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Top 5 Velocity Global Alternatives in 2024

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Hire International Employees at $199
Hire International Employees at $199
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Top 5 Velocity Global Alternatives in 2024

Velocity Global is a popular choice for businesses looking to effectively hire, manage, and pay their remote teams worldwide.

However, they are not a suitable choice for many companies purely owing to budget, flexibility, and technology constraints.

So naturally businesses look for Velocity Global competitors that offer better remote workforce management solutions that are sustainable financially and features-wise.

Now, let’s take a closer look at why companies should consider Velocity Global competitors for global workforce management.

Why Search for Alternatives to Velocity Global?

Looking for Velocity Global alternatives expands the scope of global employment solutions for businesses aiming to expand their international footprint. 

Here are some essential reasons that drive companies to Velocity Global competitors.

1. Infeasible Pricing

For many companies, Velocity Global pricing seems unclear and overwhelming. Especially, if the companies are in the initial stages of their global expansion.

So companies may look for more affordable alternatives to Velocity Global that provide advanced features and improved experience.

For example, Velocity Global charges 18% of the employee's salary or $1,600 per employee per month while Skuad starts at just $199 per employee.

2. Limited Capabilities

Velocity Global may not cater to specific and unique business needs because of the rigid nature of the platform.

So businesses tend to look for better Velocity Global competitors providing flexible solutions that suit their global employment requirements.

3. Unsatisfactory Customer Support

Many companies may find Velocity Global unable to provide speedy support for various issues related to hiring and managing remote teams across boundaries.

Businesses expect quick resolutions from global employment platforms and Velocity Global lacks dedicated customer service.

So companies choose top Velocity Global competitors like Skuad, who provide dedicated customer support 24*5 across 160+ countries.

Apart from these reasons companies also look for Velocity Global alternatives that provide better global coverage, seamless integration support, compatibility with existing technologies, etc.

Now, let’s explore the top Velocity Global competitors.

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Best Velocity Global Alternatives in 2024

1. Skuad

Skuad is a global employment and HR platform that simplifies talent discovery, global recruiting, and remote workforce management.

Skuad, founded in 2019, helps companies hire, pay, and manage employees and contractors globally across 160+ countries.

Here are Skuad’s primary offerings for businesses expanding internationally.

Skuad's Employer of Record Platform

A) Global Hiring

Skuad enables companies to legally hire full-time employees and individual contractors in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Here’s how Skuad enables you to hire talent across borders without setting up a local entity.

  • Skuad EOR - Skuad acts as your Employer of Record (EOR) and hires employees on your behalf. You can onboard employees and begin your business operations in just days.
  • Skuad AOR - For hiring individual contractors, you can partner with Skuad as your Agent of Record (AOR) for localized contracts and on-time contractor payments.

This helps companies differentiate between employees and contractors to avoid any misclassification fines.

B) Automated Onboarding

Skuad helps speed up onboarding for your international employees & contractors while adhering to local compliance and legal requirements.

C) Global Payroll 

With Skuad as your global payroll partner, you can pay your employees seamlessly across 160+ countries in multiple currencies.

Skuad ensures that employees’ salaries and contractor payments are made on time and in compliance with local regulations.

Skuad also takes care of tax deductions, and benefits management and lowers currency losses as per the regional taxation laws.

D) Compliance Management

Skuad’s legal experts are spread across the globe and they are well versed with local legal nuances and unique laws.

Apart from these Skuad is the most cost-effective global employment solution with flexible & affordable pricing plans no matter what your requirements.

Skuad is a combination of a powerful platform, an effective global payroll system, and the knowledge of hiring employees worldwide lawfully and compliantly.

2. Remote

Remote is a significant player in the global employment and payroll market.

However, using remote for global recruitment and remote workforce management is beneficial, it invites a unique set of challenges for the employer.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures compliant hiring and payments across 50+ countries.
  • Automation of payroll systems for effective, accurate, and timely payments.
  • A simple and intuitive user interface for a distinct view of operations.

Service Limitations

  • Remote pricing can be quite overwhelming for employers, which can lead to financial friction when expanding globally.
  • Remote’s platform is robust, but its rigidity may pose challenges when trying to integrate with your existing systems.
  • Remote’s lack of support for local currencies makes it difficult for employers to pay teams internationally.

3. Papaya Global

Papaya Global is a comprehensive HR platform that helps companies efficiently manage global business operations from payroll to remote workforce management.

Key Benefits

  • Papaya Global offers a consolidated HR platform enabling employers to manage all their business processes and employee operations in one place.
  • They exhibit in-depth knowledge of legal regulations, compliance, and local employment laws across multiple countries.
  • Through payroll automation, Papaya Global ensures timely and accurate payments in compliance with local laws.

Service Limitations

  • A lack of provision to integrate may require employers to use additional tools, which adds more burden.
  • Papaya Global’s complex pricing plans which are often on the higher end might lead to over spillage of employer budget.
  • An absence of dedicated customer service might be a significant challenge for employers who manage teams across different time zones.
  • Papaya Global has an intricate interface that demands employers go through a learning curve, further delaying their actual global expansion operations.

4. Globalization Partners (G–P)

G–P helps companies hire, pay, and manage companies across multiple geographies by establishing local entities.

Key Benefits

  • G–P offers extensive global coverage by enabling companies to recruit employees from 180+ countries legally.
  • G–P effortlessly handles all matters related to legal compliance, onboarding, payroll, and HR functions.
  • G–P’s advanced and easy-to-use platform simplifies global expansion operations for businesses.

Service Limitations

  • Given the scale of G–P’s platform, it may not be able to support any unique customization needs, which could be a challenge for companies looking for flexibility.
  • High pricing plans of Globalization Partners may not suit early startups and mid-size companies.
  • G–P allows fewer integration options, which hinders the element of seamlessness for businesses scaling globally.

5. Deel

Deel is a well-known Velocity Global competitor that enables companies to hire and manage their remote workforce while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations across multiple countries.

Key Benefits

  • Helps companies legally hire, pay, and manage employees across 150+ countries.
  • Caters to distinguished needs of international employees like immigration services, visa processing, and benefits administration for multiple regions.
  • Provides a seamless employment experience through integration support with various HR tools.

Service Limitations

  • Deel’s narrow flexibility options make it an undesirable deal for businesses looking for unique customizations for their specific employment needs.
  • Deel’s high-pricing model may lower the preference factor amongst high-growth startups and mid-sized enterprises.
  • Deel’s complicated user interface may necessitate intensive learning for employers, which consumes significant time from their business operational schedules.

Looking for a Velocity Global alternative that improves the velocity of your global expansion plans? Enter Skuad.

Why Choose Skuad Over Velocity Global

Skuad is the best of Velocity Global competitors that streamlines global talent discovery, recruitment, global payroll, and remote workforce management on a unified platform.

Skuad collectively handles and consolidates your talent sourcing, hiring, payroll management, onboarding, benefits administration, onboarding, and compliance management efforts.

With Skuad as your EOR and AOR, you can set up and operate your remote teams efficiently in any country in just days.

Book a demo with our team of experts today to learn more.

About the author

Andrea Gomes is an acclaimed writer and expert in the Employer of Record (EOR) space, with over a decade of HR experience. Her work demystifies complex EOR concepts, guiding businesses on global workforce management and compliance.

Skuad is the best solution to hire and expand globally.

Skuad makes building globally distributed teams, quick and hassle-free.

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