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Employer of Record in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Skuad’s Employer of Record (EOR) Bosnia and Herzegovina platform makes business expansion to Bosnia and Herzegovina easy and hassle-free. Our unique HR platform allows companies to hire exceptionally talented employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina without having to set up a separate legal entity. It streamlines the process of hiring and onboarding a remote team by handling payroll management, taxation, and other legal compliances. 

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Bosnia and Herzegovina at a Glance

Estimated Population: 3,255,546

Currency: Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM)

Capital: Sarajevo

Number of officially recognized languages spoken: 3

Languages frequently used: Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian

GDP: 19.79 Billion USD (2020)

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Employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is based on the Labor Law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The basic provisions of the labor law protect the employment rights and regulations of citizens and employees in Bosnia. It also regulates employment contracts, work hours, compensations, employment terminations, employment disputes, and every other employment-related issues. 

Navigating the tenets of the employment laws and adhering to the regulations can be challenging. However, Skuad’s unified platform enables full compliance with the employment laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Book a demo to learn more.

Contractors vs. Full-time Employees

The employment type of contractors or full-time employees is clearly defined based on the employment contracts provided by the employers in accordance with the employment law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Contractors in Bosnia and Herzegovina are sole employers or consultants responsible for their work protection and tax remunerations. They are, however, not entitled to benefits that are usually due to full-time employees. 

On the other hand, full-time employees are entitled to statutory benefits such as health insurance, pensions, severance pay, leave compensations, and much more. In addition to these benefits, they are provided legal protection against unfair working conditions or dismissals. 

Due to the employment security and innumerable benefits, working full-time is a preferred option in Bosnia and Herzegovina by citizens. 

Skuad provides a platform that simplifies drafting employment contracts and compliance with the Bosnian employment laws. To know more, contact Skuad today.

Hiring in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

To hire employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a common means is by utilizing popular job search portals. These portals outline different job openings and opportunities for the members to search for the availability of their preferred job roles via the job descriptions provided. Popular job search portals in Bosnia and Herzegovina include pasao, paslovi, Boljipasao, jobisland. Other platforms include Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, etc. 

To hire employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the process begins by creating job descriptions and shortlisting candidates with the required qualifications. Usually, the HR department of the organization handles the entire process. However, without an in-depth knowledge of the Bosnian employment laws and regulations, HR will find it challenging to deal with the intricacies of the employment processes. 

By working with an Employer of Record partners like Skuad in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you are empowered to hire, onboard, pay employees while within the ambits of total compliance with the country’s employment laws. From scouting for top talent to drafting labor contracts, Skuad’s platform comprehensive and in-depth package offers the best and most reliable employment solution. Learn more about how you can leverage Skuad’s platform for your hiring needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Probation & Termination

To ensure full compliance with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s employment laws, contact Skuad today.

EOR Solutions

Business expansion is a long-drawn process requiring extensive planning, significantly when expanding to a foreign country. It is complicated and can take up to several months to complete. Still, you can fast-track the expansion process by choosing the EOR route for hiring employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Employer of Record (EOR) Bosnia and Herzegovina platform by Skuad can make hiring and building a team in Bosnia and Herzegovina much more straightforward and quicker for business. 

Our global outreach and a tech-enriched HR platform ensure compliance with local labor laws by managing employment responsibilities such as monthly payroll, work permits, employment contracts as well as taxation for your employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To know more, Contact Skuad today.

Types of Visas in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Work Permits

Foreign nationals planning to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina must have a work permit. These work permits are issued by the Employment service offices in charge of the employer headquarters ’ region in the country.

The employer submits the work permit request on behalf of the foreign workers. It must be noted that every issued work permit is provided for specific job roles for certain employers and at a particular time. 

Also, the work permit is valid for one year and expires when the employment is terminated. After one year, if employment continues, the foreign national may renew the work permit.

To ensure compliance with the employment laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina, contact Skuad today.

Payroll & Taxes in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Payroll processing in Bosnia and Herzegovina requires a thorough understanding of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s employment laws, tax systems, and compensation requirements. Setting up the entire payroll function can be a time and labor-intensive activity for a company. However, with the help of EOR partners like Skuad, the burden of the full payroll function can be borne by an expert.


Employee tax

Employers' tax

Incorporation: How to Set Up a Subsidiary in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most crucial step in setting up a subsidiary in Bosnia and Herzegovina is deciding which regions you want to establish your entity as different laws apply to the two central regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina - The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and Republika Srpska (RS).

The subsidiary laws then guide the procedures and steps to establish an entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, here are common steps to take for both regions when setting up a subsidiary in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Contract establishment according to the regions’ laws.
  2. Basic capital payment at the bank.
  3. Company registration at a competent court of law.
  4. Opening a bank account.
  5. Company and employees registration at the tax registration.
  6. Service permission.

Setting up a subsidiary in Bosnia and Herzegovina is undoubtedly challenging, complex, costly, and tedious. However, Skuad’s EOR platform enables companies to hire, onboard, pay employees and comply with the employment laws without setting up an entity or a subsidiary in Argentina. There are innumerable benefits of utilizing Skuad’s platform. To learn more, Book a demo today.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) partners with your business and provides payroll services, compliances, tax filings, recruitment, and more. In comparison, EOR is a system in which a company offers all types of payroll solutions, tax filings, and compliances by becoming a total legal employer of the payroll employee. 

As EOR is a legal employer, they hold the liabilities and responsibilities of the workers. The core difference between a PEO and an EOR can be understood through an example of insurance. In PEO, your company carries on insurance and has to opt to pay coverage under their plan, while under EOR services, your employees are covered by the EOR insurance and compliances. 

Organizations planning to expand into new territories are better suited with an EOR which becomes the legal employer on behalf of the organization. Instead of associating with a PEO in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a co-employment partner, organizations have more to gain by utilizing the services of an EOR solution. 

The EOR solution safeguards organizations from unexpected policy changes, loss of control, and potential risks as the EOR bear every organization’s legal liabilities. In addition to these, the EOR handles payroll, tax, and employment law compliances. To know more about Skuad's EOR solution, Contact Skuad today.


Are you ready to expand your company’s business operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Skuad’s Employer of Record Bosnia and Herzegovina platform can make the process fast and easy by handling your Employment requirements in compliance with the local labor laws. If you want to discuss how Skuad’s unified employment platform can help build a global remote team, Book a demo with Skuad today!

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