How to Recruit and Onboard Remote Employees

The unprecedented growth of the COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions of employees across the world to work from home. What was once unthinkable has now become the ‘new norm’. Think about it. Millions of us – who were used to our 9 to 6 schedules, working at a feverish pace from our office workstations – […]

Decoding Different Remote Setups: Hybrid, Split And Fully Remote Teams

Since the inception of Digital Technologies, technological transformations have surged in almost every sector. Technology has enabled high productivity in this new normal; now because of the ongoing pandemic, there’s been a high level of digital progress. By virtue of embracing collaboration technologies, employees can work from anywhere seamlessly. The companies are forced to consider […]

15 Mistakes To Avoid In Every Remote Setup

The pandemic changed a lot of things around the world. One of those things happens to be the way organizations and businesses function. While there were already many companies working remotely, many others had to take up the remote setup as well since it’s the only accessible option. Research and surveys have proved that performing […]

52 Terms All Remote Workers Must Know With Definitions

Like every group or community has a unique set of slang and lingo, so does the remote working tribe. Whether you just joined the remote bandwagon or have been its loyal driver, here is a compilation of some formal, some short-hand, some abbreviations, and some portmanteau terms. This ultimate remote work glossary will help you […]

Countries That Offer A Digital Nomad Visa To Remote Workers

There was a time when all the workplaces had a clear physical location. All the employees would go to the office in the morning, work together with their peers, and leave the office at the end of the day. Fast forward a few years, and the definition of ‘workplace’ has changed. Professionals are no longer […]

How To Prepare For Remote Emergencies And Tips To Prevent Them

Almost every working professional has now experienced some form of remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But working styles and habits that were in place for decades are not easy to change. It’s simpler at the individual level, but what about the organisation as a whole? Just like in an office setting, the ‘next […]

Q & A: Ankit Verma on his beginnings with Skuad, building apps and Kpop

He may not be good at video games but he can surely test your wits in chess. Meet Ankit Verma, a computer science graduate and the latest Full Stack developer at Skuad. A die-hard foodie, all Ankit needs is a laptop with an internet connection, and he will channelise all his energy in creating applications […]

Here’s why Meerim Zhanuzakova loves her QA job, Kyrgyzstan & Comics

Meerim Zhanuzakova loves to start her day with swimming, gym and a bit of makeup. She is as colourful as her hair. And if possible, she would like to be immortal. Working as a remote part time QA Engineer, Meerim shares her advice, love for comics and nature, and what hard work means for her. […]

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