details of issued share capital and the value per share

We at Skuad can help you with the incorporation and all the other formalities. We can provide your company with the best Employer of Record services. Get in touch with our experts today and talk to them about any bottleneck you think might come your way while setting up the company in Anguilla.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is known to provide services that are more or less similar to those offered by an EOR. The only major point of difference between the two organizations is that in the case of a PEO, the work is limited to onboarding the employees. The payroll, taxes, etc., are managed by the company itself. However, in the case of an EOR, everything is governed by the EOR itself. Also, the employees will be considered to be working on EOR's payroll.

There are several professional employer organizations in Anguilla. However, with a PEO, the burden still lies with the company. Therefore, it is better to go with a company that provides employer of record services. With Skuad, you can do the best for your company. If you want a PEO kind of solution, Skuad can curate a unique offering for you to come up with a plan that fits your requirements. A Skuad expert will help you out with your queries related to employee management and help you understand what will work the best for you.


Setting up a new company can be pretty challenging. New geography and the setting up of business are governed by several local as well as international laws. This can surely be intimidating. Also, setting up a remote team is another challenge in itself.

Looking for talent and then onboarding them can be an arduous process. Also, if you hire foreign nationals, getting a work permit and other documents can become complex. It makes no sense for a company to drain its resources over this when it can easily hire someone to perform all of these activities.

Skuad is one of the best employers of record service providers. From incorporating a company in foreign territory to managing tax payments of the employees of that company, Skuad can help your organization with all kinds of tasks. Skuad has an international presence that has helped us build capacities and expertise in a global sense. With Skuad, you can onboard the best talent for your company without any hassle. Call a Skuad representative today to bring new life to your company!

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