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Employer of Record in the Gambia

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024
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Table of Content

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Table of Content


Employer of Record in the Gambia

Skuad’s Employer of Record Gambia (EOR) solutions make business expansion to Gambia easy and hassle-free. Our unique HR platform allows companies to hire exceptionally talented employees in Gambia, without having to set up a separate legal entity. It streamlines the process of hiring and onboarding a remote team by handling payroll management, taxation, and other legal compliances. To learn more about Skuad, Book a demo today.

The Gambia at a Glance

Population: 2,841,803 (2024)

Currency: Dalasi (GMD)

Capital city: Banjul

Languages spoken: English, Arabic, and French

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): USD $10 billion (2024 estimate)

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Employment in the Gambia

While trying to set up and scale up your business in the Gambia, companies need to be familiar with the employment contract, labor laws, and regulationsrules related to hiring local citizens or foreign nationals mentioned in the Employment and Labor Law. Also, your organization must decide whether you need a separate internal team to hire employees (that is, an HR department) or take help from a global EOR service that assists in hiring employees.

What You Must Know Before Employing in the Gambia

Entitlements Explanations
Statutory working hours The statutory working hours are 38 hours per week.
Overtime eligibility The labor law in the Gambia does not specify the rest time, overtime eligibility, or work schedule in general. This must be determined in the employment contract by mutual agreement between the employer and employee.
Paid public holidays Employees in the Gambia are entitled to the following paid public holidays.
  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Labor Day
  • Laylat al-Qadr
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Africa Day
  • Revolution Day
  • Eid al-Adha
  • Assumption Day
  • Ashura
  • Prophet’s Birthday
  • Christmas
Holiday pay
  • The holiday pay in the Gambia includes sick leave, annual leave, and maternity leave.
  • An employee gets a paid leave for every public holiday. If the public holiday falls during a weekend or annual leaves, the company pays extra as compensation.
Medical leave Sick leave is based on the employment contract or a collective bargaining agreement between the employee and employer. The wage to be paid for sick leave is also determined in the employment contract.
Maternity leave
  • A female employee is eligible for paid maternity leave for 12 weeks. Six weeks can be taken before the birth of the child and the remaining can be utilized after the birth.
  • The employer pays 100% of the employee’s salary during maternity leave.
  • The only criterion for maternity leave is that the employee must have worked under the same employer for two years.
Annual leave accrual entitlement

Employees in the Gambia are entitled to receive annual paid leaves as per the employment contract. The employment contract is written before the employee begins to work for the company. The payment of annual paid leave is 100% of the normal salary of the employee.

If a public holiday falls during the annual leave period, the employee is entitled to receive extra compensation for that leave.

To learn more about the Gambia’s employment policies to ensure your expansion efforts fall within the legal requirements, book a demo with Skuad experts today. We can meet all your human resource (HR) needs while complying with the local laws.

Contractors vs. Full-time Employees

An employee hired as a full-time worker has dedicated work hours toward the project. They use the company’s resources to complete the project and have a fixed income. Such employees receive several benefits and manage organizational day-to-day activities.

A contract-based worker is engaged in freelance work and is hired when there is a specific project requirement. Such workers have a flexible work schedule and work till the project is completed. They do not avail of any benefits from the company when hired for fixed-term work. A contractor needs to pay their own taxes.

Hiring a full-time employee comes with several advantages. Full-time employees are eligible for many benefits apart from compensations, whereas contractors have no such facilities. Paying and managing a full-time employee is 30% cheaper and saves a lot of money. A full-time employee shows loyalty, which reduces potential legal and business risks.

However, hiring contractors can also be advantageous. Contractors work fairly independently and do not require close supervision. They have specialized knowledge that full-time employees may not possess. Further, they are flexible and can easily accommodate taxing project requirements. 

A company looking to expand in the Gambia needs to consider all the factors related to employing full-time and contract-based employees and decide the kind of worker that best suits their business needs. 

Whether your company requires contractors or full-time employees, Skuad’s EOR solution for the Gambia can take care of all your hiring needs. To know more, book a demo with Skuad experts.

Hiring in the Gambia

When it comes to hiring employees in the Gambia, many options are available. A company can advertise open positions on various platforms.

Popular websites where companies post job openings include the following.

  • Access Gambia: The site has a list of employment websites in the country.
  • Career Jet: The website has a special search option for employment in the Gambia.
  • Overseas Jobs, LinkedIn, and Go Aborad: These websites are used to find employees from foreign countries for your company.
  • While hiring an ex-pat, the company needs to ensure the employee has a valid ID card and a residency permit. Oral or written contracts are made to hire the employees in the Gambia. The contracts should include,
  • Compensation
  • Overtime Pay
  • Leaves information
  • Benefits
  • Working hours
  • Termination requirements

It may be difficult to hire employees in the Gambia due to the time-consuming, detail-oriented process. Knowledge of the local laws and language is crucial.

