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Hire in Tajikistan

Tajikistan, officially known as the Republic of Tajikistan, is an excellent location to relocate. Tajikistan offers numerous employment opportunities. The national unemployment rate stands to be 2.5%, which is less than most countries with a similar economy. Tajikistan stands in the 106th position in the world when it comes to the ease of doing business. The exemplary progress of Tajikistan as an economy has brought up several new opportunities for individuals from around the world.

Overview of Tajikistan

Tajikistan has a rich cultural history. That land has seen many beautiful cultures and has adapted the best of them to the present-day culture. It has an average Human Development Index (HDI). Most of the labor force in Tajikistan is involved in agriculture in some way. The current economic position of Tajikistan is quite sensitive owing to several factors, including economic reforms, economic mismanagement and political corruption.

Total population – 9,537,645

GDP – US $7.350 billion (83.78 SM)

Economic Overview

Tajikistan has a PPP GDP of US $30.547 billion (348.23 billion SM), which makes the per capita income to be US $3,354 (38,231.57 SM). You will find that currently, the economic condition of Tajikistan is deteriorating. Its nominal GDP is US $7.350 billion (83.78 SM), and the subsequent per capita income is US $807 (9,198.83 SM). The pandemic of COVID-19 made a huge dent in the economy by taking the national inflation up to 7.1%.

Market size

The market of Tajikistan is composed of agriculture, mining, fishery, forestry, manufacturing, energy, tourism and services sector. The contribution of each sector to the economy of Tajikistan is significant. The market of Tajikistan has strong import-export relations with Turkey, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Taiwan, Italy, France, Kyrgyzstan, the United Arab Emirates, Lithuania and Germany.

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A brief glimpse of the industries

  • Tajikistan produces thousands of tons of potatoes, wheat, onions, watermelons, tomatoes, carrots, vegetables, cotton, grapes, apples, maize, cucumbers, cabbages, barley, rice and apricots. The majorly grown crop is cotton. The agricultural sector of Tajikistan does not produce sufficient grains to meet the country's requirements. That is why grains are imported from neighbouring countries.
  • Tajikistan is a prime location for mining industries. There are huge deposits of silver, antimony and gold in this nation. Other major mining products are salt, zinc, mercury, fluorspar, lead and strontium. The contribution of the mining sector to the national GDP is enormous.

Cost of living in Tajikistan

The cost of living in Tajikistan is quite affordable. Tajikistan is a developing nation. The amenities available are most commonly affordable for an individual with an average salary. Though, living in Tajikistan with a minimal salary can be a difficult task.

Category Area of expense Estimated cost Range
Utilities Electricity, Water, Heating, Internet services, Prepaid mobile tariff US $44.95 (512.50 SM) US $37.27 to US $52.62 (425 SM to 600 SM)
Rental rates

Apartment (1 room) in city and outside city,

Apartment (2-3 rooms) In the city and outside the city.

US $226.10 (2,577.76 SM)

US $570.14 (6,500 SM)

US $139.09 to US $438.56 (1,585.75 SM to 5,000 SM)

US $263.13 to US $1,052.56 (3,000 SM to 12,000 SM)

Transportation Cost One way ticket local transport, Taxi tariff, Gasoline. US $4.38 (50 SM) US $2.63 to US $6.13 (30 SM to 70 SM)
Food and Beverage Grocery, Vegetables, Meat and Poultry US $432.75 (4,933.8 SM) US $395.19 to US $483.01 (4,500 SM to 5,500 SM)
Salaries and Financing

Average monthly net salary

Interest rates

US $165.07 (1,879.67 SM)


US $105.33 to US $702.25 (1,200 SM to 8,000 SM)

5.00% to 24.0%

Cost of Renting

Renting facilities are available all over the country of Tajikistan. Some are based in cities while some are in rural areas. The availability of amenities around the housing facility is a huge determining factor in the cost of renting. The more accessible your house is from prime locations, the more you'll have to pay rent.

Cost of living depending upon your location

The cost of living is not the same throughout the country of Tajikistan. Different areas have different costs of living. Tier 1 cities have the most living cost as compared to Tier 3 cities.

  • Tier 1 cities are Dushanbe, Khujand, Bokhtar, etc.
  • Tier 2 cities are Tursunzoda, Konibodom, Isfara, etc.
  • Tier 3 cities are Khorugh, Hisor, Farkhor, etc.

Mentioned below are details regarding the cost of living in the leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of Tajikistan.

Cities (Cost of living) (Cost of living)
Dushanbe 8,074.06 SM US $708.42
Khujand 8,003.26 SM US $702.13
Bokhtar 7,968 SM US $699.03
Tursunzoda 7,256.32 SM US $636.60

The top sectors that are expected to hire in 2021 in Tajikistan are: -

S.No Top Industries looking to hire
1. Consulting services
2. Logistics
3. Tourism
4. Private sector
5. Finance
6. Market analysis
7. Healthcare
8. Weather
9. Welfare services
10. Education

Top skills in Tajikistan

Tajikistan always hires developed and skilled individuals. To acquire a good job in Tajikistan, you should possess both cognitive and non-cognitive skills. You should adapt to the skills for the 21st century to get good opportunities in Tajikistan.

Major skills and areas which have witnessed a recent growth rate

  • Energy
  • Urban Development
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Transport

Top skills city-wise occupation-wise

Tajikistan is engaged in agriculture on a large scale. Most provinces in Tajikistan provide excellent agricultural jobs. The finance and insurance sectors are mostly based in prime city centres. Education is a primary skill required in each city. Some city specific occupations are required based on the needs of that city.

Hiring Cost

The cost of hiring is a very important expenditure for each hiring organization. Following factors are taken under consideration before determining the hiring cost –

  • Onboarding expenses
  • Training costs
  • Cost for conducting interviews

Salary structure for various roles

The table below highlights the average salaries that are offered to employees in Tajikistan according to different sectors: -

Business Sector Average Annual Salary
Education and Training US $13,052.16 (148,800 SM)
Wholesale Trade US $14,631.21 (166,800 SM)
Transport, Postal, Warehousing US $20,350.36 (232,000 SM)
Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants US $3,859.55 (44,000 SM)
Retail Trade US $13,368.08 (152,400 SM)
Other Services US $8,596.54 (98,000 SM)
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services US $9,526.37 (108,600 SM)
Financial and Insurance Services US $3,105.28 (35,400 SM)
Information Media and Telecommunications US $7,157.93 (81,600 SM)
Construction US $10,526.60 (120,000 SM)
Manufacturing US $10,021.32 (114,240 SM)
Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services US $9,295.25 (105,963 SM)
Arts and Recreation Services US $1,315.82 (15,000 SM)
Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services US $6,754.57 (77,000 SM)
Administrative and Support Services US $3,779.27 (43,080 SM)
Health Care and Social Assistance US $10,569.42 (120,452 SM)
Public Administration and Safety US $7,809.57 (89,000 SM)
Mining US $5,350.34 (60,960 SM)

Employment laws in Tajikistan

The employment laws in Tajikistan are devised to ensure the safety of both the employees and employers. Following are the key features involved in the employment laws of Tajikistan –

  • Employee appraisal
  • Labor discipline violation
  • Work and rest times
  • Trade union
  • Work year

The laws and regulations that make sure that the employment relationships are in order in Tajikistan are based upon –

  • Labor Code of the Republic of Tajikistan
  • Labor contract (agreement)
  • Labor Legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan

How Can Skuad Help You with Hiring in Tajikistan?

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