Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Hong Kong

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Hong Kong
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Employ contractors and employees in 160+ countries
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Global PEO in Hong Kong  

Hong Kong is an extremely popular work hub, for locals and expats alike. Employees pay a far lower income tax rate here than in other countries across the globe and businesses can monopolize the talent pool residing, and growing, in the region.

Really, when it comes to hiring contractors and employees in Hong Kong the question isn’t why but how.

Did you know you can avoid setting up a business in Hong Kong and can work with a PEO service to hire in Hong Kong instead? A PEO takes on the legal liability and risks associated with global hiring and allows you to expand your team remotely with top talent from all over the world. 

Skuad is a leading PEO provider that allows companies to hire talent in 160+ countries, including Hong Kong. Working with Skuad allows you to worry less about compliance and human resources matters and focus more on core business activities.

Keep reading to learn more about how we use our PEO services in Hong Kong to help grow organizations like yours.  

What is a PEO?

A professional employer organization in Hong Kong is a human resources service provider that allows companies to scale their operations and hire global talent legally and affordably. A PEO often handles payroll, compliance, benefits, and onboarding for remote workers all over the world.

Working with a PEO is a must for ambitious companies. You’ll gain a true partner with the PEO and access to a team of experts who can guide you through hiring and managing global talent.

A PEO takes on the time-consuming burden of the human resource function, and allow you to allocate your time and resources to core business functions. You can easily scale your business when working with a PEO in Hong Kong and beyond! 

Interested in seeing how much you can save by working with a PEO? Check out Skuad’s transparent pricing structure and then get in touch with the team.

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What are the benefits of PEO services in Hong Kong? 

There are many benefits to working with a PEO. You can hire remote workers for a fraction of the cost of company incorporation, avoid the challenges in managing compliance with Hong Kong laws, and gain access to a team of experts to help you every step of the way. 

A PEO is a valuable asset that will help you reach your goals and ambitions. Such as…

Source the best in Hong Kong 

There are over 7 million talented people in Hong Kong who are eager to work for a global company like yours. With a PEO in Hong Kong, you will have the knowledge and ability to source the best of the best. 

The PEO will have the expertise you need to offer competitive packages that attract top talent. 

Position your business as a global competitor 

Do you want talented workers from all over the world vying for your company’s open positions? When you have a global team of workers, you position yourself as a global competitor.

This gives you an advantage and attracts the best of the best. 

Avoid unnecessary costs 

Hiring workers in Hong Kong without using a PEO would be a significant expense. It would also require dedicated effort (and budget!) due to the time it takes to complete the process.

For many SMEs and startups, the funding is just not available to go global without assistance.

In addition to the costs associated with opening a new entity, you could also avoid those required to hire and manage an internal human resources department. A human resources team would require salaries, benefits, and ongoing training to maintain compliance with laws in Hong Kong. 

Learn about new markets 

Most SMEs and startups have the goal of going global. You can get a head start on that goal by hiring global talent through a PEO. You’ll gain valuable insight into how the market works in Hong Kong and surrounding areas. This knowledge will equip you with the expertise to eventually expand in several areas. 

Eliminate the need to set up a new entity in Hong Kong 

The cost of doing business in Hong Kong can be huge without a PEO service by your side.

There are unavoidable costs, such as company registration, but there are many unforeseen costs, too. For example, the owner or head of your company will need to travel to Hong Kong regularly to set up a new entity. You would also need to hire a team of lawyers in the country. And your new entity would require staff. 

Once you have an established company, you will be subject to the Hong Kong corporate tax rate, which varies between 7.5% and 16.5%. 

You can avoid all of this and eliminate the headache that goes along with it by working with a PEO. Keen to hear more about working with PEO in Hong Kong? Contact Skuad today to get all your questions answered. 

Improve cultural awareness 

Cultural differences need to be navigated carefully. One small mishap could lead to big issues for a company and its culture. By working with a PEO, you’ll have a team of experts available to help you navigate these differences and understand how business works in Hong Kong. 

You’ll also gain knowledge from your new remote team in Hong Kong. Having increased cultural awareness will make you a better leader. And help ready your company for eventual global expansion. Nice!

Maintain compliance with Hong Kong employment laws

Employment laws in Hong Kong are governed by several agencies and mandates. Labor laws are liberal and provide many protections for employees — any company doing business in Hong Kong must understand the rules and comply with them as well.

To bring you up to speed quickly…


  • Payroll is paid monthly in Hong Kong and the currency is the Hong Kong Dollar.
  • Bonuses are a common occurrence in Hong Kong. It is equivalent to the average wages of a year and is paid by December 24th. For employees on a fixed contract, it is paid at the close of the period. 

Each topic related to employment, from leaves to wages to breaks, is outlined in the employment labor codes. To avoid swift and hefty penalties, you can partner with a PEO who has a team of experts in Hong Kong labor laws. 


  • Employees are entitled to 7 days of paid leave after 12 months of service. Hong Kong recognizes 19 public holidays.
  • Maternity leave is available for those under continuous contracts and lasts for 14 weeks. Paternity leave is for 5 days.
  • Employees in their first year of employment are eligible for 2 sick days per month worked. After a year of employment, the sick days increase to 4 per month worked. 

Tax rates and contributions 

Hong Kong income tax rate for employees: 

  • 2.00% (Salary $0 - $50,000)
  • 6.00% (Salary $50,000 - $100,000)
  • 10.00% (Salary $100,000 - $150,000)
  • 14.00% (Salary $150,000 - $200,000)
  • 17.00% (Salary $200,000 and above)

Employer and employee contributions: 

  • Both employee and employer pay 5% in taxes toward social security 

Want to avoid the complicated employment laws in Hong Kong and let a PEO do the work for you? Discover more about how Skuad can help your company grow. 

What does it cost to build a team in Hong Kong? 

It can cost quite a bit — or be very affordable — to build a team in Hong Kong, depending on which route you take. You can choose to incorporate a company or you can work with a PEO to hire nationals in Hong Kong. These are the only two options available to legally hire employees in another country. 

Incorporating in Hong Kong 

There are many steps you must take when setting up a business in Hong Kong and this can take months to complete. Before you start the Hong Kong company registration process, you have to have several types of documents stating your officers, company information, and articles of association. 

Once you have the documents, you must pay the registration and capital fees to get the company registered with the appropriate offices. Then you have to register with the revenue office to pay taxes. You must have an auditor who is registered in Hong Kong and name several roles within the company. 

Incorporating is a lengthy and time-consuming process. You can avoid the hassle and the headache by working with a PEO who will handle all of the necessities for you. 

Hiring a PEO in Hong Kong 

You can work with a PEO to hire, onboard, and pay remote employees in Hong Kong for a fraction of the cost it would take to incorporate. The cost of doing business in Hong Kong is easily contained with a PEO. 

With Skuad, you can get started for free and cancel your account at any time. We offer PEO packages starting at $19 per month, per worker. We also have an employer of record in Hong Kong service that starts at $199 a month per worker. 

If you are an enterprise client, we encourage you to reach out so we can provide a custom quote.

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