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South Sudan

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024
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Table of Content


Employer Of Record In South Sudan

Skuad’s EOR South Sudan is a great solution for companies that want to expand their business and access the global talent in South Sudan without actually setting up a physical entity. Skuad becomes the employer handling all of the employees you need to run your business and takes care of your remote employees in South Sudan.

As the demand for foreign employees is rising over time, more global organizations are seeking to hire international workers. An EOR (Employer of Record) is a third-party organization that takes responsibility for all legal issues such as hiring, taxes, benefits, work permits, visas, local laws, employment laws,  payrolls, etc., for the overseas employees on behalf of another company. However, establishing a local entity in another country comes with a lot of complications and issues regarding market access, payrolls, taxation, immigration, human resources, and so on.


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Employment in South Sudan

What You Must Know Before Employing In South Sudan

Just like every other country, South Sudan also has its own set of labor and employment laws. All these laws apply to both residents and foreigners. So, it is required to have complete in-depth knowledge of all labor and employment laws of South Sudan and ensure 100% compliance. Also, it is better if you get in contact with South Sudan Employment Consultancy to understand all the laws and make the employment process easy. To learn more about South Sudan's employment policies and ensure your expansion efforts fall within the legal requirements, book a demo with Skuad experts today.

Entitlements Explanation
Statutory working hours 40 hours per week
Overtime Eligibility Employees can work overtime for three hours per day and ten hours per week. Also, employees can avail leave for overtime instead of payment.
In case employers want their employees to work at night, they must take a written agreement from employees and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety, health, and security.
Paid public holidays There are 20 public holidays in South Sudan -
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)
  • Good Friday (April 2nd)
  • SPLA Day (April 16th)
  • Holy Saturday (April 16)
  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  • Martyr’s Day (June 30th)
  • Easter Sunday (April 4th)
  • Easter Monday (April 5th)
  • Labour Day (May 1st)
  • Eid-al-Adha (June 20th)
  • Eid-al-Fitr (April 13th)
  • Republic Day (Nov 20th)
  • Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th)
  • Peace Agreement Day (Jan 9th)
  • International Women’s Day (Feb 8th)
  • Mother’s Day (June 5th)
  • Father’s Day (May 10th)
  • Grandparent’s Day (October 14)
  • May Day (April 1st)
  • Independence Day (July 9th)
Holiday pay Employees will receive full payment on public holidays. If employees work on a public holiday, they will receive double their standard payroll with an additional day off.
Medical leave If employees work for a year continuously, they can avail 12 days of paid medical leave. However, employees must inform employers about their sickness and show the medical certificate.
Rest Day Employees receive a rest day for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours every week. Employers must allow employees to take weekly rest on the custom day or different day as per the employee’s wish.
Maternity Leave Pregnant women can avail 90 days of maternity leave and they are also entitled to receive full payment during this period. Employees must inform the employer 14 days prior to taking maternity leave. After the birth, employers can take half-day leave for 45 days to breastfeed their child. In case of any miscarriage, employees are given six weeks off.
Also, fathers will receive two weeks off after the birth of their child or in the event of any miscarriage.
Annual Leave Accrual Entitlement Employees can avail paid annual leave for every year of their service. Annual leaves will be increased with each passing year. Employees who took two years of annual leave can attain half of the payroll for the unused annual leave. In case, if an employee gets terminated, he/she is entitled to full financial compensation for unused annual leaves.
Year Of Service Days Of Leave
1-3 21
3-15 25
15+ 30
Leave Cash Out An employer can terminate his employees anytime due to various reasons such as -
  • Gross misconduct at the workplace
  • Illegal connection with employee’s place of employment
  • Bad performance
  • Incapacity of the employee
Employees will receive full compensation for all unused annual leaves at the time of termination.
Employee Protection and Anti-discrimination Rights According to the Constitution of South Sudan, everyone is equal before the law, and no one must be discriminated against based on their gender, color, race, origin, language, creed, religion, social status, birthplace, or political opinion. Based on the Labour Act, no employer can discriminate against an employee directly or indirectly.
Also, acts of sexual harassment are prohibited according to the Penal Code. People who indulge in sexual acts like sexual assault, commenting, whistling, slurs, sexual jokes, foul language, leering, vulgar gestures, innuendos, unwanted physical contact, display of pornographic content, and asking for sexual favors are imprisoned for up to three years along with a fine.
Confidentiality of personal information According to the Right to Privacy law,
  • Employers are prohibited from collecting any personal information more than what is required for the position during recruitment, engaging, or employing.
  • Employers are not allowed to store an employee’s personal data for a longer period than required.
  • Employers are responsible for protecting the personal information of employees.

