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Morocco is a primary product exporting country. It ranks 81st in economic freedom according to the 2021 index. Pandemic coupled with inadequate rainfall has contracted Morocco's economy by 7.1% (Real GDP). However, the forecast for growth in GDP for 2022-25 is positive 3.1%, which will be facilitated by strong tourism and trade. The debt to GDP ratio climbed as the government sought to stabilize the economy, and the government has successfully kept inflation under control, which is affecting the employment rate positively.

Overview of Morocco

Morocco’s economy is agriculture-dependent, and the key sectors besides agriculture are mining, construction, energy, tourism, food processing, and textiles. The country is going through a structural change, and hence there is a need for talent in IT, telecommunication, and business management. New sectors like chemistry, aerospace, automotive parts, etc., are experiencing growth.

Mobile average internet speed – Download: 39.57 Mbps; upload: 13.31 Mbps

Broadband average internet speed – Download: 26.14 Mbps; upload: 13.79 Mbps

Population: 35 million

GDP per capita: USD 3,204.10

The majority of jobs offered to expats are of middle-management level. In the last decade, there have been many new entrants in the private sector (both service and manufacturing sector), creating opportunities. Morocco has also been successful in attracting foreign direct investment in the export sector. In 2012, FDI amounted to 2.9% of GDP.

From 2000, jobs have been shifting from agriculture to services. Aerospace has been one of the highest job creators. There are numerous opportunities available in teaching as the country is currently on a roll to build human capital. If you are fluent in English, it becomes tremendously easy for you to get a teaching job in subjects ranging from architecture, engineering, and medicine to advertising.

City Sectors
Casablanca Cement
Information and Communication
Marketing and Media
Call Centers
Rabat Information Technology
Language centers
Agadir Hospitality
Hotel Industry
Tangier Textiles

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The skills and qualities most looked for and valued in employees in Morocco are:

Sr. No. Skills/Qualities
1. Leadership Qualities
2. Team Player
3. Strong Work Ethic
4. Negotiation Skills
5. Honesty
6. Communication (Arabic and English)
7. Ability to take challenges and work under pressure
8. Technical skills
9. Creativity
10. People Management

Skill Gaps in Morocco

There are gaps in soft skills, particularly the following skills:

Sr. No. Skills/Qualities
1. Dependability
2. Punctuality
3. Strong work ethic
4. Being organized

There is a mismatch in the demand and supply of STEM (Science-Technology-Mathematics) and non-STEM skilled workers in Morocco.

There is an excess supply of skilled workers with non-STEM degrees
There is a demand for skilled workers with STEM degrees but not enough supply

Industries hiring remote workers in Morocco:

Sr. No. Sector/Industry City-wise Job Opportunities
1. Information Technology Casablanca and Rabat
2. Call Centers Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech
3. Banking and Finance Casablanca (Exclusively)
4. Energy and Green Energy Outside Casablanca
5. Distribution All over Morocco

In all the above-listed industries, there is a requirement for highly experienced, early professionals and beginners. Barring call centers, one year of experience is a must in all the sectors.

Overall, the best bet for getting a job in Morocco is in the education sector. As there are many jobs in this sector and the government is also encouraging human resource development. Therefore, encouraging expats to come to their country and teach.

Further, there is a colossal mismatch in the skills required by the companies and what the local people can provide to them. Many government officials have pointed out that the deficiency is not in technical skills but soft skills. So, if you are a professional who can display excellent soft skills, Employers in Morocco will welcome you with open arms.

Hire Cost in Morocco

Category-wise cost of living

Category Particulars Expense (in USD) Expense (in MAD)
Rental per month 3 BHK in city Center 598.6 5327.54
3 BHK outside City Centre 322.24 2867.936
Internet Broadband 6 Mbps uncapped data 24.24 215.736
Basic utilities Garbage, water heating, electricity for 85 sqm apartment 55. 67 495.463
Average monthly disposable salary (after tax) 415.59 3698.751

Public Transport

Monthly pass

24.35 216.715
Gasoline (1 ltr) 1.13 10.057
Childcare Preschool 120.07 1068.623
International Primary School (Yearly) 3279.90 29191.11
Food Meals for 2 (Mid Range Restaurant) 22.46 199.894

City-wise cost of living

The table below shows only the cost of living of biggest cities of Morocco where the majority of job opportunities are available

