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Top 10 Remotepass Alternatives in 2024

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Hire International Employees at $199
Hire International Employees at $199
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Top 10 Remotepass Alternatives in 2024

A legal employment and global payroll partner is what businesses first look for when expanding globally.

It’s because all business operations fundamentally depend on whether the global team is built in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Remotepass is one such platform that helps companies pay their remote employees across multiple countries.

Although they are a significant platform in the market, they’ve developed certain challenging characteristics.

This has driven companies to look for better Remotepass alternatives, like Skuad’s EOR platform.

Why Look for Remotepass Alternatives?

Considering alternatives to Remotepass for your global payroll requirements can simplify and enhance the quality of your experience. 

Here are some reasons why companies seek Remotepass alternatives and competitors:

1) Performance & Reliability Flaws

Users have reported technical issues with Remotepass, such as system downtime, slow processing speeds, and session expiration problems leading to broken page styles. 

These issues can cause delays in payroll processing and other critical operations, leading to inconvenience and dissatisfaction among users.

2) Customer Support & Coordination Issues

While Remotepass support has been responsive in some cases, there have been instances where users faced long waits for issue resolution, particularly with ID verification processes that remained "In Progress" for extended periods without updates. 

This can be problematic for businesses requiring prompt assistance to ensure smooth operations.

3) Fee Structure & Financial Limitations

Despite being known for competitive pricing, Remotepass users have encountered unexpected charges. The cross-border transaction fees, even for transactions in the same currency, can feel like a tax on earnings. 

Additionally, the overall cost-effectiveness of Remotepass can be a concern, as fees can accumulate over time, impacting the financial management experience for businesses.

4) Feature Limitations & Confusion

Some users feel misled by the availability of certain features. Functionalities that seemed accessible initially were either restricted or required additional payments, leading to frustration. 

For example, the platform's beta version includes a Debit Card feature that isn't fully integrated, and the terms of use are not communicated, reducing user confidence in the service.

5) Strict Rules & Limited Customization

The strict rules for filling out legal entity forms, which cannot be edited once confirmed, and the lack of customization options for certain features have been points of contention. Additionally, the insurance and time-off request functionalities are not entirely user-friendly or clear, adding to user frustration.

By exploring Remotepass alternatives, businesses can find a global employment solution that better aligns with their specific needs, offers more transparent fee structures, and provides a more reliable and user-friendly experience.

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Top Remotepass Alternatives in 2024

1) Skuad 

Skuad makes hiring, paying, and managing employees and contractors globally easier for companies. 

International expansion feels smoother for companies because of Skuad’s key services for global employment, payroll, and HR needs.

Here are some unique offerings of Skuad designed to help companies with global expansion.

Skuad's Employer of Record Platform

A) Global Talent Acquisition 

Skuad helps companies to compliantly hire full-time employees and contractors with definite adherence to local laws and regulations.

  • Skuad EOR - Skuad hires employees as your EOR partner. You can onboard employees and start your business functions in just days. 
  • Skuad AOR - Partner with Skuad’s AOR for localized contracts and timely contractor payments.

This ensures clarity between employees and contractors and dodges any non-compliance penalties and misclassification fines.

B) Streamlined Onboarding 

Companies can swiftly onboard international employees & contractors remotely, in compliance with local laws.

C) Worldwide Payroll 

By partnering with Skuad, companies can hire, pay and manage employees across 160+ countries in 100+ currencies without hassles. Skuad ensures timely and regulation-compliant salary and payment processing for employees and contractors. 

It also manages tax deductions and benefits while minimizing currency exchange losses, and ensuring adherence to local tax laws.

D) Compliance Management 

Skuad has legal experts worldwide who understand each region's specific labor laws. It offers cost-effective, flexible pricing plans for global employment needs. 

Skuad combines a strong workforce management platform, a global payroll system, and expertise in legally hiring employees worldwide.

2) Deel 

Deel is a well-known alternative to Remotepass, specializing in enabling companies to hire and handle remote employees. It guarantees adherence to the laws and regulations of various countries, facilitating global employment and management practices.

Key Benefits

  • Enables legal employment, payment, and management of employees in over 150 countries.
  • Meets the unique requirements of international staff, including immigration and visa services, plus regional benefits management.
  • Enhances the employment process by easily integrating with multiple HR platforms.

Service Limitations

  • Limited customization options may not meet the unique needs of some businesses.
  • The higher price point could discourage startups and medium-sized businesses.
  • A complex interface demands a steep learning curve, impacting operational efficiency.

3) Remote 

Remote is a big name in managing international employment and payroll. 

While it offers advantages for hiring and managing remote teams globally, it also brings specific challenges that employers need to navigate.

Key Benefits

  • Guarantees legal hiring and payroll in over 50 countries, ensuring compliance.
  • Offers an automated payroll system to ensure payments are accurate and delivered on time.
  • Provides an easy-to-understand dashboard that gives a clear view of all operations.

Service Limitations

  • The cost of using Remote can be a significant factor, possibly hindering efforts to expand globally.
  • Although Remote's platform is strong, its inflexibility can create difficulties in integrating with existing systems.
  • The inability to support local currencies for payments can present challenges for employers looking to pay their international teams.

4) Rippling

Rippling is an all-in-one HR and IT platform designed to manage employees seamlessly across various functions. 

It combines payroll, benefits, HR, and IT into a single platform, simplifying administrative tasks for companies of all sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Rippling integrates HR, payroll, benefits, and IT management into one platform, allowing businesses to manage employee lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding efficiently.
  • The platform automates routine administrative tasks, reducing manual work and improving operational efficiency.
  • Rippling supports payroll processing in multiple countries, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, due to its scalable features.

