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Our global payroll infrastructure ensures compliance with local employment and tax regulations. We take the guesswork out of payroll compliance.



Payroll for Your Remote Team in Luxembourg

Introduction to Payroll in Luxembourg

You must comprehend the local employment, compensation, tax, and reporting rules in Luxembourg to execute payroll in a way that is correct, timely, and compliant. You must believe in our payroll solutions. Our in-country know-how will assist you in ensuring that your employees in Luxembourg are paid sufficiently, compliantly, and at the right times.

Taxes, employee compensation, and benefits

Our local professionals will provide you with up-to-date assistance regarding benefits entitlement, tax laws, and compensation mandates to execute payroll in Luxembourg. Included is help with:

  • Income, corporate and regional taxes
  • Social taxes, including unemployment, pensions, and healthcare
  • Various sorts of paid leave, such as paid holiday and vacation
  • Other kinds of withholdings and employer contributions

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Payroll Process in Luxembourg

Blue-print for a successful payroll practice

Since payroll in Luxembourg is comprised of multiple activities amongst a multitude of teams, payroll staff members must work well each day to note employee count, changes to statutory policies, new deduction policies, and more. To aid you in comprehending the payroll process in Luxembourg in full, let’s divide it into three stages.

Pre-payroll phase

The pre-payroll phase consists of establishing an organization, collecting and validating payroll input, and comprehending payroll rules and compliance in Luxembourg. Take a look at the different elements involved in the pre-payroll phase:

Setting up the organization in Luxembourg

Every day, thousands of new businesses emerge all over the world. Each business has its unique philosophy, means for employee engagement, and work culture. The first step in the standardization of payroll input is the establishment of defined organizational policies, such as:

Business profile

  • Be sure you have a registered business number that can be associated with your business resources. Payroll forms have to have registered numbers for the distribution of tax forms, payslips, and other materials.

Work location

  • If your organization has multiple work locations all over Luxembourg, you must create policies for each region.

Leave policy

  • All employees can take advantage of various types of leaves, such as sick and holiday leave. Producing a leave policy is extremely important because you have to consider leaves when calculating paychecks.

Attendance policy

  • The integration with biometric devices and timesheets also has a direct effect on employee pay.
  • Craft organizational policies that calculate the different elements of attendance, such as shift hours, regular hours, on-duty requests, and half-day permissions. You can gather worker attendance information via biometric devices and timesheets integration.

Statutory components

Salary components

  • Use salary components for the payroll process in Luxembourg that credit a variety of compensation structures. Find the most ideal earnings, deductions, allowance, reimbursements, and benefits plans using your organization's policies.

Pay schedule

  • Determine your business's payday and pay schedule so that employees know when they will receive payments and handle their finances accordingly.

Employee information

  • Gather crucial employee information, including department and designation.

Payroll calculation phase

Depending on how you process payroll, this phase will be based on your method of calculating. If you employ an electronic system, the information you collected during the pre-payroll phase will be transferred into the payroll system to produce each employee's paycheck. The impact of this process will be accurate salaries for each employee, once the system takes taxes, withholdings, and deductions into account.

Post-payroll phase

Salary payments

  • Distributing salary payments to your employees is a key part of the post-payroll process. Once you are done with payroll calculations, you can submit the bank advice to your corporate bank so that salaries are sent out. You can bypass this process by using software that consists of a built-in direct deposit feature.

Payroll accounting

  • Employee salaries are one of the biggest expenses for your establishment. To manage your establishment's accounts, be prepared to record employee salaries.

Payroll reporting and compliance

  • Contributions, such as dependency, pension, and health insurance contributions, are removed from employee wages during the payroll process in Luxembourg. The employer must make pension, work accidents, health insurance, mutual health benefit, and health at work contributions. For tax reporting, companies have to file tax returns in Luxembourg each year, no later than the end of March. The Luxembourg government uses information from these returns to ensure tax compliance.

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Everything you need to know about payroll in Luxembourg

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Payroll Processing in Luxembourg

Payroll processing in Luxembourg is comprised of several elements. It consists of wage calculations, deduction withholding, tax filing, and payment distribution. You can engage in this kind of processing by hand or you can take advantage of a payroll solutions provider, such as Skuad, that offers software and systems, which automate the stages of payroll processing in Luxembourg.

Procuring the services of a provider can make payroll in Luxembourg less taxing. Like many other countries, Luxembourg has a specific set of payroll requirements, so executing payroll in the country without the help of payroll experts will be hard. Payroll experts can maintain compliance and help your company dodge legal and financial problems.

