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Hire in Mauritius 2023 Guide | What Employers Need to Know

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Table of Content


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Located off the coast of Africa, the beautiful island nation of Mauritius is a prospering country among its neighboring islands located in the Indian Ocean. Rich in culture and heritage, the country of Mauritius offers its citizens a booming economy and a safe environment.

According to the World Bank, Mauritius has a high-income economy based on textiles, tourism, sugar, agriculture, and financial services. It is a diversified economy and is deemed to be the ninth most free economy in the world. Mauritius is highly ranked among the nations of Africa due to its friendly investment climate, economic competitiveness, proper governance, and free economy market making it the second-highest country in Africa in terms of GDP per capita.

Overview of Mauritius

Population: 1.3 million

GDP per capita: USD 29.187 billion

Economic Overview

As per the Central Statistics Office reports in Mauritius, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Mauritius had expanded 30.70 percent in the third quarter of 2020 over the previous quarter. Due to the global pandemic, specific sectors had taken the hit, but services are expected to function well and rise above the crisis in the year 2021.

Market Size

The market size of Mauritius sustains the requirements of its citizens, and job opportunities are widely available in the free economy market of the country. Although several businesses have incurred a loss in the pandemic, an expansion of 30.70 percent in the third quarter of 2020 gives hope to the people that with proper education and professional training, employment is readily at one's grasp.

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Important Industries

  1. Tourism
  2. Textiles
  3. Financial services
  4. Sugar
  5. Information and Communication technology
  6. Hospitality
  7. Property Development
  8. Seafood
  9. Healthcare
  10. Renewable energy like biomass, hydro-energy, wind energy, and solar energy
  11. Education
  12. Professional training

Cost of Living in Mauritius

The cost of living in a country depends on various factors such as which city the person lives in, the type of industry dominant in that area, state revenue, taxation policies, and various other factors. Location is the main factor that determines the cost of living. The following table gives an insight into the cost of living in Mauritius:

Category Estimated Cost (in MUR) Estimated Cost (in USD)
Meal at a normal restaurant MUR 200 to MUR 300 4.65 to 6.98
Grocery shopping MUR 1,000 to MUR 2,500 per month 23.27 to 58.17 per month
Rent within the city center for a Two-bedroom apartment MUR 30,000 to MUR 36,000 per month 698.05 to 837.66 per month
Rent outside the city center for a Two-bedroom apartment MUR 15,000 to MUR 20,000 per month 349.03 to 465.37 per month
Rent within the city center for a One-bedroom apartment MUR 21,000 to MUR 26,000 per month 488.64 to $604.98 per month
Rent outside the city center for a One-bedroom apartment MUR 8,000 to MUR 10,000 per month 186.15 to 232.68 per month
Electricity and gas MUR 1,500 per month 34.90 per month
Wireless internet services MUR 900 per month 20.94 per month
Public Transport MUR 4,000 per month 93.07 per month
Entertainment MUR 300 to MUR 1,500 6.98 to 34.90

Living Cost by City

City Population Estimated Cost (in USD)
Port Louis 149,000 738
Quatre Bornes 81,800 596
Curepipe 81,600 637
Triolet 23,400 629
Goodlands 20,700 667
Mahebourg 15,800 597
Centre de Flacq 15,800 693
Bambous 15,300 598

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Talent in Mauritius

Initially, the economy of the Republic of Mauritius was hugely dependent upon agriculture and tourism, but, in recent years, there has been unprecedented growth in the finance and information and communication technology sectors. Mauritius employs a dynamic job market in various sectors, mainly manufacturing, sales, marketing, production, and retail.