Learn more about the labor laws of South Sudan by booking a demo.

Contractors Vs Full-time Employees 

As an international organization, you might end up being unable to decide whether to hire contractors or full-time employees. Hiring a contractor means hiring an individual to perform your duties at a certain rate of pay. Whereas a full-time employee works for a specific time per week and attains regular and full-time perks such as health benefits, sick leave, payroll, etc. of the company. However, both contractors and full-time employees have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it is important to choose either of them based on your requirements, budget, strategies, business, work nature, and comfort. 

Differences between a contractor and a full-time employee are shown in the table as follows:

Full-time Employees Contractors
It’s cost-effective. It is tricky to measure their effectiveness and talent.
Before joining, employees go through a training period. Contractors do not receive any training.
Employees receive payroll. Contractors receive payment only after the delivery of their service.
Employees depend entirely on their employers. Contractors take complete responsibility for their work.
Employees have job security. Contractors do not have job security.
Employees follow a sequence to complete a set of tasks. Contracts have a flexible working style.

Based on the table above, contractors and full-time employees are completely different from each other, and both have their own pros and cons. Although, it is recommended to hire a contractor and convert them into full-time employees by providing them assistance. 

Advantages Of Recruiting Contractors and Turning Them Into Full-Time Employees:

  • No misclassification issues overseas.
  • Saves plenty of money and time.
  • Contractors are highly skillful and provide better results within a short span.
  • The hiring process becomes less hectic. 

Whether your organization requires contractors or full-time employees, Skuad’s EOR solution can cater to all your hiring requirements. Learn more by talking to Skuad experts.

Hiring In South Sudan

Being an overseas company, it is required to know your vacant positions and post job descriptions for those positions. Creating job descriptions is very crucial for the hiring process as it attracts people to apply. 

So, it is necessary to design a proper job description that helps to advertise your organization’s vacant positions. However, there are a few factors that you must keep in mind before creating a job description. 

  • Daily responsibilities and tasks of the employee.
  • Job requirements like education, skills, and experience. 
  • Benefits and salary of the job position.

Before designing a job description, make sure that you also add the company’s achievements, vision, and what you can provide as an employer such that it helps the applicants to get to know more about the company. As expansion into a new country is not a simple matter, companies need to put significant effort into business operations, sales, and other HR-related factors. An EOR service such as Skuad can save you time, labor, and resources. Talk to Skuad experts to know more about hiring in South Sudan.

Things To Remember Before You Hire Employees In South Sudan

Before you start the recruitment process, it is advised to have the right plan so that the process goes smoothly without any troubles. There are some aspects that you must include in your plan. They are as follows -

  • How effectively do you advertise your vacant positions?
  • What are the requirements that an employee must possess?
  • How do you conduct the interviews?
  • What type of questions do you ask in the interview?

Employment Contract Law Of South Sudan

According to the labor laws, employment contracts in South Sudan can be of any format such as written, oral, fixed contract, definite, or indefinite contract. If you go for a written format, then it must be provided to all the parties involved in this process. However, employees who are hired through a definite-term contract are agreed to work for a certain period and the contract will be renewed upon the same terms and conditions as agreed before. If it’s a fixed-term contract then, it will be frequently renewed for the next two years and the employees are considered for an indefinite-term contract. 

Things To Include In An Employment Agreement Of South Sudan

  • Names of the employee and the employer
  • Contact Information
  • Place of work
  • Duration of the service
  • Severance payment
  • Payroll and calculations
  • Position details
  • Probation period
  • Tenure of the employment
  • Other conditions

As an employer, it is necessary to make your employees understand every term before signing the employment contract. Also, it is important to obtain the other details as well such as tax identification number (TIN), pension details, etc. as this information will help you to decrease income taxes from employee’s payrolls. If an employee has any pension scheme, you need their account details to process their pension.

Onboarding Process

After the successful hiring of employees, it is essential to welcome your employees to the workplace in your style. You must fly to South Sudan during the onboarding process to wish your new employees.  It is advisable to hire an HR employee for guidance through this process. 