Payroll Processing Company in Luxembourg

As a payroll processing company in Luxembourg, Skuad can make the process of starting and building payroll in Luxembourg stress-free, allowing you to home in on the growth of your establishment. Contact us today to gain more insight into our payroll processing company in Luxembourg and understand how to get started.

Payroll Management in Luxembourg

Payroll management in Luxembourg, which Skuad provides, helps companies deal with the financial records of their employees and adhere to required payroll and labor laws. Employee financial records contain information about earnings, gross income, net income, tax deductions, incentives, pension schemes, insurance policies, and payslip generation.

An excellent payroll management system will ascertain that employees are paid promptly and will showcase, in a positive light, your business's financial stability. It will not allow your company to be called into question legally. Excellent payroll management in Luxembourg can increase morale within your enterprise.


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Payroll Compliance in Luxembourg

Payroll compliance in Luxembourg is a legal framework the government uses to manage the activities of a private organization. This framework consists of a multitude of elements, including social security, employee salary, benefits, and taxes. Luxembourgish employees make social security contributions for the sake of retirement, health, and dependency.

For instance, employees working the standard 40-hour workweek must be paid at least 2,201.93 euros (€) each month if they do not have secondary or post-secondary education credentials (i.e., unqualified employees) and €2,642.32 per month if they have such credentials (i.e., qualified employees). One euro is the equivalent of 1.05 United States dollars.

Workers are entitled to benefits, such as paid holiday, sick, parental, and special leave. The tax due in Luxembourg ranges from €0 to €76,642 for single taxpayers.

Overall, payroll compliance in Luxembourg involves several elements. Maintaining it in Luxembourg can be very draining. Utilizing payroll experts will make the process much less tiring.


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Payroll Components in Luxembourg

There are multiple payroll components in Luxembourg, including compensation, working hours, overtime laws, social security, sick leave, parental leave, public holidays, payroll taxes, and other laws. You must understand the payroll components in Luxembourg so that, when partnering with a payroll provider, you can factor them into your payroll processes adequately.


The monthly minimum wage in the country is €2,201.93 for unqualified employees and €2,642.32 for qualified employees.

Working Hours

The workweek in Luxembourg is 40 hours, and the workday is eight hours.

Overtime laws

Overtime pay is 150% times that of regular pay. For overtime, two hours per day or eight hours per week extensions are permitted.

Social security

Concerning social security, employees must contribute 8% of their income to pensions, 2.8% to 3.05% of it to health insurance, and 1.4% of it to a dependency contribution.

Sick leave

Workers can receive 26 weeks of sick pay maximum.

Parental leave

Luxembourgers receive pay for 20 weeks of maternity leave and 10 days of paternity leave.

Public holidays

There are 11 public holidays, including:

  • New Year's Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Labor Day
  • Europe Day
  • Ascension Day
  • Whit Monday
  • Grand Duke's Official Birthday
  • Feast of Assumption
  • All Saints' Day
  • Christmas
  • Saint Stephen's Day

Payroll taxes

At its lowest for a single taxpayer, the employee income tax is €921 for incomes up to €20,000. At its highest for a single taxpayer, the employee income tax is €54,242 for incomes between €135,501 and €155,000.

Other laws

The amount of severance pay in Luxembourg is determined by the length of employment as well as the stipulations laid out in certain collective agreements. Typically, employees who have worked less than five years would not receive severance pay. Employees can choose to receive severance pay for a specific number of months, or they can have their notice period extended by a certain number of months.

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If you do not use the services of a payroll solutions provider like Skuad, you will have to spend a great deal of time and money. You will have to participate in the time-intensive task of establishing an HR team. Then, you will be forced to take out company funds to pay the members of said team.

Moreover, you will have to go through the trouble of establishing an entity in Luxembourg. This will prove difficult if you have to stick to a strict schedule or heed to a tight budget. Note that entities are often subject to a multitude of regulations that you must keep up with.

By partnering with Skuad, you will save time and money as well as promote compliance and accuracy. Skuad's Global Payroll and HR Platform aids you in hiring, onboarding, and paying talent in Luxembourg without having to launch an entity there.

We have the resources you need to automate payroll in Luxembourg and look out for legal alterations so that your company can maintain compliance. By using our services, your payroll systems will flow quickly and seamlessly. You will be better able to focus on the international growth of your company if you know your company's payroll is processing efficiently.

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