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Officially known as the Republic of Finland, the country is rich in culture, opportunities, and diversity. Ranked sixth in the list of Most Reputable Countries, Finland is a land of opportunities for professionals and individuals with various skill sets. Of late, there is a dire need to recruit individuals in the service and healthcare sectors in the wake of the pandemic.

There has been a drastic change in the market conditions and opportunities over the last 20 years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Finland remains open to sharing its culture with anyone willing to adapt and learn.

Overview of Finland

With a population of over five million, the GDP in Finland was worth USD 268.76 billion in 2019, representing 0.22 percent of the world economy.

There has been an influx of immigrants over the past few years and around 75% of all immigrants are of working age. The net immigration was estimated at around 12000 in 2018. The four groups that dominate the overall foreign population of Finland have been Estonians, Russians, Iraqis, and Chinese.

Finnish economy had sustained for years on forestry, but with rapid development and lifestyle changes, Finland has diversified drastically. Industries such as electronics, chemical production, engineering, and manufacturing have had a huge impact on the overall economy of Finland.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to adapt to a “work-from-home” model, this has made a stable internet connection an absolute necessity. Top recruiters in Finland have adapted to this model of work and have provided the necessary resources for their employees to adapt. Finland is one of the world’s most connected countries with more than 90 percent of households having access to the internet. WhatsApp dominates as the most used social media platform in Finland as high-speed connections are available even in remote rural areas.

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Key industries that have emerged in Finland are Gaming, ICT, Health, and Bioeconomy. As technology and lifestyle evolve, the need for talented individuals to spearhead growth increases. There has been high demand from the health care sector, with low supply, there remains a gap that needs to be filled over the next few years.

Let’s break down each industry to better understand the opportunities they present.


Finland has been known to set trends over the years with innovative titles such as “Angry Birds”, “Clash of Clans”, and many more. Their projects have dominated global charts in gaming for many years.

Finland has crafted innovation with creativity to produce new titles every year, and top contenders look to them to draw inspiration. There is a diverse gaming community that is globally connected, boosting the growth of the gaming sector.

There are over 20 universities offering gaming educational programs that host students from across the globe.

Tech giants like AMD, Nvidia, Zynga, Unity, and EA are present to attract investors and potential business opportunities.

The majority of the Finnish gaming studios focus on mobile games, which creates job opportunities in well-known studios and allows new start-ups to compete in this market.

Top Skills Required If You Are A Game Developer

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Programming Languages (Objective-C/Java/SDK/CSS/HTML5/Python)
  • Networking
  • Write and Maintain Applications


Finland is well known for introducing SMS, 5G, and Linux operating systems, changing the way we interact with technology. Their technology can be found even in space, sending back invaluable data from Mars. Finland has led by example with its diverse education system, helping the future generations learn from their past triumphs and move towards greatness.

With encryption systems intact for over 20 years, cybersecurity has been the root of development for many tech industries in Finland.

With encryption systems intact for over 20 years, cybersecurity has been the root of development for many tech industries in Finland.

Top Skills Required For Cyber Security

  • Programming Languages (Objective-C/Java/SDK/CSS/HTML5/Python)
  • Data Engineering
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Algorithm Developers
  • Critical Thinking


Although Finland is well known for its advancements in technology, they continue to inspire in other sectors. They have implemented their knowledge of technology into the health sector by completely digitizing patient records. This has made it easier for international researchers to access and develop better models for the overall well-being of its residents.

Finland is well known for being leaders in cancer research and treatment, constantly finding innovative ideas to tackle complex medical problems.

The Healthcare industry continues as one of the fastest-growing industries in Finland, this boosts opportunities for new startups and job opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Top Skills Required For Healthcare Management

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Critical Thinking


According to the latest studies, the world will need 45% more energy, 50% more food, and 30% more water by 2030. With natural sources depleting at an alarming rate, it is essential to come up with innovative ideas to fix these problems. Finland has recognized the various opportunities of reaping economic benefits by providing solutions.

With its dense population of forests, Finland has developed innovative products and bi-products to boost its economy. Finland invests in bio-economy research and development as it is confident in the products that forestry provides.

Textiles, Packaging, Cosmetics, and Interior Designing are some of the sub-sectors that have seen significant growth over the years.

Top Job Requirements For Bioeconomy

  • Business Development Manager
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Finance Manager
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Marketing Manager
  • Quality Control Analyst

Top Cities Of Finland

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and is the largest city with a population of 657000 inhabitants. According to a study conducted by the University of Jyväskylä, there is a need for more than 8000 developers required by the software companies and other organizations. Helsinki is well known for its ICT professionals as it has become a well-connected hub for upcoming talent.