Also, analyzing your employment contracts is another great way to start your onboarding process. Creating and Reviewing the code of conduct is also a nice initiative. Examining the workplace to provide a safe and secure environment to employees. 

A training program is another crucial segment of the onboarding process. Employees require some time to know about the employment and its services and acquire necessary skills. You also need to train your employees on how to use machinery or software to ensure safety.

Top Job Searching Platforms In South Sudan

  1. JobIsland
  2. Sudanjob.net
  3. Tanqeeb
  4. Sudancareers
  5. Devex
  6. TimesJobs
  7. UNjobs
  8. Careersinafrica
  9. Worldvision
  10. Orooma 

The table given below provides the pros and cons of using job searching platforms.

Pros Cons
It’s cost-effective. It is tricky to measure their effectiveness and talent.
Saves a lot of time. There is a lot of scope to attract fraud applicants.
Makes the recruitment process simple. Technical issues and glitches.
Ability to reach a wider audience across the world. It is not the most professional way of hiring.
Online hiring provides a means of communication with employees. May end up missing good employees in this process.

But, you don’t need to worry about the hiring and onboarding process as Skuad has a wide global reach of over 150 countries which helps you to find the best talent in South Sudan. Our HR professionals shortlist, hire and onboard full-time employees as well as contractors and make sure that your employees meet all the legal laws. 

To know more about the recruitment process in South Sudan, please get in touch with Skuad experts and clear your queries.

Probation Period

The standard probation period in South Sudan can be anywhere between 1-3 months. However, it cannot exceed three months. 

An employment contract can be terminated by the employee or employer at the end of the contract. The termination may be due to the following factors such as -

  • The inability of the employee
  • Constant poor performance
  • Gross misconduct at the workplace

Employers are required to provide a written statement to the employee regarding the reason for their termination.

Find out more about the probation period by talking to the Skuad team.

Termination Of Service

Notice For Termination Of Employment 

Based on the termination of employment in South Sudan, an employment contract can be terminated by the employee or employer at the end of the contract. The termination may be due to the following factors such as -

  • The inability of the employee
  • Constant poor performance
  • Gross misconduct at the workplace

Employers are required to provide a written statement to the employee regarding the reason for their termination.

To ensure your expansion endeavors adhere to the laws regarding probation and termination in South Sudan, talk to Skuad experts and book a demo today.

EoR Solution In South Sudan

Employer of Record Service (EOR) South Sudan makes it easier for you to expand your business without establishing a company in South Sudan. Skuad takes the responsibilities of your organization and handles difficult tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, employment contract, payroll, compliances, taxation, legal laws, visas, work permits, etc. Hence, you can focus on growing your entity in South Sudan. Skuad can offer tailor-made EOR solutions for all your expansion needs. To avail yourself of our services, speak to Skuad experts today.

General Employer Of Record Service Terms

Key Terms Explanation
Taxes that apply to invoices 0-25% based on the annual earnings of the individual.
Minimum Duration of Service 183 days or more
Currency Accepted South Sudanese Pound SS£

Outsourcing Employment Through An Employer Of Record

As an international organization, you should decide whether to onboard employees from your own entity or hire new employees through the EOR solution to take care of your overseas employees.

Types Of Visas In South Sudan

Types of Visas Explanation
Tourist Visa Tourist visas are for people who visit South Sudan and stays for a certain amount of time. These visas do not allow the visa holder to engage in any employment or business activities.
Education Visa Education visas are for students who want to enroll in an educational institution in South Sudan.
Official Visa Official visas are for people who engage in official activities of South Sudan such as medical services, military, law, etc.
Missionary Visa Missionary visas are for people who are seeking to visit South Sudan for religious activities, or volunteering.

Things Required To Avail A Visa In South Sudan

Documents required

  1. Recent passport size photo
  2. A valid passport
  3. Current email address
  4. Method of payment
  5. Yellow fever certificate
  6. COVID negative test result
  7. Employment contract
  8. A copy of the 12-month visa
  9. Resume
  10. Police clearance

Visa applicants must also show their financial proof and sufficient funds to visit South Sudan.

People who are applying for work or business visas must submit the following certificates.

  1. Letter of recommendation from the employer.
  2. Letter of invitation.

Talk to us and get more information and guidance related to types of visas and work visa requirements in South Sudan. Skuad can handle all your visa requirements and ensure the expansion process is not delayed.

