Leave Policy in Ukraine

Leave Policy in Ukraine
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Leave policy in Ukraine entitles employees to a statutory minimum of 24 days of annual leave per year. Those under the age of eighteen, however, have an increased entitlement of 31 calendar days. Employees with disabilities can also receive up to 30 days’ annual leave in Ukraine depending on the particular category their handicap is assigned to. There may be additional entitlements for those working in dangerous conditions — such as underground and heavy labor — for which distinctive arrangements apply.

On July 19, 2022, Ukraine amended certain legislative acts regulating the optimization of labor relations through what is known as No. 2352-IX Concerning Amendments to Relevant Legislative Acts Governing Optimization of Employment Relationships. One of the primary changes that No. 2352-IX On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine enacted concerned annual leaves.

During martial law in Ukraine, employers can limit employees’ annual leave to 24 days and deny previously accrued vacation time. Employees may also be granted up to 15 calendar days off per year without pay. For special circumstances such as honeymoons, unpaid absence is allowed. Exceptions include internally displaced persons who are eligible for up to 90 calendar days off with no salary at their request.

For more information on hiring in Ukraine, read Skuad’s country guide to Ukraine.

Public Holidays in Ukraine

Under normal circumstances, 11 days previously designated as public holidays are not included in the annual paid leave allowance. During a period of martial law, however, these days are removed and do not count toward an individual's minimum entitlement.

Below are the public holidays in Ukraine for 2023:

  • 1 Jan - New Year's Day
  • 2 Jan - New Year Holiday
  • 7 Jan - Orthodox Christmas Day
  • 9 Jan - Orthodox Christmas Holiday
  • 8 Mar - Women's Day
  • 16 Apr - Orthodox Easter Sunday
  • 17 Apr - Orthodox Easter Monday
  • 1 May - Labor Day
  • 9 May - Victory Day over Nazism in World War II
  • 4 Jun - Orthodox Whit Sunday
  • 5 Jun - Orthodox Whit Monday
  • 28 Jun - Constitution Day
  • 24 Aug - Independence Day
  • 14 Oct - Defender's Day
  • 16 Oct - Defender's Day Holiday
  • 25 Dec - Catholic Christmas Day

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Types of Leave in Ukraine

Aside from leaves, Ukrainian labor laws require daily and weekly rest periods for employees engaged in shift work. Employees working in shifts must be given rest periods at least twice as long as the duration of the previous shift, including break times.

In Ukraine, a five-day working week comprises two days off while a six-day cycle affords one day away from work. By default, Sunday is chosen for this general period of restfulness but if not stated by statute then alternate arrangements are made by the organizations themselves. The total uninterrupted break for each calendar week has to last for no less than 42 hours in any instance. Furthermore, those who work when they are entitled to their off-duty stretch should receive timely remuneration equaling double their hourly or daily rate. However, if agreed upon, another free day can alternatively be obtained instead (Labor Code Articles 67 and 70).

Below are the mandated types of leave in Ukraine. Unless otherwise indicated, these leaves only function as they are explained during normal circumstances — there may be amendments under states such as Martial Law.

For extenuating circumstances such as this, it's best to consult with a reliable service provider like Skuad that can muster the local, cultural, and legal expertise to steer you in the right direction.

Sick Leave in Ukraine

Employees are eligible for compensation in the event of illness or injury, which must be validated by a sick leave form from an approved medical institution. From the first five days of absence, payment is to be equal to their usual salary rate. After that period, up to 100% coverage can then be claimed from Ukraine’s Social Security Fund based on how long they have held their job. This ranges between 50% to 100% of average wages. There is no specific limitation established regarding sick leave durations, with the responsibility placed on the Social Security Department to continue paying until either full recovery is achieved or incapacity has been confirmed.

Employees who have a medical certificate indicating the need for sanatorium resort treatment can make a request to take unpaid leave, according to the period specified in the document.

Maternity Leave in Ukraine

Female employees are legally eligible to receive paid leave prior to childbirth for 70 calendar days and post-delivery for 56 calendar days (or 70 in the case of multiple births or when difficulties arise during the delivery period).

Additionally, those who have children under 14 or kids with disabilities, along with single moms and guardians raising a child without both parents, can be provided with modified work hours if the mother needs extended hospitalization.

