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Employ contractors and employees in 160+ countries
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Building a remote team?

Employ exceptional talent, anywhere, anytime!

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So, you've decided to accept an offer from a global company. That's great news! It's very exciting, but it's also daunting to figure out how it will work for you as an employee or independent contractor. Perhaps the company’s national language is different than your native language, and you could use some assistance navigating the gap. Or maybe your company has other concerns and would like to outsource some of the nitty-gritty tasks, like payroll. That is where a  professional employer organization platform can help.

A PEO exists to make the process of global work relationships easy for both companies and workers alike. Skuad is one such PEO. We offer services for both employees and independent contractors.

Skuad's PEO Features

Skuad’s mission is to bridge the gap between growing companies and top talent — no matter where they're located in the world. One of our services to assist in this is our professional employer organization platform. It's perfect if the company hiring you wants to maintain control over their hiring or intends to establish a subsidiary.

Our PEO is easy to access and quick to maneuver. It's one platform for all your needs as a remote worker, from beginning to end. We offer:

  • Transparency: With your Skuad dashboard, all your employment details and documents will be at your fingertips.
  • Control: Your company will maintain control over your workflow and results while Skuad manages the HR duties.
  • Security: We understand the concern that comes with putting your sensitive information on a cloud. Nevertheless, we’ve got your back. We promise the highest standards to protect you.

Skuad provides all of this with its PEO platform. With Skuad, you can work in over 160 countries, and you can be paid in over 100 currencies. We offer 24/7 support to help you with the following processes:


Technology has advanced so that everyone is connected around the world. You should be able to access the top companies in your field, no matter their location. But it can be difficult to get a company to take a chance on someone in another country. Skuad has created a high-quality talent network for companies and workers to find the best match for them.

Once a company is interested in you, the process can be complex. They will need to remain compliant in both your country and theirs. This starts as early as drafting the employment contract. The company will need to create a subsidiary and follow the proper channels to register your employment.

Is your new company worried about this? Skuad can help. Our PEO service can give them expert guidance in setting up a subsidiary in over 160 countries.

Once they’re set up, we can  assist with hiring, too. A PEO partnership with us would mean that Skuad is a co-employer of yours. We will provide access to local employment contracts. Our legal experts have created and tailored these contracts with your country’s local standards in mind. Your company will be able to send and sign the contracts instantly.

Contracts are not the only way we can help with compliance. We can also provide guidance with local taxes, social security, and minimum wage.

Are you working as a foreigner in the country you reside? Skuad can help with that, too. We will sort out any visas or work permits for you and your dependents.


Onboarding is organizing all the documents and protocols to get you situated in your new role. This can be a long and tedious process for your company if they have other things to focus on, such as expanding their business. However, we want to ensure that you're properly prepared for your job.

Skuad’s PEO platform can speed the process up for your company and make it smooth for you. The unified platform collects, manages, and secures all important documentation for employees and independent contractors alike.

You can create and save any template forms, like an invoice template as an independent contractor. This can keep them uniform no matter where your clients reside.

While you work on that, Skuad can handle work permits, compliance, and any equipment you will need to begin working.

Another feature is our advice on employee benefits. We analyze the expectations that you and your company have — as well as any cultural differences — to advise the best benefits, like paid time off and medical insurance.


To pay a global team, your company must consider taxes and other deductions for each country. This can be a lot to put on their in-house HR department. One country is one thing, but it's a big ask to have them be fluent in the statutory elements of other countries.

Skuad meets this need by being fluent in over 160 countries. We will manage payroll, benefits, and taxes for your global team.

Your company can also save time and expenses by sending out payments with our PEO platform:

  • They can send one bulk payment to all their remote workers.
  • There are 0% transfer fees and low exchange rates.
  • We can convert the payment into more than 100 currencies.
  • They can also set up specific details in a monthly autopay.

This is just as beneficial to you as a worker as it is for your company. The system is user-friendly, and you won’t have to worry about extra fees or late payments on your side.

Skuad will also help with tax documents in the U.S. and UK, such as sending out 1099 forms or following IR35 rules. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Even after you've settled into your position, your company must remain compliant. Employment laws are ever-changing. If they’re found to be non-compliant in your country, they may have to face penalties, such as fines or legal repercussions. This in turn could affect your employment.

No matter where you're working from, your company can  manage workers easily on a single dashboard with Skuad. We have you covered in every step of the employment process from onboarding to offboarding.

We'll take care of the technicalities like ensuring timely and accurate payments so that your supervisors have the time to build a rapport with you. Together, you can figure out how to maintain a happy working relationship. From there, we'll get the features in place.

Other features that are offered with Skuad’s PEO platform are:

  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other security laws.
  • Capability to track and approve reimbursements, such as for equipment or travel.
  • Access to Skuad’s time tools that will record your hours, holidays, and time off.

We offer transparency and simplicity so that trust can form between you and your company.


When it comes to your work and life, we know that you want to be kept safe. Your company does too. They will need to stay on top of its compliance status and your data safety.

Remaining compliant with local labor laws is specific to each country. Skuad’s PEO platform is here to advise your company and help them avoid any repercussions. Compliance is multifaceted and includes concerns like:

  • Independent contractor classification
  • Work visas and permits
  • Taxes
  • Statutory benefits, such as social security, minimum wage, overtime, and leave
  • Offboarding processes

Beyond guidance from our experts, the platform keeps all important documents — for example, compliant employment contracts, intellectual property agreements, and NDAs — in one place.

Skuad also protects your data. Our PEO service has a globally encrypted and secure platform that meets GDPR standards.

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Hiring With Skuad

Working with Skuad doesn’t just benefit your company — it benefits you, too. Employees and independent contractors alike can gain a great opportunity with our PEO platform.


When companies first endeavor into global hiring, they often worry about how much it will cost. However, being an employee in a different country shouldn’t be a concern.


Skuad offers free PEO services for the first employee. After that, the price ranges between 199–499 USD monthly for each employee. In contrast, other PEO platforms start at 399 USD and go as high as 1600 USD.


As for contractors, Skuad’s management features are free. This includes onboarding, payments, and invoicing — all with zero exchange fees.

Skuad offers payments through Payoneer, Coinbase, Wise, Cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin.


Skuad offers employees and independent contractors a sound state of mind by providing statutory and country-specific benefits.


Employees will receive compliant work contracts and localized benefits packages. They can be at ease knowing that Skuad will provide their employers with legal guidance that has their interests in mind. Skuad’s legal experts understand the local work culture and laws.


Like employees, contractors will benefit from local support that understands their mentality. Skuad also offers options like tax document management and contractor health benefits.

How Skuad Can Help Workers and Companies

When it comes to working for a global company, Skuad makes it safe and hassle-free. Our professional employer organization platform allows companies to receive guidance while retaining control over their teams. Skuad’s PEO helps workers by offering high-quality features:

  • Hire
  • Onboard
  • Pay
  • Manage
  • Shield

Whether you're an employee or an independent contractor, we can assist you in setting up your remote position.  Contact Skuad for a demo to see if a PEO is right for you and your company.

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Employ contractors and employees in 160+ countries

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Employ contractors and employees in 160+ countries

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Building a remote team?

Employ exceptional talent, anywhere, anytime!

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