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Employ and pay

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Employ and pay global talent starting at $199
Employ and pay
global talent

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Building a remote team?

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The rise of remote work shifted work as we knew it, and remote technology has broadened the horizons of companies by granting access to global talent. As working with international teams becomes the new norm, it’s more important now than ever for companies to have the right strategies in place to manage globally distributed employees.

While remote globalization provides companies with diverse teams, top international workers, and often reduced costs, it can also be complex to manage, with foreign labor laws, legal risks, and potential costly mistakes.

Due to these risks, many businesses look to an Employer of Record platform like Skuad to outsource hiring, payroll, and employee management for their international workforce. Skuad takes care of the global hiring process, onboarding, payroll, benefits, tax deductions, and local legal compliance for you, allowing your company to hire globally with ease and without legal risks.

Keep reading to learn how Skuad can help your business expand globally, the right way.

Why work with an Employer of Record?

Employing diverse, global teams has many benefits for a business. However, hiring globally can get complicated quickly. To hire foreign employees with an in-house strategy, companies have to:

  • Set up a foreign subsidiary in each country of hiring
  • Set up a local legal entity
  • Hire local accounting and HR teams
  • Comply and stay up to date with local labor laws
  • Comply with payroll and tax requirements

The processes of hiring and managing employees through a foreign subsidiary can take up to a year to set up and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the risks of legal compliance, misclassification, and taxation mistakes can bring additional fines and legal issues in the long run.

Due to the complexities, high costs, and legal risks of hiring abroad, companies outsource these roles to an Employer of Record like Skuad to make expanding their global teams a breeze. An Employer of Record (EOR) operates as a third-party company between your business and your employees that carries out the processes of HR, payroll, legal compliance, and more.

Every country has its own labor laws, tax requirements, visa processes, and payroll regulations, and keeping up with these ever-changing regulations can be difficult and risky. Skuad has local legal expertise in over 160 countries, allowing companies to source from a wide pool of top global talent.

An EOR like Skuad works as the legal employer of your employees on paper, fully handling legal compliance with local labor laws and tax requirements. Although the EOR acts as a legal employer, your company still has full management over employee roles and work, just as in any other employer-employee relationship.

Skuad provides first-class global HR services to help your company:

  • Hire and pay global employees and independent contractors
  • Onboard new employees to your business
  • Handle legal compliance, tax deductions, payroll regulations, and disputes
  • Manage salary, benefits, and severance packages
  • Have access to 24/7 support for managing your global teams

Hiring Skuad as your EOR takes care of your company's HR, legal, payroll, contractual, insurance, and banking needs in an all-in-one platform. The saved time and resources, and the prevention of costly legal mistakes, from working with Skuad make this a smart, safe, and financially profitable strategy for hiring abroad.

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World-class EOR platform features

Skuad provides companies an inclusive platform for managing everything related to their global teams, making it the easiest way to hire anyone, anywhere. Skuad’s platform features tools for managing hiring, onboarding, payroll, employment, and legal compliance.

Learn more about each of Skuad’s platform features below.


Skuad’s international expertise allows you to hire in over 160 countries with ease. The simple, unified platform allows you to hire full-time employees and independent contractors with the following services for each:

  • Contractors – Skuad handles hiring, payroll, and legal compliance, as well as correct classification for your contractors.
  • Employees – Skuad helps you source and hire world-class talent while managing the legal compliance of hiring abroad.

With Skuad, you can legally hire from around the world without establishing foreign subsidiaries, saving time and capital. Skuad also handles the legal compliances of hiring such as wage requirements, benefits packages, employee registration, taxation, and more.

Skuad also makes international hiring a breeze with the following hiring-related services:

  • Employment contract creation and management – Legally compliant employment contracts for your workers based on their country of residence’s regulations.
  • Employee documentation – Registration with local authorities for taxation, social security, and other required establishments. Visas, work permits, and other documents are also easily handled.
  • Sourcing talent – Find top world talent in the tech industry.
  • Benefits package offering – Management of packages for benefits, wages, PTO, and more, compliant with local requirements.

Skuad allows you to source and hire global talent legally and easily from one dashboard. You and your new hires can have a world-class hiring experience with the hiring process, legal compliances, and benefits packages tailored to the employees’ home countries.


Onboarding international teams from various countries, cultures, and time zones can be a lengthy process. Having a smooth onboarding strategy is essential to making remote employees feel like a part of the team, getting them started, and increasing productivity.

