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Hire in Tanzania

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Building a remote team?

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Hire in Tanzania

Tanzania was formerly known as the United Republic of Tanzania, a country of East Africa. In 2019, this country became a middle-income country. There are numerous jobs and employable talent in Tanzania.

Companies willing to hire in a specific location have to consider several things. Each job profile has its requirements and it becomes quite difficult to fulfill the needs as per the local laws. Hiring at a location must meet the company’s growth potential and long-term goals. The resources, connectivity, demography, culture, law enforcement, economic and social security, and healthcare facilities have to be considered.

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Overview of Tanzania

Population: Tanzania’s population (as of June 2021) was 61,464,627 people.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): The GDP in Tanzania was USD 55.4 billion in 2019, which showed an increase compared to the 2018 value (USD 52.4 billion). The average year-on-year growth rate is 6.3%.

  • Tanzania is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, according to a 2019 report. It became the second-largest economy in 2019 in East Africa after Kenya and the seventh-largest in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Gross National Income (GNI): Tanzania became a middle-income country with a GNI per capita of USD 1,080 in the year 2019.
  • Currency: Tanzania uses Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)

Market Size

Tanzania’s continual effort to boost the economy is paying off. The government has been providing both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to boost the economy and create demand in the market.

The Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) in recent times created an inflow in the market.

The ease of doing business has increased from rank 164 to rank 12 in the year 2016. Improved government policies are helping the economy thrive.

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A Brief Glimpse of Major Industries

The 13th largest country in Africa, Tanzania is famous for its industry, construction, agriculture, fishery and forest, and natural resources sectors. Tanzania is known for its clove production.

Tourism, agriculture, mining, construction, and manufacturing are the most noticeable sectors in the country.

  • Tourism: Mount Kilimanjaro is the leading tourist spot in the country. The main tourism sector is divided into wildlife and beaches. The national parks, lakes, mountains, sanctuaries, and beaches attract thousands of travelers and investors to this place.
  • Agriculture: The main portion of Tanzania’s economy depends on agriculture (approximately 25% of the total GDP) and agricultural products. Every year, thousands of items such as wine, sugar, nuts, meat, and dairy products are exported to other countries.
  • Mining: After agriculture, the mining industry is making its place in the GDP share in this country. Tanzanian soil is enriched with gold, iron, diamond, nickel, titanium, and many other cash minerals.
  • Export and trade: Tanzania is the top exporter of gold, tobacco, and raw copper.
  • Other industries such as livestock, trade, fishery, natural gas and oil, and manufacturing are also coming into the picture.

Internet Speed and Connectivity

Tanzania’s average mobile internet speed is around 7 Mbps, and fixed broadband speed is around 15 Mbps. The top internet service providers are Airtel, Zanzibar Connection Company, Vodacom, Sasatel, etc.

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Talent in Tanzania

There is considerable scope for work in various sectors. Key details have been tabulated below.

Jobs Sectors Description Scope
Agriculture Tanzania is an agriculture-based country. With method-farming and advanced technology, this sector has a plethora of job opportunities.
  • Fishery
  • Sugarcane industry
  • Forrest
  • Fruits and vegetable processing
  • Food processing
Tourism Tourism is the fastest-growing sector in Tanzania. Sixteen national parks, beaches, Mount Kilimanjaro, and other tourist spots create multiple job opportunities.
  • Hotel
  • Resorts
  • Adventure sports
Manufacturing The next main contributor to Tanzania’s GDP is its manufacturing units. These contribute to over 20% of the country’s GDP. Tanzania imports from India, China, and Saudi Arabia. The main manufacturing sectors are listed in the next column.
  • Textile and apparel
  • Leather
  • Automobile
  • Cement
  • Iron
  • Plastics and pipes
Telecom Sector Communication is the glue of a country. The telecom industry has significant job opportunities and is continuously developing.
  • Wireless technologies
  • Modern web technologies
  • Networking experts
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies
Information and Communication Technology It is a well-distributed industry from application devices, radio, television, satellite, and many more.
  • E-Business
  • Media services
  • Digital equipment
  • Hardware assembly
  • Call centers
  • Multimedia development
Real estate Over 50% of Tanzania’s population will move to urban cities. Shopping malls, multistorey buildings, hotels, residence buildings, office buildings, and many other types of real estate properties provide prevalent employment opportunities.
  • Construction
  • Broker
  • Resident Architect
Services This is a new sector. Much of its potential is yet untapped. This sector may produce a huge fiscal pull soon.
  • Accident policies
  • Vehicle rents
  • Assistance
  • Health Insurance
  • Miscellaneous
Transport Transportation facilities connect the vast terrain of Tanzania. They are critical for overall economic development and other sectors such as tourism and manufacturing.
  • Road transport
  • Rail transport
  • Airlines
  • Ships
  • Marine

Top Skills Occupation-wise

When there’s so much talent on offer, it becomes tricky to hire the right set of people for your team. Skuad can help you find, hire, and manage excellent local talent and make expansion in Tanzania a hassle-free task.

