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Places That Pay You To Live There in 2024

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Updated on:
April 1, 2024
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Updated on :

April 1, 2024
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Places That Pay You To Live There in 2024

In recent years, millions of adults around the globe have moved out to a different country from their hometown. While the reasons are various, many report that they prefer a change in lifestyle and work environment. If you’re one of them, here’s some good news – Several countries have now decided to pay you if you live there.

Various Asian and American countries are persuading citizens from all around the world to move in there. However, most people are still doubtful about making this big decision as moving to a different country can be extensively challenging and strenuous. Fortunately, in recent times, most countries offering this program also promise to handle relocation, and remote working arrangements, making the process entirely safe and seamless for remote workers.

Now that remote work is sought-after by around 98% of global working professionals, with companies providing WFH allowances, employees always look to work from a more comfortable space. These programs have attracted thousands of remotely working professionals to move out. Professionals can perform the same tasks from a different city and benefit from the sponsored monthly stipends. Here is a list of places that pay you to live there.

North America

Countries within North America have seen migration rates rapidly increase, especially during the post-pandemic period, with the current net migration rate being 3.091 per 1000 population. These rates were noticed among both on-site and tech-savvy remote employees who wanted to work from a different place. 

Since then, several North American countries have opened up remote employee program that offers incentives for new residents to cover everything from relocation, travel, and recreation to daycare expenses, extra cash grants, and free tuition fee for in-state college students. 


Also known as the land of opportunities, the US is a highly developed economy with various scenic highlights and dynamic cities. Several small cities in the USA are offering remote employees incentives and loan assistance to turn into residents. Oklahoma is best known for its Tulsa remote plan for US citizens working remotely outside Oklahoma and is one of the best places that pay you to live there. The Tusla remote program has brought more than 25,000 remote workers into the city for a grant of $10,000 and perks like free co-working space and relocation space.

Being one of the most popular states in the US, New York also has various cities offering a remote program. Rochester, the 4th largest city in NYC, offers a comprehensive relocation program to remote workers living at least 300 miles away from the city. According to the US Census Bureau, this city is the fifth-best US city for remote workers and has the best remote program plan offering a chas grant of $19,000 with other perks and assistance. Other cities that pay you to live there include Buffalo, Niagara Falls, etc. 

West Virginia, the mountain state, is another attractive location in the US. Remote employees are welcome to move to any one of the three communities of the state in this program. However, you should be able to relocate within six months to receive the $12,000 cash grant (covered in monthly installments).


Canada has the best scenic locations, including several rivers, black-blue lakes, and the most extensive coastline. The Canadian government pays remote employees who reside in the country for at least ten years and file taxes on time with a one-year visa.

Several Canadian cities offer a remote program, but Saskatchewan has been the most popular and is an excellent choice for students. Saskatchewan’s remote program works exclusively for undergrads who have graduated from their list of approved schools.

This graduate retention program provides a $20,000 tuition fee reimbursement for the 4-year program, $15,000 for 3-year programs, $6,400 for 2 or 3-year diplomas, and $3,000 for a one-year diploma or journeyperson. Apart from these, you can enjoy several other benefits offered by the country, like free healthcare, etc.

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With over 50 countries, Europe is another continent that houses the best countries that pay you to move there. 


Italy, the land of Pizzas, is also famous for other features like its architecture, opera, film, and fashion. Pressice, the country’s most beautiful village, offers 30,000 euros for employees who become permanent residents. However, this program only applies to residents who purchase a home in the locality. 

Similarly, Sardinia offers 15,000 euros to remote employees who’re European citizens and are willing to move into any Sardinian town with a population of less than 3000. However, non-European citizens must ensure to apply for permanent residence in one of the Sardinian towns within 18 months of their arrival to get qualified for this program.

