how to write a resume for a remote job
How To Write A Resume For A Remote Job

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global working population across industries. Many industries had to evolve, restructure, or even shut down. Lives of both the employers and the employees were disrupted. Several jobs are now being done remotely. And as the work-from-home opportunities have gone up, the value of a strong resume has also increased. […]

How To Hire Your Next Data Scientist

Do you think that a data scientist has a place in the design and development world? Considering the amount of data generated with every single activity on the web, it is imperative to make sense of this data and get a better picture. We are surrounded by data. Organizations of every scale, type, and industry […]

Are You Doing Offboarding Right?

Like every drop of water forms an ocean, it’s the combined effort of all employees that forms an organization and drives its success. And that is why at every touchpoint with an employee, fostering a positive culture is important. From creating a worthwhile candidate experience at the interview to a welcoming onboarding. From a constructive […]

What Is Onboarding And Why Is It Important For Organizations?

It takes an incredible amount of time to get the right candidate to fill a particular position in an organization. The process usually involves a thorough search, screening, and selecting process of prospective candidates. With so much time expended in the process of getting the right candidate for a particular position, it is understandably frustrating […]

How To Hire A Web Developer That Matches Your Requirements

Building a website is not an easy task even though there are numerous website builder tools available in the market. Many people choose to rely on such tools for a code-free, drag and drop website development process. However, a dedicated website can only be built with the help of a professional web developer. Fortunately, hiring […]

Freelancers Or Full-Time Employees: When & How To Make The Right Hiring Decision

Running a company comes with its own set of celebratory moments and challenges. One of the biggest challenges is hiring the right team. After all, it is the teamwork that determines your success story. The next question that arises is whether to hire freelancers or full-time employees. They each come with their own sets of […]

55 Terms All Remote Workers Must Know With Definitions

Like every group or community has a unique set of slang and lingo, so does the remote working tribe. Whether you just joined the remote bandwagon or have been its loyal driver, here is a compilation of some formal, some short-hand, some abbreviations, and some portmanteau terms. This ultimate remote work glossary will help you […]

Hire Talent In South-East Asia Before Your Competitor

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in the daily work life of all employers and employees across the globe. You also must have had your fair share of video and audio calls. You must have invested in getting an ergonomic home office setup, and you might be choosing not to wear business clothes […]

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