Service Limitations:

  • Initial setup and configuration can be complex and time-consuming, requiring significant effort to tailor the platform to specific business needs.
  • The pricing model can be expensive for smaller businesses, especially when adding more advanced features.
  • Some users have reported slow response times and resolution delays from customer support.

5) Oyster HR

Oyster HR focuses on providing a global employment platform that simplifies hiring, paying, and managing a distributed workforce. It is particularly geared towards remote-first companies.

Key Benefits:

  • Oyster HR supports employment in over 180 countries, making it ideal for companies with a globally distributed team.
  • The platform ensures compliance with local employment laws and regulations, reducing legal risks for employers.
  • Oyster HR offers localized benefits packages, including health insurance and retirement plans, tailored to each country.
  • The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a focus on streamlining HR processes.

Service Limitations:

  • Customization options are limited, which might not suit all business needs.
  • The service can be costly for small to medium-sized enterprises, particularly those with limited budgets.
  • Integrating Oyster HR with existing HR systems can be challenging and may require additional technical support.

6) Gusto

Gusto is a popular payroll and HR software solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides tools for payroll processing, benefits administration, and compliance management.

Key Benefits:

  • Gusto is known for its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process, making it accessible for businesses with limited HR expertise.
  • It offers a full range of payroll services, including automated tax filings and direct deposits.
  • Gusto provides a variety of benefits options, including health insurance, retirement plans, and workers' compensation.
  • Gusto’s pricing plans are competitive, making it an attractive option for small businesses.

Service Limitations:

  • Gusto primarily focuses on the U.S. market, with limited support for international payroll and compliance.
  • Some users have reported inconsistent customer support experiences, with delays in response times.
  • While Gusto covers essential HR functions, it lacks some advanced features required by larger enterprises.

7) Workday HCM

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is a leading cloud-based HR solution designed for medium to large enterprises. It offers comprehensive tools for managing the entire employee lifecycle.

Key Benefits:

  • Workday HCM provides a wide range of features, including talent management, workforce planning, and analytics.
  • The platform is highly scalable, making it suitable for large enterprises with complex HR needs.
  • Workday ensures compliance with global labor laws and regulations, supporting multinational organizations.
  • The platform offers powerful analytics and reporting tools, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Service Limitations:

  • Workday HCM is one of the more expensive HR solutions on the market, which can be a barrier for smaller businesses.
  • Implementing Workday HCM can be complex and time-consuming, often requiring external consultants.
  • Due to its extensive features, the platform has a steep learning curve, which can impact user adoption.

8) Multiplier

Multiplier is a global employment platform that helps companies hire, manage, and pay international employees. It focuses on providing a seamless experience for businesses expanding globally.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiplier supports hiring in over 150 countries, ensuring compliance with local employment laws.
  • The platform offers simplified payroll processing, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring timely payments.
  • Multiplier provides localized benefits packages tailored to the needs of employees in different regions.
  • The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making HR processes more efficient.

Service Limitations:

  • The platform offers limited customization options, which may not meet the specific needs of all businesses.
  • The cost can be high for small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly those with tight budgets.
  • Integrating Multiplier with existing HR systems can be difficult and may require additional technical support.

9) Velocity Global

Velocity Global is a leading provider of global employment solutions, offering services such as international PEO, payroll, and compliance management.

Key Benefits:

  • Velocity Global supports employment in over 185 countries, making it ideal for companies with a global workforce.
  • The platform ensures compliance with local labor laws and regulations, reducing legal risks for employers.
  • Velocity Global’s services are scalable, catering to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.
  • The platform offers tailored benefits packages to meet the needs of employees in different regions.

Service Limitations:

  • Velocity Global’s services can be expensive, particularly for small businesses and startups.
  • The platform’s interface can be complex and difficult to navigate, impacting user experience.
  • Some users have reported slow response times and resolution delays from customer support.

10) Plane HR

Plane HR is an emerging platform designed to simplify global employment by offering solutions for hiring, managing, and paying remote employees. It focuses on providing a seamless experience for distributed teams.

Key Benefits:

  • Plane HR supports hiring in multiple countries, ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations.
  • The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, streamlining HR processes.
  • IPlane HR offers integrated payroll solutions, ensuring timely and accurate payments to employees.
  • The platform provides localized benefits packages, tailored to the needs of employees in different regions.

Service Limitations:

  • As an emerging platform, Plane HR may lack some advanced features offered by more established competitors.
  • Integrating Plane HR with existing HR systems can be challenging and may require additional technical support.
  • Users have reported issues with customer support, including slow response times and resolution delays.

Looking for a better alternative to Remotepass? Consider Skuad.

Why Choose Skuad Over Remotepass

Skuad excels over other Remotepass alternatives by offering a comprehensive platform for global talent acquisition, payroll management, and remote workforce management.

It integrates essential functions such as hiring, payroll processing, onboarding, and compliance into a single system.

As a top Remotepass alternative, Skuad simplifies the operation of remote teams across the globe, serving as both an Employer of Record (EOR) and an Agent of Record (AOR), enabling quick and efficient team setup in any country.

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About the author

Andrea Gomes is an acclaimed writer and expert in the Employer of Record (EOR) space, with over a decade of HR experience. Her work demystifies complex EOR concepts, guiding businesses on global workforce management and compliance.

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