Name Skills
  • Scientist
  • Food Processing
  • Technological Experts
  • Pilot
  • ATC experts
  • Flight Attendants
  • Airport personnel
Information Technology and telecommunication
  • Coding Skills and relevant knowledge of operating systems and cloud technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Modems Routers
  • Communication Skills
  • IT skills
  • Strong Finance Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Advisory skills
  • Driver
  • Logistics
  • People Management
  • General Management

Hiring Costs in Tanzania

Hiring cost determination is a tiresome process. It needs a lot of research to make a decision. Hiring costs depend on various factors, as follows:

  • Advertisements
  • Geographical location
  • Onboarding cost
  • Training cost
  • Salaries
  • Connectivity
  • Availability of resources
  • Opportunity cost

Cost of Living in Tanzania

The cost of living varies from place to place. The average cost of living in Tanzania is around USD 700 or 1623300 TZS per month.

Category Cost in USD Cost in TZS
Restaurant Cost 25 58099.00
Transportation 25 58099.00
Room rent (one-bedroom, hall, and kitchen) USD 350 (in the city),
USD 305 (outside the city)
Apartment price 183.22/sq ft 425795.96
Internet 60 Mbps or above 60 139437.60

Cost of Living and Rent: City-wise Breakdown

Skuad’s EOR solutions for Tanzania can help expand your business while adhering to the tax legislation, labor laws, and contracts.

City Famous For Living Cost in USD Living Cost in TZS
  • Gold mining
  • Tourist spot
  • Average living cost: USD 543
  • Rent and utilities: USD 264
  • Transport: USD 39.3
  • Food: USD 193
  • Other: USD 45.9
  • Average living cost: 1261910.30
  • Rent and utilities: 613525.45
  • Transport: 91331.63
  • Food: 455496.17
  • Other: 106669.77
  • Dodoma
    • National capital
    • Educational hub
    • Average living cost: USD 538
    • Rent and utilities: USD 182
    • Transport: USD 39
    • Food: USD 273
    • Other: USD 43.9
  • Average living cost: 1250290.50
  • Rent and utilities: 422960.73
  • Transport: 90634.44
  • Food: 634441.09
  • Other: 102021.85
  • Arusha
    • Tourist hub
    • Largest manufacturing hub
    • Average living cost: USD 583
    • Rent and utilities: USD 221
    • Transport: USD 69.3
    • Food: USD 236
    • Other: USD 59.9
  • Average living cost: 1354868.70
  • Rent and utilities: 513595.17
  • Transport: 161050.43
  • Food: 548454.57
  • Other: 139205.21
  • Mwanza
    • Second-largest city
    • Fishery
    • Economic hub
    • Average living cost: USD 640
    • Rent and utilities: USD 364
    • Transport: USD 48.3
    • Food: USD 193
    • Other: USD 32.9
  • Average living cost: 1487334.42
  • Rent and utilities: 845921.45
  • Transport: 91331.63
  • Food: 448524.29
  • Other: 106669.77
  • Dar es Salaam
    • Largest city
    • Home to government and financial institutions
    • The business capital of Tanzania
    • Average living cost: USD 887
    • Rent and utilities: USD 506
    • Transport: USD 106
    • Food: USD 217
    • Other: USD 60
  • Average living cost: 2061352.54
  • Rent and utilities: 1175923.77
  • Transport: 246339.76
  • Food: 448524.29
  • Other: 139437.60
  • Zanzibar
    • World heritage site
    • Mosques
    • Beaches
    • Average living cost: USD 706
    • Rent and utilities: USD 382
    • Transport: USD 39.3
    • Food: USD 237
    • Other: USD 47.9
  • Average living cost: 1640715.78
  • Rent and utilities: 887752.73
  • Transport: 91331.63
  • Food: 550778.53
  • Other: 111317.69
  • Salary Structure in Various Roles in Tanzania

    Holding the position of the 10th-largest economy in the African subcontinent, Tanzania is a powerhouse of employment opportunities for all categories of job seekers. Thus, it is essential to predict the salary structure to hire in Tanzania. The following section contains a summary of the most sought-after job openings in the country and their average salaries.