Paternity Leave in Ukraine

Employees are eligible for one-time paid leave lasting up to 14 calendar days (excluding holidays and non-working days) when a child is born. This leave can be taken by the following individuals:

  • A husband whose wife has just given birth,
  • The father of the baby, not married to the mother yet living together, share rights and obligations, as well as establish a common life, or
  • Grandparents or other adult relatives of the newborn located in single-parent households (either single mother or father).

Note: Leave shall only be provided to one person specified above.

Parental Leave in Ukraine

Parental leave policy in Ukraine grants equal rights to both parents to take unpaid leave until their kid reaches the age of three after maternity leave has ended. Companies, institutions, or organizations may approve part-paid and unpaid time off for one parent to care for their offspring at their own cost for an extended period if requested.

In addition, when desired by the mother, allowances can be made so that the father works either on a part-time basis or from home during his required childcare absence. Similarly, other relatives who have taken charge of raising the child along with adopted parents/guardians would also be allowed access to these privileges in total or partial capacity, as needed.

Childcare Leave in Ukraine

Mothers and fathers with two or more children aged 15 years or younger, those who adopted a child, single mothers raising a child without both parents present (such as if one parent is in the hospital for an extended period of time), and persons caring for children with disabilities may receive additional paid leave of 10 calendar days annually. This can be used by any relative actually looking after the kid and adoptive parents/guardians/foster parents, too.

Furthermore, individuals having minors under 14 years old as well as single mothers/fathers raising youngsters without parental assistance are eligible to work reduced hours. This includes partially-paid and unpaid absences for taking care of offspring over longer periods.

Adoption Leave in Ukraine

The adoption leave policy in Ukraine provides employees who have adopted a child with a one-time span of paid leaves. The one-time span is 56 calendar days in the event of the adoption of one child and 70 calendar days for multiple adoptions. This does not encompass holidays or non-working days.

Care Leave for Children with Disability in Ukraine

Employees with two or more children, a child with a disability, or an adopted child are eligible for an additional paid leave of 10 days. Should there be several reasons for granting this time off, the total amount provided cannot exceed 17 calendar days.

On May 9th, 2021 it was established that either the mother or father (for single parents) having two and more minor children under 15 years old, having any individual child with a disability, or having adopted a child are entitled to a further 10-day period off work containing no weekends nor public holidays as part of their annual allowance.

Types of Unpaid Leave in Ukraine

There is also an unpaid leave policy in Ukraine that employers should follow. The employer should grant leave without pay at the request of employees in the following cases:

  • Marriage Leave - Employees are given 10 days off for nuptials.
  • Bereavement Leave - A seven-day period is set aside for relatives by blood or marriage and three days if other kin has passed away.
  • Compassionate Care Leave - Following medical advice indicating that a relative needs attention, employees can take 30-day leaves at most. This concerns family members connected through marriage or consanguinity ties only.
  • Miscellaneous Leaves – Additional leaves may be granted depending on certain circumstances:
  • Unpaid maternity leave may be granted to individuals with two children below 15 years.
  • War veterans and other persons greatly esteemed for their country’s services may be offered 14 days' leave beyond their usual entitlements.
  • Work merits recipients may be granted 21 days' leave beyond their usual entitlements.
  • Partners of new mothers satisfying maternity requirements may be given 14 days' leave beyond their usual entitlements.

Further leave without pay is granted to individuals when taking care of family issues or other matters over a maximum period of 15 days as allowed under the law.

Employers may also offer unpaid leave to cover situations not mentioned in the above cases, usually in an effort to provide a more holistic, inclusive, and benefits-rich employee experience. Skuad can help you develop your employee processes and policies to be attractive to the top Ukrainian talent.

Leave for Trade Union Training and Education in Ukraine

Local labor laws also indicate additional leave policy in Ukraine for union training and education.

  • Union training: six days of paid leave.
  • Higher education institutions (first or second year): 10 to 20 calendar days
  • Higher education institutions (third and subsequent years): 20 to 30 calendar days
  • Correspondence studies: Up to 40 calendar days off with pay
  • State examinations: 30 calendar days away from work
  • Diploma projects - Establishments under first/second levels of accreditation: two months
  • Diploma projects - Establishments under third/fourth level of accreditation: four months
  • Graduate school - Individual training program completion: 30 extra vacation calendar days plus one day off per week and a half payment remuneration on the average salary rate

There are different entitlements for secondary and vocational schools.

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Table of Content

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