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Consolidate all things payroll on our unified platform. Reduce manual calculations on excel sheets and gain control of your payroll data. Ensure data integrity and consistency.


Enhance payroll compliance

Our global payroll infrastructure ensures compliance with local employment and tax regulations. We take the guesswork out of payroll compliance.



Payroll for Your Remote Team in Poland

Introduction to Payroll in Poland

You have to garner a solid understanding of local employment, compensation, tax, and reporting rules in Poland to correctly, punctually, and compliantly implement payroll. Put your faith in our payroll solutions. Our country-specific assistance will help you make sure that your employees in Poland are always paid accurately, compliantly, and on schedule.

Taxes, employee compensation, and benefits

Our local team will relay to you up-to-date information about benefits, taxes, and compensation to administer payroll in Poland. This includes:

  • Income, corporate and regional taxes
  • Social taxes, such as unemployment, pensions, and healthcare
  • Varying kinds of paid leave, like paid holiday and vacation
  • Other sorts of withholdings and employer contributions

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Payroll Process in Poland

Blueprint for a successful payroll practice

Since payroll in Poland is composed of a multitude of activities amongst a plethora of teams, the payroll staff members must perform effortlessly to stay abreast of employee count, changes to mandatory policies, and brand-new deduction policies, among other things. To help you understand the payroll process in Poland in its totality, let’s segment it into three phases.

Pre-payroll phase

The pre-payroll phase involves setting up an organization, collecting and validating payroll input, and becoming proficient in Poland's payroll and compliance policies. Take a look at the various elements that make up the pre-payroll phase.

Setting up the organization in Poland

Thousands of new enterprises pop up globally on a daily basis. Each one of them has a recognizable philosophy, process for employee engagement, and work culture. To standardize payroll input, you must first specify organizational policies, including:

Business profile

  • You must have a registered business number that can be linked to other business materials. Payroll forms must have registered numbers so that tax forms, payslips, and other documents can be sent out.

Work location

  • If your business has more than one work location in Poland, you should consider generating policies for each region.

Leave policy

  • Generally,  employees are entitled to different calculating paychecks.

Attendance policy

  • The integration with biometric devices and timesheets also has an immediate impact on employee pay.
  • Organizational policies are needed that look at the various elements of attendance, including shift hours, regular hours, on-duty requests, and half-day permissions. You can collect worker attendance information by using biometric devices and timesheets integration.

Statutory components

Salary components

  • For the payroll process in Poland, push forward using salary components that address multiple compensation systems. Pinpoint optimal earnings, deductions, allowances, reimbursements, and benefits utilizing company policies.

Pay schedule

  • Finalize your company's payday and pay schedule so that employees know in advance when they will receive their earnings and adjust their finances properly.

Employee information

  • Collect vital employee information, such as department and designation.

Payroll calculation phase

Depending on how you handle payroll, this phase will be gleaned from your manner of calculating. If you use an electronic system, the information you gathered during the pre-payroll phase will be conveyed into the payroll system to yield each worker's paycheck. The process will produce accurate salaries for each employee, once it addresses taxes, withholdings, and deductions.

Post-payroll phase

Salary payments

  • Dispersing salary payments to your employees is a crucial aspect of the post-payroll process. Once you have completed payroll calculations, you can give the bank advice to your corporate bank so that salaries can be distributed. You can skip this process by employing software that consists of a built-in direct deposit feature.

Payroll accounting

  • Employee salaries represent one of the biggest chunks of your establishment's budget. To deal with your company's accounts, do not hesitate to record employee salaries.

Payroll reporting and compliance

  • Contributions, such as retirement, pension, sickness, and health insurance contributions, are taken from employee wages during the payroll process in Poland. The employer must make retirement pension, pension, disability, labor fund, and benefits fund contributions. For tax reporting, businesses in Poland must submit tax returns each year before the end of April. The Polish government takes information from these returns to verify tax compliance.

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Everything you need to know about payroll in Poland

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Payroll Processing in Poland

Payroll processing in Poland consists of a multitude of elements. It is comprised of wage calculations, deduction withholding, tax filing, and payment distribution. You can conduct payroll processing on your own or you can use a payroll solutions provider, such as Skuad, which hosts programs that automate the different phases of payroll processing in Poland.

Purchasing the services of a provider can make the process of implementing payroll in Poland less stressful. Just like many other countries, Poland has a certain set of payroll rules, so processing payroll in the country without the assistance of payroll experts will be taxing. Payroll experts will uphold compliance, making sure your company is not inundated with legal and financial troubles.