City Total Cost of living Average Salary Average house rent
Casablanca $ 893 (MAD 7,947.7) $ 525 (MAD 4,672.5) $ 590 (MAD 5,251)
Rabat $ 830 (MAD 7,387) $ 545 (MAD 4,850.5) $ 553 (MAD 4,921)
Fes $ 601 (MAD 5,348.9) $ 459 (MAD 4,085.1) $ 328 (MAD 2,919.2)
Marrakech $ 696 (MAD 6,194.4) $ 368 (MAD 3,275.2) $ 441 (MAD 3,924,9)
Agadir $ 600 (MAD 5,340) $ 365 (MAD 3,248.5) $ 341 (MAD 3,034.9)
Tangier $ 725 (MAD 6,452.5) $ 407 (MAD 3622.3) $ 433 (MAD 3,853.7)
Meknes $ 571 (MAD 5,081.9) $ 337 (MAD 2,999.3) $ 328 (MAD 2,919.2)
Kenitra $ 612 (MAD 5,446.8) $ 618 (MAD 5,500.2) $ 365 (MAD 3,248.5)
Tetouan $ 504 (MAD 4,485.6) $ 356 (MAD 3,168.4) $ 296 (MAD 2,634.4)

Cost of living breakup of major cities

City Monthly Rent (900 sqft) – furnished Monthly Utilities cost (for 2) Public Transport (monthly) Food (basic dinner for 2)
Casablanca $ 524 (MAD 4,663.6) $ 73 (MAD 649.7) $26 (MAD 231.4) $ 28 (MAD 249.2)
Rabat $ 431 (MAD 3,835.9) $ 54 (MAD 480.6) $ 23 (MAD 204.7) $ 24 (MAD 213.6)
Fes $ 347 (MAD 3,088.3) $ 185 (MAD 1,646.5) $ 13 (MAD 115.7) $20 (MAD 178)
Profession/ Roles Lowest in MAD Highest in MAD
Administration 1,464 3,201
Banking 1,479 5,723
Automotive Industry 1,579 4,004
Commerce 1,302 4,393
Construction and Real Estate 1,464 4,831
Customer Support 1,273 3,663
Economy, Finance, and Accountancy 1,405 5,093
Education, Science, and Research 1,731 3,367
Human Resources 1,542 5,144
Information Technology 1,908 7,461
Management 1,875 7,372
Law and Legislation 1,809 5,401
Marketing, Advertising, and PR 1,510 4,838
Production 1,226 4,121
Telecommunications 1,465 5,567
Top Management 2,451 11,229
Tourism, Hotel Industry 1,128 3,330
Transport, Logistics 1,228 3,648

Employment Laws in Morocco

  • Employment laws in Morocco inspirit the International Labor Organizations laws and conventions
  • Employment relations are regulated by Labor Code and industry-wide collective bargaining agreements
  • The new trends in Morocco have been : limited role of labor inspectors during dismissal and Better defined severance-pay calculations
  • Dahir 1-03-194 of 11 September 2003 promulgating Law 65-99 on the Labor Code; and
  • Decree 2-91-517 of 5 April 1993 adopted for the enactment of Dahir Law 1-93-16 of 23 March 1993 setting out incentives for companies organizing training courses on professional integration.
  • Royal decree lays down the code of obligations and contracts

Salaries and Wages

  • There is no legalized norm for wages and salaries except minimum wages. Hence employers and employees are free to negotiate and enter into a contract.
  • The contracts should be according to the model given by the Ministry of Labor. 
  • Employees have the right to periodic increases in their wages and salaries
  • The payment needs to be made in Moroccan currency, twice a month

Working Hours

Maximum working hours are as follows:

  • For agriculture: 2,496 hours per year
  • For non-agriculture: 10 hours per day, 44 hours per week, or 2,288 hours per year
  • Overtime:  2 hours per day and 80 hours per year
  • Most companies operate six days a week

Health and Safety

  • Provision of medical services is mandatory for firms with more than 50 employees.
  • Standard safety rules need to be observed


  • Employees are entitled to one and half days of leave every month
  • Employees receive sick leave after the fourth day of illness
  • Females receive 14 weeks of fully paid maternity leave
  • Paid paternity leave is three days


  • Dismissal of workers may occur for several reasons viz downsizing, incapacity or inefficiency, or as a disciplinary measure due to a serious offense.
  • Except in the case of a severe offense, the worker is entitled to one month’s notice.
  • Such a dismissed worker is entitled after a year's service to compensation proportionate to the length of his service with the firm.

How Can Skuad Help You with Hiring in Morocco?

Hiring in Morocco is a multi-faceted task requiring in-depth knowledge of the laws, trends, hiring costs, living costs city-wise, and more. Skuad comes onboard as a one-stop solution handling every minute aspect of recruitment. It gives you the freedom and time to focus on your project and expansion plans without any hiring stress. Connect with Skuad today!

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Table of Content

Building a remote team?

Employ exceptional talent, anywhere, anytime!

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