    Healthcare Department:

    Job Role Average Salary in USD (per month) Average Salary in TZS (per month)
    Doctors/Physicians 1280.90 2970585.34
    Nurses 526.16 1220238.26
    Surgeons 1565.54 3630705.11
    Nutritionists/Dietitians 1095.45 2540500.98


    Job Role Average Salary in USD (per month) Average Salary in TZS (per month)
    Civil Engineers 1333.51 3092595.25
    Chemical Engineers 1599.18 3708720.95
    Electrical Engineers 1518.10 3520685.15
    IT Engineers 1701.82 3946757.39


    Job Role Average Salary in USD (per month) Average Salary in TZS (per month)
    Judges 1487.91 3450670.34
    Lawyers 1147.20 2660516.44
    Law Clerk 260.92 605109.79

    Administrative Roles:

    Job Role Average Salary in USD (per month) Average Salary in TZS (per month)
    HR Managers 810.80 1880358.02
    Finance Managers 1164.45 2700521.59
    Managing Directors 979.00 2270437.23


    Job Role Average Salary in USD (per month) Average Salary in TZS (per month)
    Chief Executive Officers 1229.14 2850546.70
    Chief Financial Officers 1198.95 2780531.89


    Job Role Average Salary in USD (per month) Average Salary in TZS (per month)
    Academic Managers 685.73 1590303.29
    Teachers/Professors 577.91 1340253.71

    Sales and Marketing Roles:

    Job Role Average Salary in USD (per month) Average Salary in TZS (per month)
    Insurance 547.72 1270238.90
    Consultancy Services 612.42 1420287.20
    Finance 560.66 1300248.56

    Hospitality and Tourism Industries:

    Job Role Average Salary in USD (per month) Average Salary in TZS (per month)
    Chef 352.35 817148.68
    Travel Agents 343.73 797157.70
    Hospitality Manager 771.99 1790352.23
    Hotel Managers 1030.76 2390475.87

    Learn more about Tanzania’s salary structures by talking to Skuad experts.

    Employment Laws in Tanzania

    You need to consider Tanzania’s Employment Laws to hire in the country. The Employment and Labor Relations Act enforced by the Tanzanian government guarantees the following protections to its employees.

    Law Description
    1. Prohibition of any form of child labor and forced labor
    2. Prohibition of discrimination at the workplace
    3. Prohibition of discrimination in trade unions and employer associations
    4. The maximum number of ordinary days or hours that an employee may be permitted to work is -
    • Six days in any week,
    • Forty-five hours in any week, and
    • Nine hours in any day.
    5. An employer shall not permit an employee to work overtime -
    • Except under an agreement, or
    • For more than 50 overtime hours in any four-week cycle.
    6. An employer has to provide their employees the following benefits:
    • A rest period every day for a minimum of 12 consecutive hours after the end of their shift, before the next day’s work commences,
    • At least 24 hours off after the last working day (usually Friday or Saturday) and the first working day (usually Monday) of the next week, and
    • Employees who work the night shift (between 8 pm and 6 am) must be paid a salary that is more than at least 5% of their basic wage; this is calculated for each hour worked at night.

    Skuad’s EOR solutions for Tanzania can help expand your business while adhering to the tax legislation, labor laws, and contracts.

    Tanzania Remote Hiring Trends 2023

    Top Companies in Tanzania

    The top five companies (based on anonymous employee reviews) in Tanzania in 2022 are:

    • Deloitte
    • PwC
    • KPMG
    • EY
    • Amazon

    Hiring Trends in Tanzania

    This small increase in workers employed by others may mean paid jobs are being created. More investment in the areas employing a larger number of individuals will lead to a larger number of individuals seeking paid employment. The current increasing trend in enrollment in education for the working-age population means more skilled prospective workers are available than ever before. Unemployment Rate in Tanzania is expected to reach 9.40 percent by the end of 2023, according to Trading Economics.

    Trending Industries in Tanzania

    When looking to hire employees in Tanzania, keep in mind that there are many skilled potential workers living in Africa's 13th-largest country. By sector, some of the most coveted skills include:

    Sector Top Skills
    • Scientist
    • Food processing
    • Technological experts
    • Pilot
    • ATC experts
    • Flight attendants
    • Airport personnel
    Information technology and telecommunication
    • Coding skills; relevant knowledge of operating systems and cloud technologies
    • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Modems and routers
    • Communication skills
    • IT skills
    • Strong finance skills
    • Communication skills
    • Analytical skills
    • Advisory skills
    • Driving skills
    • Logistics
    • People management
    • General management

    How Can Skuad Help You Hire in Tanzania?

    Tanzania hires employers for a diverse range of jobs and provides a comprehensive range of occupations to choose from. It has an ever-broadening job market rich in discovering upcoming talent fields.

    To enrich this hiring process, Skuad provides a self-serve, unified, and automated HR platform. Our Skuad experts emphasize a holistic view of the appointment process for building remote teams and managing payroll. So, hire in Tanzania with maximum affordability. Connect with Skuad to experience a seamless recruitment process and ensure a smooth onboarding journey for your exceptional employees!

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