However, you do not need to worry about compliance as Skuad’s EOR solution for the Gambia can take care of finding, recruiting, and onboarding suitable talent for your organization. Talk to Skuad experts to learn more.

Probation & Termination

Probation Period

There is no specific mention of the probation period for a new employee in the Gambian employment laws. However, fFor skilled workers, the probationary period in the Gambia cannot be more than 12 months.

Termination of Services

  • Fixed-term employment is terminated at the end of the contract period.
  • Either the employee or employer can terminate the employment on mutual agreement from service, in the case of indefinite contracts.
  • An employee can be terminated for severe misconduct before the contract expires without a notice period.
Type of Contract Notice Period
Fixed-term Contract Fourteen days
Indefinite Contract Depends on the tenure of the employee and the interval of salary payment

To ensure your expansion endeavors adhere to the laws regarding probation and termination in the Gambia, talk to Skuad experts and book a demo today.

EOR Solution in the Gambia

The Employers of Record (EOR) model is a smart solution for companies seeking to enter and expand in Gambia fast and agilely. With the help of Skuad's Employer of Record solution, business entities abroad can quickly source and hire the right professionals as per the organization's requirements. Hired employees get onboard seamlessly, helping your business save up a huge percentage of hiring and onboarding costs. Skuad’s End-to-end solutions help manage employment contracts, process payroll and income tax, blend statutory benefits, and manage overall administration of the backend HR processes. Skuad EOR solution works as a unified employment platform with automated workflows, digital signatures, employee payroll, contractor payout, and all types of compliance solutions. Book a demo today.

Outsourcing Employment through an Employer of Record

Many businesses use outsourcing services such as EOR solutions to hire employees in a new country. This is because navigating the local laws, ensuring compliance, communicating with authorities in the local language, and playing within the boundaries of the country’s culture is not easy. Skuad’s integrated, tech-enabled HR platform and expertise in providing HR assistance in more than 150 countries is the answer to your expansion goals.

We can offer tailor-made EOR solutions for all your expansion needs in the Gambia. To avail yourself of our services, speak to Skuad experts today.

Types of Visas in the Gambia

The visa requirements are different for foreign nationals who wish to visit the country, work in it, or stay there in the long term. Foreigners who want to live in the country for a long time need to apply for a residence permit.

Visa Category Explanation
Type A A Type A permit is issued to expatriate students and retired expatriate citizens.
Type B Foreign nationals or inhabitants of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) who are working as skilled employees are eligible for a Type B permit. A Type B permit is a residence permit.
Type C Type C is a residence permit applicable to small traders and skilled workers.

The steps for applying for a work visa in the Gambia are as follows.

  1. Submit a work permit application to the Gambia Embassy in your own country.
  2. After the submission of the application to the Embassy, wait for their approval.
  3. Once the permit is issued by the Gambia officials, the applicant can travel to the country.
  4. When they arrive in the Gambia, the foreign national needs to visit the local police station and get a new ID card to work and live in the country.

The documents required for a visa are, 

  • A signed passport with two blank pages and validity for six months.
  • An application form that is completed and signed
  • Recent passport-size photograph
  • Letter of responsibility from the employer stating the purpose of visit, financial support, business references

Talk to us and get more information and guidance related to types of visas and work visa requirements in the Gambia. Skuad can handle all your visa requirements and ensure the expansion process is not delayed.

Work Permits

An employee from a foreign country willing to work for a company in the Gambia needs a work visa. If foreign nationals wish to stay in the country for a long time, they need to apply for a residence visa. Usually, an employer arranges for a work visa for the employees.

Key Details Explanation
Can Skuad sponsor work permits in the Gambia? Yes, Skuad can sponsor work permits in the Gambia.
Processing time The processing time for work permits is 10 working days.
Work permit validity A work permit is valid for 12 months.
When can an employee travel to the Gambia? An employee can travel to the Gambia after issuance of a work visa and residence permit.
Can you switch a resident visa to a work permit? No, a resident visa cannot be switched to a work permit.

Securing work permits is an essential task of Skuad’s EOR services. Partner with us today to expedite your expansion in the Gambia. To learn more, book a demo.

Payroll & Taxes in the Gambia

Things You Must Know to Set Up Payroll in the Gambia

If your company wants to set up payroll in the Gambia, they need to establish a subsidiary first. Setting up a subsidiary gives you the flexibility and freedom to work in the Gambia. A physical entity is a prerequisite for setting up a payroll, onboarding employees, and more.

