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Overview of Mexico

As of 2021, Mexico is the fifteenth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The service sector dominates the economy with a huge share of 64.5%, followed by the industry sector with 31.9%. The economic growth and economic development of Mexico have a greater performance compared to other Latin American countries.

Population- 127.79 million

GDP- 1076.16 billion USD (FY20)

Economic Overview

As per the National Bureau of Statistics reports, the Mexican economy is recovering from the pandemic enforced restrictions. The GDP of Mexico has reduced by about 8.24 % in 2020 compared to the previous year and has reached a valuation of US $1076.16 billion. The unemployment has been reduced by 3.6 % compared to the previous year.

Market Size

The COVID-19 has specifically affected the industrial and personal service sectors. The industrial sector is expected to grow by 6.8 % and regain its strength, especially in the automotive and electronics industry, in the year 2021.  Real estate and transportation are emerging sectors.

A brief glimpse of the industries

The economy of Mexico is dominated by the industrial sector. The manufacturing sector is known to have flourished because of political and economic reorganization. The automotive and electronic industry has regained strength compared to the previous years. There are several job opportunities available in this sector.

  • The IT sector is another major industry that has witnessed significant growth in recent times. There are numerous IT companies and start-ups in the country. Guadalajara is a city in Mexico which is called Mexico's Silicon Valley. High-paying corporate jobs are available in this sector.
  • Another major industry in Mexico is the banking industry which exhibits encouraging potential in the coming years. There are a lot of big banks present in Mexico City. Banking companies provide numerous job opportunities with attractive pay.

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Cost of living in Mexico

Mexico is one of the best countries in the world to live in and work in terms of cost of living and quality of life. It is the 62nd best country to live in according to the rank list. The quality and lifestyle are improved while living in Mexico. Some cities are cheaper compared to Canadian and United States cities. Monterrey is one of the liveliest cities with a good infrastructure and modern subway network.

Category Area of expense Estimated cost USD Range
Utilities Electricity, Water, Heating, Internet services, Prepaid mobile tariff $77.98 (1612.97 MXN) US $44-136
Rental rates

Apartment (1 room) in city and outside city,

Apartment (2-3 rooms) In the city and outside the city.

$401.4 (8304.08 MXN) (in the city)
$260.60 (5390.23 MXN) (outside city)

$809.65 (16,476.46 MXN) (in city)
$586.48 (12,130.45 MXN) (outside city)

US $200-774
US $145-580

US $387-1450
US $290-1209

Transportation Cost One way ticket local transport, Taxi tariff, Gasoline. $5.7 (117.92 MXN) US $4-7
Food and Beverage Grocery, Vegetables, Meat and Poultry $16.97 (349.88 MXN) US $15-23
Salaries and Financing Average monthly net salary

$520.05 (10,717.46 MXN)

Cost of Renting

The cost of living on rent in Mexico depends on the location as well as the age of the building. While renting out a 1 BHK in Mexico, you can expect to pay around $401.4 (8304.08 MXN), depending upon the area. The rent depends on the location as well as the features available in the property. In the year 2021 Mexico is expected to witness an increase in hiring in the following sectors: -

S. No. Top Industries Looking to Hire
1. Iron and Steel
2. Technical
3. Automotive
4. Exports
5. Food and Beverage
6. Industrial Sector
7. Manufacturing
8. Customer service sector
9. Graphic Design
10. Health care

Top skills in Mexico

Mexico is a developing free-market economy which is dominated by the industrial and service sector. The other main industries include the chemical industry, food, and beverage industry, tobacco, clothing sector, automobile industry, and tourism. Consequently, it is keen on hiring skilled individuals and highly qualified professionals trained in various hard and soft skills. From customer service representatives to graphic designers and translators, a wide range of job openings are available to expats and immigrants.

Major skills and areas which have witnessed a recent growth rate

  • Customer service
  • Technical
  • Software/ IT
  • Healthcare
  • Graphic Design
  • ·Translation (English Language)

Top skills city-wise occupation-wise

 Mexico is one of the best places to live in with its quality of life and cost of living. It opens a door of job opportunities to enthusiastic and vibrant immigrants and expats.

  • Monterrey - Monterrey is known as the industrial capital of the country, which opens a huge door of opportunities for business ventures. It is called a city of tomorrow due to the development of the business as well as individuals. The city has many industrial parks that include automotive parts, cement, steel and iron manufacturing, metal fabrication, and consumer electronics. The city also has many multinational companies and new start-ups as well. 
  • Guadalajara - Guadalajara is known for its IT and manufacturing business and has high-paying job opportunities. The IT sector has grown very rapidly, and the city is sometimes called Mexico's Silicon Valley. The place is also good for start-ups. There are a lot of high-level corporate jobs available in the city. 
  • Mexico City - Mexico City is called the economic backbone of the country. It is one of the best cities which provides high-paying jobs and has potential for the financial industry. Many big banks are situated in the city. Banking companies provide a door of job opportunities with high pay.

Hiring Cost

As an employer, you need to factor in the hiring cost while conducting a recruitment drive. Some of the most important factors that you need to consider are: - 

  • Cost of conducting an interview.
  • Cost of onboarding and training
  • Time invested in the process.
  • Opportunity cost

Salary structure for various roles

Average salaries that are offered to professionals engaged in different roles across various industries in Mexico are as follows: - 

Business Sector Average Annual Salary (MXN) Average Annual Salary (USD)
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 729,000 MXN $35,391
Financial and Insurance Services 546,000 MXN $26,507
Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants 266,000 MXN $12,914
Manufacturing 272,000 MXN $13,205
Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services 616,000 MXN $29,905
Education and Training 577,000 MXN $27,998
Wholesale Trade 435,000 MXN $21,118
Transport, Postal, Warehousing 156,000 MXN $7,573
Information Media and Telecommunications 240,000 MXN $11,651
Construction 320,000 MXN $15,535
Retail Trade 435,000 MXN $21,118
Arts and Recreation Services 325,000 MXN $15,778
Administrative and Support Services 201,000 MXN $9,758

Employment Laws in Mexico

Mexico is a country that has a regulated employment system. As per the sector one is employed in, important job aspects like minimum wages, maximum work hours, and overtime payment will be considerably affected. The following aspects govern the employment market in Mexico: -

  • Maximum work hours
  • Paid and Unpaid leaves
  • Mandatory rest breaks
  • Workplace surveillance
  • Year-end bonus

The laws and norms which determine the employer-employee relationships in Mexico are based upon

  • Federal and Provincial Legislations
  • Constitutional Law
  • Social Security Laws

How Can Skuad Help You with Hiring in Mexico?

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