With Skuad, the onboarding process for remote workers is made easy. Skuad helps you onboard new hires with its easy-to-use online dashboard and 24/7 support to seamlessly and legally transfer employees to teams.

Skuad takes care of the onboarding process through:

  • Creating employee contracts – Send and e-sign employee contracts that comply with local regulations.
  • Speedy set-up – Onboard employees in as little as 10 days.
  • Arranging legal compliance – Get taxes, payroll, documentation, benefits, and more ready to go so employees feel safe and secure.
  • Organizing equipment requirements – Issue the technology required for your employees based on legal regulations.

With Skuad’s easy onboarding process, you’re able to focus less on technical matters and more on welcoming employees into their new company culture.


Payment for your employees is as easy as a click of a button. Skuad’s unified dashboard allows you to easily manage employee payroll and contractor payments, all while maintaining legal compliance with employees' countries.

Skuad handles all of the following, so all you have to do is click "Pay":

  • Converting payments to employees’ local currencies
  • Deducting tax, social security, and other wages
  • Managing contractor invoices
  • Consolidating employee data and payments to one platform
  • Complying with domestic and foreign tax regulations
  • Filing required tax forms

Skuad allows your company to embrace a diversified, global team while handling payroll management and compliance with its powerful platform.


Managing remote global teams has never been easier. Skuad’s unified employee-management platform allows you to manage employees from all around the world in one place. Skuad works as your HR team to automate every step of the employee and contractor management process.

Skuad’s seamless dashboard allows employers to:

  • Onboard new hires
  • Manage employment contracts, benefits packages, employee documents, and more
  • Pay global employees and contractors
  • Track employee hours, PTO, and attendance
  • Off-board employees compliantly
  • Manage all employee expenses

Skuad’s HR services and EOR platform allow companies to effortlessly manage the full employment cycle for employees in 160+ countries. All-in-one global employee management tools allow you to focus on facilitating high-quality work, increasing productivity, and reaching business goals.


Hiring across borders brings legal risks and the need to stay compliant with each country’s labor laws and requirements. Skuad provides a shield against these risks and keeps your business 100% compliant.

Legal compliance when hiring abroad is made easy with Skuad’s international HR services and legal expertise in 160+ nations. Shield services take the risks of legal issues, misclassification, and hefty fees out of your hands.

Skuad’s shield of legal protection keeps your business safe, so you can focus on what really matters. Skuad provides its shield with:

  • Legal expertise in 160+ countries
  • Up-to-date compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Tax, social security, and employment registration with authorities
  • Payroll compliance and deductions
  • Locally tailored employment contracts
  • Correct classification of employees and independent contractors
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Secure and encrypted data and payments

Skuad stays up to date with ever-changing labor laws and regulations, ensuring your business stays compliant while operating abroad. With Skuad, the typical risks and high costs of employing globally are eliminated.

Employees and contractors — pricing and benefits

Outsourcing global hiring and payroll management with an employer of record may be more affordable than you think. Skuad’s Employer of Record pricing scale allows you to hire and pay independent contractors and employees at affordable prices, depending on your business needs.

Onboarding and paying international contractors starts at $0. By using Skuad’s unified platform to pay global contractors, you’re able to:

  • Automate on-time payroll in desired currencies
  • Onboard new contractors instantly
  • Easily create and sign contract agreements
  • Protect your company’s intellectual property
  • Manage all contractor data, documents, and invoices from one dashboard
  • Receive live chat support

Hiring full-time employees to your globally distributed team is made easy and affordable at only $199 per month. The benefits of this package include the ability to:

  • Offer competitive wages and benefits packages to new hires, in compliance with foreign labor laws
  • Create and sign legally compliant and protective employment contracts.
  • Ensure legal compliance with local labor laws and requirements
  • Manage payroll with the click of a button
  • Manage all employment documents, expenses, hours, and more in one place
  • Access 24/7 HR support

Skuad also offers tailor-made packages for your specific business needs.


Hiring remote, globally distributed teams is the wave of the future. Investing in the right strategies to hire and manage international employees and contractors is essential for expanding your business. Request a demo today to get started, and learn more about how Skuad can help your business thrive.

Employ and pay

global talent

starting at $199

Get started
Employ and pay

global talent

starting at $199

Table of Content

Building a remote team?

Employ exceptional talent, anywhere, anytime!

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