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How do I view my invoices?

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Payments' tab on your Skuad dashboard to get an overview of your financial transactions.

The Payments section is divided into six subsections: Outstanding Payroll Invoices, Outstanding Contractor Invoices, All Invoices, Credit Notes, Transactions, and Security Deposits, each providing specific transaction-related information.

Understanding the subsections:

Subsection Description
Outstanding Payroll Invoices Lists unpaid invoices related to payroll activities, such as off-cycle payments, highlighting pending financial obligations for payroll.
Outstanding Contractor Invoices Contains invoices due to contractors that have not yet been settled, showcasing outstanding payments for contractor services.
All Invoices A comprehensive view of all invoices generated in Skuad, paid and unpaid, providing a complete overview of financial transactions.
Credit Notes Shows available credit notes that can be applied to future invoices, detailing credits accrued from previous transactions or adjustments.
Transactions Provides a record of all financial transactions processed in Skuad, including payments made and received, for detailed financial tracking.
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