Payroll Processing Company in Poland

As a payroll processing company in Poland, Skuad can make launching and strengthening your payroll in Poland worry-free, giving you time to put a great deal of effort into the growth of your company. Contact us today to get a better understanding of our payroll processing company in Poland and where to begin.

Payroll Management in Poland

Payroll management in Poland, which Skuad offers, aids companies with the management of employee financial records and the maintenance of compliance. Employee financial records will be filled with details about earnings, gross income, net income, tax deductions, incentives, pensions, insurance policies, and payslip generation.

A top-tier payroll management system will make sure that employees are paid on time and will highlight your establishment's financial stability. It will not permit the legality of your company to be called into question. High-quality payroll management in Poland can stimulate your business's morale.


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Payroll Compliance in Poland

Payroll compliance in Poland is a legal structure that the government uses to control the processes within a private organization. This structure contains many elements, including social security, employee salary, benefits, and taxes. Polish employees pay social security contributions for retirement, pension, and health-related purposes.

For example, employees working the typical 40-hour workweek have to receive 3,010 Polish złoty (zł) per month if they are local hires and zł19.7 per hour if they are civil contract workers. One Polish złoty is 0.23 of a United States dollar.

Workers can receive benefits, such as paid holiday, sick, maternity, and paternity leave. The tax rate in Poland is 17% for incomes up to zł120,000 and 32% plus zł15,300 for incomes over zł120,000.

Ultimately, payroll compliance in Poland consists of a multitude of elements. You will likely find it difficult to maintain it in Poland. Lessen the hardships associated with it by teaming up with a payroll solutions provider.


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Payroll Components in Poland

There are a plethora of payroll components in Poland, such as compensation, working hours, overtime laws, social security, sick leave, parental leave, public holidays, payroll taxes, and other laws. You need to be able to identify these payroll components in Poland so that, when using payroll provider services, you can factor them into payroll administration properly.


Polish employees have a minimum wage of zł3,010 per month, while Polish civil contractors have a minimum wage of zł19.7 per hour.

Working hours

The workday in Poland is eight hours, and the workweek is 40 hours.

Overtime laws

Overtime pay is 200% times that of regular pay if conducted on weekdays during daytime hours.

Social security

For social security, employees must contribute 9.76% of their income to retirement, 1.5% of it to pension schemes, 2.45% of it to sickness initiatives, and 9.00% of it to health insurance.

Sick leave

Workers receive 33 days of paid sick leave if they are less than 50 years old, and 14 days of paid sick leave if they are older than 50.

Parental leave

Women get 20 weeks of paid maternity leave for the birth of one child while men get two weeks of paternity leave within 24 months after the child is born.

Public holidays

Polish employees are granted 20 days of paid annual leave if they have been employed at a place for less than 10 years and 26 days of paid annual leave if they have been employed at a place for more than 10 years. They have 13 days of paid holiday leave. Here are Poland’s 13 public holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Epiphany
  • Easter
  • Easter Monday
  • Labour Day
  • 3rd of May Constitution Day
  • Pentecost
  • Feast of Corpus Christi
  • Armed Forces Day
  • Feast of Assumption
  • All Saints' Day
  • Poland Independence Day
  • Christmas

Payroll taxes

Incomes up to zł120,000 are taxed at 17%, and incomes over zł120,000 are taxed at 32% plus zł15,300.

Other laws

Polish employees who worked at a job for less than two years can receive one month's worth of severance pay while those who worked at a job for over eight years can receive three months' worth of severance pay.

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If you do not employ the services of a payroll provider, such as Skuad, you will have to spend a significant amount of time and money. You will have to create an HR team, which can be very time-consuming. Then, you will have to pay the members of the team using company funds.

Also, you will have to go through the tedious process of starting an entity in Poland. This will be hard if you have to follow a set schedule or stay within a budget. Moreover, governments regulate entities to a great extent, and you must pay close attention to each regulation.

By working with Skuad, you will save time and money, maintain compliance, and ensure accuracy. Skuad's Global Payroll and HR Platform assists you with hiring, onboarding, and paying workers in Poland without requiring you to set up an entity there.

We possess the tools needed to automate payroll in Poland and monitor legal changes so that your business remains compliant. Utilize our services and your payroll systems will progress without difficulty. You will get peace of mind knowing that your business's payroll is processing effortlessly, allowing you to divert your attention to other matters, such as the global expansion of your establishment.

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