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Skuad is a digital payroll platform for companies employing teams of remote workers around the world. Its mission is to enable companies to build superior teams using talent from any country. With its powerful and unified Global Employment Platform, Skuad helps companies hire and pay their remote employees or contractors, automating payroll across borders, local compliance, and taxation while providing benefits for employees in vastly different geographical locations. Using Skuad's intuitive and user-friendly tools, companies can onboard employees or independent contractors within minutes. Skuad simplifies team hiring by standardizing employment contracts based on employment laws and regulations in various countries, but also by automating global payroll and managing local taxation and compliance.

What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a company that provides full-service outsourcing of human resources responsibilities using a method known as co-employment. A PEO assists businesses with the administrative responsibilities that surround employee management, including a variety of human resources tasks, processing payroll, filing taxes, managing employee benefits, legal compliance, and risk mitigation.

In a co-employment relationship, a company allows its PEO partner to help with its staffing and human resources needs, but the true responsibility is divided between the company and the PEO. The company itself handles the day-to-day, hands-on management of its employees while the PEO takes care of the labor-intensive administrative tasks such as recruitment, hiring, and running payroll. In this type of co-employment relationship, both parties are legally responsible.

In essence, the PEO hires staff members on behalf of and leases them to the company, relieving the company of many time-consuming administrative processes while allowing them to work with globally sourced talent. The company is still the worker's legal employer and maintains the employment contract and relationship with the staff member.

Using Skuad's global Professional Employer Organization services allows your company to hire from vast pools of talent in various countries, which can otherwise be significantly costly and time-consuming. Skuad's international PEO services provide you with outsourced hiring solutions to build a diverse team—easily. As a human resources outsourcing company, Skuad can allow your company to hire remote workers in multiple countries, fostering the global expansion of your company while allowing you to focus on your core business. In the meantime, Skuad, your global PEO human resources partner, takes care of the tedious administrative tasks such as running payroll, administering employee benefits, and filing the appropriate taxes for each country.

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Global Payroll, Simplified

Managing your company's payroll, particularly when you employ workers from a variety of different countries, can be laborious and frustrating. Working with any number of payroll service providers in various languages while trying to keep in mind each country's employment laws, rules, and currencies is a daunting concept that makes many companies think twice about expanding into a global hiring market. Have no fear: Skuad's Global Payroll services allow you to say goodbye to complex global payroll management.

There are many advantages of partnering with a global HR outsourcing company such as Skuad.

Payments across borders

Skuad can enable you to pay your remote workers using their local currency. With a single click, you can schedule payroll for your global employees and make payments to your contractors, whether these payments are one-time or recurring. You will also have access to optimal exchange rates for over 100 worldwide currencies without markups. Skuad takes care of the compliance, calculations, and deductions for these payments to ensure your payments are free from errors and streamline your company's global payroll process.

Funds transfer compliance

Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding the transfer of funds. This means a company employing remote workers in various countries must follow a specific set of rules for each country while administering payroll. Skuad partners with financial institutions in over 150 countries to ensure your company remains compliant with local laws.

Unerring payroll accuracy

Skuad's unified digital platform tracks all of your payments and data from month to month, ensuring your payroll is processed accurately every time.

Single click, single invoice

International payroll administration does not have to be complicated. Through Skuad's automated payroll processes, running global payroll is both simple and fast. You can process payroll and make payments to third parties with a single click, thereby generating a single invoice.

Safe and secure payments

Skuad offers security on multiple levels for all payroll processes, which protects your company against any liability and ensures the safety of your funds.

Consolidated payroll reporting

Skuad's platform provides simple, consolidated payroll reporting, all in one place. A detailed overview of payments allows you to track taxes, benefits, and other deductions easily while you process payroll. A monthly summary of your company's payroll history gives you a full financial picture, enabling you to understand and analyze your expenses.

24/7 expert payroll support

From Argentina to Vietnam and over 150 countries in between, Skuad's team of in-house payroll experts is available all day, every day to answer all of your payroll questions and guide you in the right direction.

Benefits of Global Hiring

By partnering with Skuad as a PEO, you get access to top-tier international talent in over 160 countries. Skuad's powerful, one-stop digital platform allows you to pay the entirety of your global remote team with just one click, but it also simplifies more than just payroll administration. You can also manage paid time off (PTO); choose attractive, competitive benefits packages; view timesheets and payslips; and access 24/7 support from Skuad's team of experts.

Additionally, Skuad will take care of managing work visas, permits, and more for your international hires and their dependents.

Building a remote team with Skuad's PEO services enables you to:

Access global talent

Whether you are seeking employees or contractors, Skuad's Talent Network can help you recruit and hire your dream team in over 160 countries. You can employ remote talent anywhere, allowing you to choose from a rich pool of highly qualified applicants.

Onboard quickly and easily

Onboarding your new employees is fast and simple with Skuad's locally compliant employment contracts and documentation that is digitally signed. Through Skuad's dashboard, you can:

  • Calculate cost to hire
  • Send locally compliant contracts
  • Collect relevant documents and signatures
  • Issue work devices and equipment

Enjoy transparency

Skuad's unified dashboard gives you access to view every detail about your entire international team. You can track the onboarding of new hires, PTO, payments, and more, all from one powerful dashboard. You can also analyze your employment costs to help plan your future talent spend.

Keep sensitive information secure

Your business and employee data is safe and secure with Skuad's multi-layered security processes and leading industry-standard compliance measures, including GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2.

Get 24/7 support on demand

Skuad is proud to provide you with expert support all day, every day. Let Skuad's team of experts help you with any questions you may have about HR, talent, legal, compliance, and payroll.

Maintaining Global Compliance

When your company decides to build an international remote team, compliance with each country's local employment laws and regulations is of the utmost importance. Skuad protects your business everywhere, allowing your company to remain compliant without having to be an expert in every country's rules.

Skuad's platform is secure and easy to use, allowing centralized and compliant administration of your entire team from one dashboard, regardless of where they are physically located.  With legal experts and partners worldwide, Skuad can guide you through every step of employment laws specific to over 160 countries, helping you to maintain compliance with laws in various local jurisdictions.

Employment laws around the world are forever changing and evolving. Skuad is committed to staying up to date with constantly changing labor laws in various countries, ensuring your company remains consistently compliant with the rules and regulations in any country in which you employ talent. With Skuad as your PEO partner, you will get worker classification guidance for employees or contractors. You can trust that Skuad will deduct the appropriate taxes, benefits, and other locally required fees.

Creating legally binding and locally compliant contracts for hires in over 160 countries is simple with Skuad. While putting your company's compliance on autopilot, Skuad also allows you to ensure your ongoing compliance with GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2, and a variety of other localized employment regulations. Additionally, Skuad's powerful digital platform gives you the ability to retain copyright, trademarks, and exclusive intellectual property rights to your work by offering ironclad IP protection.


Mitigate the risks of global hiring, onboarding, payroll, and compliance by partnering with Skuad as your company's Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Build your ideal remote team using international talent and boost your company's hiring to a global level by allowing Skuad to hire, onboard, manage, and pay your international employees or contractors. Skuad will partner with you every step of the way as you design your hiring requirements, streamline your digital hiring process, and strategize people management throughout the global employee and contractor life cycle. Contact Skuad today to learn more or get started.

Building a remote team?

Employ exceptional talent, anywhere, anytime!

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