The second-largest city in Espoo with a population of approximately 293000 inhabitants. Espoo has the largest number of graduates with a competitive employment rate. There are more full-time employed women in Espoo compared to men. With optimal living conditions focused on job security, there are numerous opportunities in finance and business.

Tampere is the third-largest city after Helsinki and Espoo, with a population of approximately 241000 inhabitants. Teeming with culture, Tampere is well known for its festivals and is often called the “theatre capital” of Finland. Tampere provides numerous opportunities in AI, ICT, and manufacturing clusters. It boasts 15000 employees with around 900 job titles. The opportunities are endless.

Hiring Cost

Cost of living is usually highly dependent on factors such as the area, housing, food, transportation, healthcare, etc. Universities in Finland do not charge tuition fees for students coming from EEA/EU countries or Switzerland, this makes it easier for students to fund their education and other expenses.

The average budget for large cities is approximately,

980 to 1580 EUR/month (1,175 to 1,895 USD/month) for Helsinki

870 to 1300 EUR/month (1,043 to 1,559 USD/month) for Tampere

800 to 1700 EUR/month (959 to 2,039 USD/month) for Espoo

Here is a detailed list of the cost of living in Finland.

Category Area Of Expense Range (USD/EUR)

1) Accommodation

2) Food

3) Transportation

Student Housing (Single Room)

Restaurant (Single Meal)
Restaurant (Three-Course-Meal)

Public Transport Pass
Rental Car

160-380 EUR/Month (191-455 USD)
400-800 EUR/Month (479-959 USD)

200-250 EUR/Month (239-299 USD)
11 EUR (13 USD)

60 EUR (71 USD)
35-50 EUR/Month (41-59 USD)
230 EUR/5 Days (275 USD)

The cost of hiring an employee is dependent on factors such as the taxes and costs since they differ per country in Europe. A monthly wage of 5,000 EUR (5,999 USD) usually is sufficient to cover most of the expenses and insurance, excluding vacation days. Know More.

Country EUR USD
Gross Monthly Salary 3,551.50 3,808.16
Gross Annual Salary 42,618 45,698
Social Premiums And Insurance 17.9% 17.9%
Gross Monthly Costs 4,187.22 4,489.82
Gross Annual Costs 50,246.62 53,877.94

Salary Structure For Various Roles

Finland is a land of opportunities, with its developments in technology, health, and bio-economy, the diversity of jobs is endless.

Job Type EUR USD
Business Development 65,037 77,747
Financial Analyst 51,018 60,988
Chemical Engineer 48,053 57,444
IT Manager 42,324 50,596
UX Designer 44,637 53,360
Data Analyst 43,642 52,171
Software Engineer 37,741 45,117
Web Designer 33,669 40,249
Mobile Developer 27,648 33,052
Nurse 21,875 26,150

Employment Laws

Employee protection is a top priority for Finland; therefore, employment laws have been catered to protect and serve them. The Intra-Corporate Transfers Act was established in 2018 to provide an efficient solution to transfer the labor force from third countries within Finland and other EU countries. A single intra-corporate transferee permit is sufficient to reside and work in all other EU member states.

Since 2018, the new Seasonal Work Act has made it easier for the employment of seasonal workers, especially regarding third-country nationals. There were no provisions provided previously by the Finnish legislation.

The main sources of employment law include,

  • The Employment Contracts Act
  • Working Hours Act
  • Act on Co-operation within Undertakings
  • Act on Equality between Women and Men
  • Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements

Finland Remote Hiring Trends 2022

Top remote positions in Finland

Today, more employers and industries are embracing remote work, and many professionals can ply their trade from various locations. Here are the highest-paying and most sought-after positions in Finland in 2022:

  • Audit director
  • Chief executive officer
  • Social media manager
  • Sales manager
  • Call center manager
  • Client success manager

Most in-demand skills in Finland

According to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, candidates may need these skills to find jobs:

  • Fluency in Finnish or Swedish
  • Teamwork
  • Digital intelligence
  • Fluency in English
  • Creativity
  • Ability to emigrate (for foreigners)

Growth in hiring activity in Finland

Although COVID-19 caused Finland's worst recession recently, its economy is picking up speed. Statistics Finland reported an increase in the employment rate in January and February 2022. According to the stats, the unemployment rate dropped 6.8% from the previous month, indicating growth in hiring activities.

Top 5 companies hiring in Finland

According to a Glassdoor survey, here are some of the top companies talent remotely in Finland:

  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Nokia
  • PwC
  • Microsoft

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