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Ethical hiring - What, why and how?

HR & Compliance

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Updated on:
February 28, 2024
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Updated on :

February 28, 2024
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Ethical hiring - What, why and how?


One of the benefits of global hiring is the exposure to different forms of diversity during the recruitment process. It is a congregation of people of different ethnicities, genders, cultural backgrounds, races and sexual orientations. This diversity has proven to be essential for creativity and social justice. Therefore the ability to manage the hiring process ethically is crucial in this age of remote work and globalization.

While hiring is primarily to find good candidates that contribute a great deal of productivity to the team and organization, there is a recruitment process that prioritizes equity, what is best for the organization and also what is best for the candidate. This recruitment process is called Ethical hiring.

This article highlights the what, why, and how of ethical hiring.

Importance of ethical hiring

An ethical hiring process helps in discovering candidates’ best output and leads to job satisfaction. Here are a few reasons why ethical hiring practices are essential for every organization.

Maintaining a good public reputation

An organization’s reputation is a public perception of that company and how they conduct business activities. It is one of the crucial elements of an operational entity that has a significant impact on growth and revenue. Maintaining a good public reputation is key to attracting important investors, captivating prospective clients and retaining exceptional employees. 

Therefore, when ethical hiring is employed in an organization’s recruitment process, positive news spreads which in turn is good in reducing the rate of employee turnover.

Improved hiring efficiency

When there are ethical issues in the recruitment and selection of candidates, it leads to bias, nepotism, prejudice and other factors that affect selecting the best candidates on merit. With ethical hiring, every candidate is given a level playing field that enables the hiring team to select the best candidates.

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How to carry out ethical hiring

Create a systematic approach that eliminates bias

It is essential to create a system that will enable the hiring team to eliminate bias efficiently. One of the ways to do this is to anonymize the applicants and their information. By doing this, bias will not be able to creep in from little details such as the name or origin of the candidate.

Utilize a universal interview structure 

Hiring is efficient when the interview structure has the same questions for all candidates. This way, the difficulty level of the questions is the same for everyone thereby ensuring the candidates are given equal treatment. 

Employ an interview panel

Having more than one person on the hiring team ensures that the bias will be greatly reduced compared to when a single person is in charge of the hiring process. A diverse team of recruiters ensures that multiple suggestions and opinions forge the decision in selecting the right candidate.

Adhere to stated timelines

When a given timeline for the interview is communicated to the candidates, they work with that time and the hiring panel expects them to be available. However, when the hiring team negates an agreed timeline for the interview without prior information, there are chances that it can affect the candidate’s confidence.

Utilizing a reputed global hiring platform

Third-party global employment and payroll platform like an Employer of Record enables organizations to compliantly hire and onboard global talent seamlessly. By acting as the legal employer on behalf of the organization, they handle the hiring process in compliance with country-specific employment laws. For every organization, regardless of size, partnering with global employment and payroll platform like Skuad ensures hiring the best candidates ethically and without hassles.

Hire ethically with Skuad

According to the LRN Ethics study, 94% of employees surveyed agreed that it is important that the company they work for is ethical. Undoubtedly, ethics are a critical consideration for talent before they join any organization. As a result of this, your organization must make ethical hiring a priority.

Skuad is a global employment and payroll platform that enables organizations to compliantly hire employees in over 160 countries without setting up a subsidiary. With Skuad, you can have exceptional employees on your team by hiring them ethically and seamlessly. 

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Employ contractors and employees in 160+ countries

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Table of Content

About the author

Catalina Wang is a Human Resource Consultant. She manages recruitment, onboarding, and contract administration staffing for many organizations and remote teams. She’s passionate about efficient HR management and the impact of tech on hiring practices.

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