A company setting up its own payroll may take months to do so, but with the help of a local payroll provider, it can be done within days. The Gambia has four options to set up payroll.

  • Internal: To pay all the employees under one roof, an internal payroll is a good option. An expert and more staff in the HR department are needed to make the company stay compliant.
  • Remote: In a remote payroll system, the employees in the Gambia are added to the parent company’s payroll located in another country. The company needs to ensure the correct tax laws and the right salary is paid to the employees based on their country of employment.
  • Outsourcing locally: A local payroll processing company in the Gambia is selected to outsource the payroll task. Since the local company cannot act as an EOR service, your company still needs to manage compliance.
  • Outsourcing with a global EOR service: A company can choose a global EOR service to manage its payroll tasks. The EOR company becomes the legal entity for the parent company and is held responsible for any compliance issues.

Taxes in the Gambia

Tax Breakdown (%) and Other Details
Income tax 35%
Tax returns Yes, tax returns must be filed.
Corporate tax 31%
Withholding tax (for non-residents) 15%
Sales tax 15%
Medical insurance The Gambia provides a universal healthcare insurance scheme to every self-employed worker or employee.
Financial year-end date The financial year-end date is December 31.

To manage payroll and taxes while expanding in the Gambia, it is prudent to partner with an EOR service. Skuad’s Gambia EOR solution can take care of all HR-related tasks for you while ensuring compliance with the local laws, including those covering taxation. To learn more, get in touch with Skuad experts.

Incorporation: How to Set Up a Subsidiary in the Gambia

There are different subsidiary laws in the different parts of the Gambia.

If you are not well informed about the regions in the Gambia, you can take help from a lawyer or consultant and familiarize yourself with the laws, legalities, and processes for expansion. To set up a subsidiary, you need to decide what kind of entity would be better for your business. A subsidiary can be an organization, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or association based on the Gambia subsidiary laws.

To operate in the Gambia with freedom and flexibility, it may be best to set up an LLC as your subsidiary.

Steps for Setting Up a Subsidiary in the Gambia

  • Hire a legal professional to prepare the memorandum and articles of association.
  • Get the tax identification number.
  • Complete the business registration forms.
  • Apply and open a local bank account
  • Pay for business registration and deposit minimum income tax.
  • Notarize the forms included in the company’s activities by the notary public or commissioner of oath.
  • Obtain a certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies at the Ministry of Justice in Banjul.

Forming a company is a difficult task that requires one to be well versed with the local laws and regulations. Incorporating a holding company in the Gambia is even more difficult. No matter which company you set up, there are endless formalities that need to be completed. Instead, companies can use Skuad’s EOR solution to form a subsidiary in the Gambia. It will simplify the process so that you can focus on business expansion and strategizing. 

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

A professional employee organization (PEO) in the Gambia works according to the labor laws and regulations and hires the employees in a matter of days. Under a PEO, an employee for your company fulfills all the in-country requirements. A PEO handles HR services, compliance management, and tax, which reduces the burden on the company and lets you focus on your business goals. A PEO expert also helps in setting up a payroll, managing employee contracts and expenses, and disbursing market norm benefits.

Although a PEO is similar to an EOR firm, there are two key differences. 

  • EOR companies become the legal employers of employees instead of the co-employers. An EOR firm has all the liabilities and responsibilities of the employees. A PEO retains your organization as the legal employer. 
  • With EOR solutions, the employees are covered under the insurance plan of the EOR firm. With a PEO, you will have to opt for a plan by yourself. 
  • With an EOR firm, you need not register your company in the country. You can have employees in the country without setting up an entity. The same is not true for a PEO. 

Skuad's EOR solution is a good way to expand your business in Gambia without setting up a separate entity. Our solutions help you to stay focused on your business and leave all business compliances, payroll processing and complete management work to us. Connect with Skuad to know more.

Conclusion: What Gives Skuad’s Gambia Solutions an Edge?

The above information about Gambia EOR services contains all the details a foreign national needs to know about the country for expansion. In the Gambia, it can be time-consuming and expensive to establish a physical entity. 

With Skuad, you can expedite your expansion plans. We will help minimize the complexity and cost of doing business in the Gambia. We can take care of all HR tasks for you, including recruitment, hiring, onboarding, payroll, taxation, probation, termination, visa, work permits, and setting up a subsidiary. All our operations are conducted on our high-tech, unified HR platform with the help of our highly skilled industry experts who ensure compliance with the local laws every step of the way.

Partner with Skaud experts today to advance your expansion endeavors in the Gambia. Book a demo with us to know more.

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