Work Permit

International employees must avail of a 12-month work permit and a multiple-entry visa before starting their employment in an organization in South Sudan. To know more about work permits in South Sudan and how Skuad can secure them for you, speak to our experts today and kick-start your expansion.

Things You Must Know Before Setting Up A Payroll In South Sudan

Being an overseas company, you must know all the legal laws and rules of South Sudan. Also, it is important to choose between foreign employees and local employees. It is better to hire a tax consultant/local payroll specialist to be completely aware of all the rules and regulations. However, Skuad takes responsibility for your overseas employees and provides payroll, insurance, and so on. 

The table below shows types of payroll options

  1. Payroll processing company
    A payroll processing company will offer you payroll services for complex processes. However, your company is responsible for their mistakes.  
  1. Globalization Partners
    It is an employer of record solution where a third-party company will take care of the payroll of your employees. 
  1. Remote Management
    A remote team supervises all your payroll processes. But your team must be aware of all the laws to avoid administrative issues. 
  1. Internal Department
    You can set up an internal payroll if you have a company in South Sudan which means you will have complete control over your payroll processes. 

Setting up a payroll depends on various options as mentioned above. If you want to have an internal department, you must have an entity in South Sudan. Also, this payroll process requires various documentation and confirmations. Establishing a company is very difficult and takes a lot of time. If you want globalization partners, remote management, or a payroll processing company, you must register with South Sudan’s tax authority and take the taxpayer IDs of your employees. These IDs are used to decrease taxes from payrolls.

Taxes In South Sudan

Rate Of Income and Tax Percentage are given below:

  • Up to 300 SS£ - 0%
  • Above 300 SS£ - 10%
  • Above 5000 SS£ - 15%+470SS£

Unemployment Insurance

There are no laws in South Sudan for unemployment insurance. 

Work injury benefits 

Work injuries are divided into four categories -

  1. Permanent Partial Incapacity
  2. Fatal Injury (Death of the employee)
  3. Permanent Total Incapacity
  4. Temporary Incapacity
  • If it’s a permanent incapacity, 80% of the average monthly salary of the last three years will be given. 
  • If it’s partial, then 15% of salary will be given. 
  • If it’s fatal, then the employee’s family receives the pension. 80% of the monthly salary in the last years of the employee will be given to the family members. 
  • No compensation will be given for temporary injuries. 

To get complete information about payroll and taxes in South Sudan, talk to Skuad experts.

Incorporation In South Sudan

South Sudan is full of business opportunities and starting a business in South Sudan allows you to attract more clients and expand your entity within a short span. However, it is not as easy as you think because you need to consider various factors such as type of business, language, culture, legal laws, taxations, trade agreement, and so on. 

Steps For Incorporating a Holding Company In South Sudan -

  • Propose your company name.
  • Engage with a corporate bank.
  • Pay the company registration fee.
  • Obtain your operating license.
  • Register your company. 
  • Create your company seal.
  • Set up your workplace.
  • Fulfill your employment duties. 

But, you don’t need to worry as Skuad takes the charge and carries out all these complex processes. Our Global HR platform helps you to establish your firm in South Suda within no time. Contact Skuad to get started.


Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is an organization that provides HR services like payrolls, recruitment, training, insurance, etc. to small and medium companies where it acts as an employer for employees overseas. However, a PEO is completely different from an EOR. A PEO provides employment services whereas an EOR turns into a legal employer for your organization. An EOR provides the same services as that of a PEO but, you must have an established firm overseas to attain PEO services. If you do not have a branch overseas, EOR takes care of your employees in that country. You must carefully choose either of them depending on your requirements. If you have an established firm overseas, go for PEO. Otherwise, opt for EOR to grow your company without actually setting up an organization overseas. Skuad provides EOR solutions for companies. Hire Skuad’s EOR solution for South Sudan to take care of all the compliance and HR-related tasks, from onboarding to termination. Talk to Skuad experts to learn more.


Hire exceptional talent in South Sudan without worrying about managing them as Skuad provides HR services that help you to expand your reach from the same place. Skuad EOR solution helps you to manage the responsibilities and operations of your overseas employees. Book a demo today to learn more.

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Pay monthly at a discounted rate with a 12-month commitment
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Employ contractors and employees in 160+ countries

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Table of Content

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