Rome, Santa Maria Rotonda


This year, Ireland announced several remote program plans offering a grant of up to 84,000 euros. The grant can extend up to 92,000 euros for those willing to refurnish a free abandoned residence and become permanent residents there. Citizens of other Nationalities, including Americans, can buy properties in Ireland and get qualified for this program.

Moving to Ireland is an ideal option for anyone who wants to vanish from chaotic city life and work in a positive remote work environment. The Ireland government laid out a list of 30 remote coastal islands covered in this program. Some of them include Arranmore, Clare Island, Bare Island, and Inishmore. 


The world's largest continent and home to versatile countries, Asia has numerous places that pay you to live there. 


Japan has laid out a Regional Revitalization Program that pays anyone ready to move to the rural parts of the country. Most states of Japan have a dynamic culture and numerous beautiful locations like serene beaches to work remotely and unwind. Mishima, which covers almost three islands, offers 85,000 yen/month for three years. The Japanese government also offers a lump grant of 3,00,000 yen and additional incentives for couples and families moving in there. 

Beach in Japan


Thailand is a tropical paradise with a fantastic climate and scenic destinations with modern amenities. Thailand's government is persuading people from the USA and Canada to move in there to boost their culture and business. The program offers a job teaching English/other courses or moving assistance and other benefits.

Benefits of Moving To these Places

As a remote employee relocating to a different country/state comes with several pros and cons. However, such remote programs offer pros that outweigh the cons. Here are some benefits of remote work programs: 

Cash Grant

There are several benefits of moving to a place that pays you to live there— the most attractive one being the financial grant provision. Places that provide remote programs offer yearly cash grants for all ready-to-move residents, most of which are covered in monthly installments. These grants can cover everything from relocation to daily expenses and savings.


Apart from the general cash grant, several countries also provide extra incentives under several conditions. One of them is extending your residence there. For instance, West Virginia offers an extra $2000 per month for residents after 2 years of residence. Other countries like Japan award incentives for couples and families.

Change of work environment

These remote programs work best for employees bored of their monotonous lifestyle, working from a dull workspace. Remote workers are expected to experience 43% higher stress levels despite higher engagement. Thus, working from a different city is an ideal option if you wish to relocate to another city and change your work environment. Most remote programs also offer a dynamic co-working space for free, so you don’t have to hunt for one. 

Lower cost of living

Most countries offering a remote program, like Thailand, urge employees to move into rural areas and villages. Eventually, you tend to move to a place with a lower cost of living with adequate amenities.

Challenges and Considerations

While the different states that pay you to move there offer competitive benefits, you must consider several other factors. Moving to a different place could be challenging and affect your productivity. For instance, Some remote programs apply to only those who purchase a residence. So it’s essential to understand if you’re ready for such a commitment. Here are some of the most common challenges that remote employees encounter in such programs,

  • Hidden costs of shipping furniture and other essentials,
  • Cultural variation and shock,
  • Social awkwardness,
  • Language barrier.

Applying For These Programs

Though most remote programs offer similar benefits and incentives, each of them is unique and has a specific set of eligibility criteria. For instance, several states in Italy allow employees who can buy a permanent residence under this program. Thus, before you apply to a specific remote program, ensure to go through their official webpage and check out the eligibility. If you fall under the given criteria, navigate through the application page, fill in the details, submit, and patiently wait for a response to proceed further.

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1. Are These Programs Safe?

Yes. All these remote programs are offered by the government of the specific country, thus making it 100% safe.

2. How Much Money Can You Really Get?

The money you can get is variable and depends on the country you move to. These variations occur due to factors like the cost of living, the economy of the country, hidden expenses, etc.

3. What Are the Hidden Costs or Challenges?

Some hidden costs involved in moving to a different country include relocation, renovation and housing costs, and transport charges. These may or may not be covered in the remote program.

About the author

Kate Jonson is a Software Engineer and Tech Writer. During the day, she writes codes and develops tech products. At night, she moonlights as a tech writer sharing her thoughts on work productivity and efficient HR management practices. 

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