Top Skills in Port Louis

Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, is the most densely populated, with a lot of industries offering its residents ample employment opportunities. The city offers more opportunities in the field of:

  • Accountancy
  • Finance Management
  • Healthcare
  • Sales
  • Production
  • Stock Management
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Legal

Top Skills in Quatre Bornes

Popularly known as the City of Flowers, Quatre Bornes is one of the popular towns in Mauritius. This beautiful town offers opportunities to various professionals such as:

  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Analyst
  • Sales Administrator
  • Software Developer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Military Personnel

Top Skills in Centre de Flacq

Located at the center of the Flacq district, Centre de Flacq is one of the most developed villages on the island with over 15,000 citizens. Although employment opportunities are certainly lesser than that of the capital city of Port Louis, citizens can still find suitable jobs nonetheless. The village offers opportunities to various professionals such as:

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Cook and Baker
  • Mason
  • Carpenter
  • Engineer
  • Agronomy Technician
  • Welder
  • Truck Driver
  • Sales Manager

The skill sets required for each job is different & it constantly varies from the hiring company to company. The most crucial criterion for applying to any junior-level position should be a good school and university education with proper credentials. For senior positions at firms, employers might be interested in an employee's previous performances and work ethic. In towns and villages, the choices for employment might be lesser, but it is still adequate. Importance is also given to an employee's references and past experiences.

Hiring Cost

Hiring is a multilayered process. It involves lots of strategy planning and clean execution. Whether it is In-house hiring or Remote hiring, recruiters always need a definite plan of execution.

The hiring process involves the steps discussed below:

  1. Branding and advertising about the job
  2. Choosing the location, transport connectivity, and cost of living
  3. The internal and external hiring team costs
  4. Ensuring a well-drafted role of the job being offered
  5. Onboarding and training costs

Cost of Living

Mauritius is the 127th most expensive country to live in. The recruiter must consider the cost of living to hire in Mauritius.

A family of four-person will cost up to 2000 USD. A single person has to spend 550 USD to live a comfortable life.

Mauritius is 33% cheaper to live in than in the United States. The rent in Mauritius is on average 71% cheaper than in the United States.

The price of a house in the city center is around 400 USD to 700 USD compared to 350 USD in the outskirts.

Top Cities to Live In

City Description Average living cost
Port Louis Capital Of Mauritius 738 USD
Quatre Bornes Place of administrative interest 596 USD
Curepipe Known for its weather and climate. 637 USD
Mahebourg Place of tourist interest 597 USD
Bambous Tourism and adventure sports 598 USD
Centre de Flacq Place of commercial and public institution 693 USD
Goodlands Tourism 667 USD
Triolet Famous for fishing and political interest. 629 USD

Salary Structure

Salaries depend on various factors - the work profile of the employee, the demand of the job post, experience and skillsets, the size of the company, and many other attributes. As the experience increases, the salary of the employee also increases. Salaries in Mauritius lie in the range from 11,700 MUR/ month, which is the minimum threshold, to 207,000 MUR /month, the maximum threshold. The median salary is around MUR43600.


Job Title Description Salary range in MUR
Surgeons and Doctor Saves life and the career path is critical 91500-26300
Judges Their decision controls others fate 76,900-221,000
Lawyers Their high perceived value is the reason 62,300-179,000
Bank Manager They deal with huge funds and investments. This critical nature of a job worth their salaries. 58,600-168,000
Chief Executive officer They are responsible for the company's fate. 54,900-158,000
Orthodontists People are willing to pay the high cost 49,400 -142,000
College Professors They are the foundation of a country. 43,900-126,000
Pilots They are responsible for the lives of hundreds. 36,600-105,000
Marketing Directors They are responsible for generating companies' revenue. 33,00-94,500

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Employment Laws

Mauritius recently amended its law in 2019. It has some reforms mentioned between the lines. Check out this table to know more:

Law Description
Terms of Employment

Every employee has a basic pay of MUR 50000.

The work employment has given based on

1. Fixed duration

2. Indeterminate duration.

The total work hour of the employee is 45 hours.

Any overtime is payable.

The minimum wage for full-time export enterprise workers is MUR 9000.

Leaves The employees can avail of Annual leave, sick leave, vacation leave, maternity leave, paternity leave.
Data Privacy Law The employer or firm cannot give sensitive personal information to a third party without the employer's consent.
Collective relations Authorized union, employment representative bodies have the right to negotiate.
Termination of Employment To terminate an employee, the employer must show

1.Ground for termination

2.prior notice before termination

3.Termination cause

Termination cannot be done based on cast sexual or physical orientation, religious beliefs, medical reports, or other discriminatory factors.

Dispute resolution To resolve the dispute, one can go through the judicial process.

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Table of Content

Building a remote team?

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