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Population: 54,776,741 or 54 million (2021 updated stats) 

Myanmar has many millennials, with the median age being 29 years. 

GDP: USD 80 billion (FY21)

Being the largest country in the region, Myanmar is relatively poor when compared to its neighboring nations. The government has taken several steps to boost industrialization and modernization, yet most workers in the country earn from agriculture and related industries. The government is also planning to promote tourism and employment to fetch various job opportunities for the median population of the country. Lack of an educated workforce, skilled labor, and modern technologies are one of the biggest hurdles for the nation’s economy. 

Market Overview 

As mentioned above, the majority of income in Myanmar is generated from the agricultural industry; rice accounts for 97% of the total food production in Myanmar. According to the IRRI or (International Rice Research Institute), more than 52 different rice variants are produced and exported from the nation. The country also produces a significant amount of sugar, rubber goods, textiles, light industry, metals, oil, and gas. 

Detailed Insight About Various Industries in Myanmar

  • According to the IMF or International Monetary Fund, the GDP or Gross Domestic Product of Myanmar is expected to grow at a healthy rate in this decade. 
  • One of the prominent advantages for the nation is 55% of the total population is under the age of 30, which will bring both positives and negatives for the country. With so many people at work, it will help the government boost the economy. At the same time, too much of the working population will also increase the competition for favorable jobs in the country. 
  • The garment sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country as it is receiving direct foreign investment from neighboring countries. Some of the largest garment producers in Thailand have shifted their production plans to Myanmar. They have to pay low wages and enjoy various benefits because of easy employment laws.
  • Burma is also the second-largest producer of opium, and only Afghanistan is ahead of Burma. More than 95% of opium production occurs in the Shan state of the country. 
  • MOGE, or Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise, is the oil and gas mining company operating in Myanmar that helps in contributing to the country's GDP. 
  • The country is also quite popular for its renewable energy as it has high-tech solar panels and generates power from hydroelectric potential. 
  • According to the internet speed test stats, the average download speed in Myanmar for mobile and fixed broadband is 22.17 Mbps and 22.80 Mbps, respectively. The average upload speed in mobile and fixed broadband is 11.72 Mbps and 20.37 Mbps. 

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Cost of Living 

South Asian countries are becoming quite expensive when compared to the rest of the world. The same concept also applies to Myanmar as a poor economy makes it very difficult for the population. The cost of living in Yangon is higher when compared to Sydney or Paris. Check the table below, which has detailed the cost of living in Myanmar.

Category Area of Expense Estimate (USD) Monthly Expense (USD)
Food Fruits, Milk, groceries, beer, and cigarettes 15.23-45 200
Transportation Monthly bus pass, Gasoline, 12.33-30.75 175
Utilities Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, and Garbage), Mobile, and internet charges. 65-210 96.80
Rent In city and outskirts 19.46 (In city per day rent), 11.033(in out-skirts per day rent) 584.06 (in City), 330.99 (In outskirts)
Salaries Average monthly salary 8 dollars average daily income 239.51

The average cost of living of a single person in Myanmar is USD 1710 without rent. The cost of living is also impacted by the style of living and where you live in the country. 


It is the only field where the country has excelled when compared to its neighboring countries. Myanmar has a healthy literacy rate of 89.9%, which will help the country to emerge as a developed nation in the future. One of the key problems for the government is that most of the well-educated youth from the country move to foreign countries for better jobs and pay scales, leaving behind unskilled labor. 


Healthcare is pretty expensive in Myanmar, and most importantly, it is quite limited to cities. The development of rural health care has been one of the key challenges for the government. It ensures the citizens that they will soon upgrade rural hospitals with modernized technologies and equipment. 


With a high literacy rate and sufficient education systems, the economy of Myanmar is slowly coming back on track. Most of the local companies in the country are engaged in construction, renewable energy, tourism, and catering industries. Recently, the World Bank reports also showcased that the SMEs or small- and medium-scale enterprises account for 80% of job opportunities in Myanmar. 

Here are some of the top or hottest industries expected to hit the market hard shortly. 

Petroleum Engineering

Every year Myanmar produces 6 million crude oil barrels alongside 700 billion cubic feet of natural gas from off-shore drills. The oil and gas industry employs a lot of workforce from both Myanmar and international countries. The sector also drives a lot of FDI or Foreign Direct Investment which helps in boosting the GDP of the country. 

Sales and Business Development

The economy of Myanmar is now the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia. Most of the FMCG companies in Myanmar are expanding their business in rural and urban regions. Sales and related jobs like customer service and communication are becoming an ideal source of income for the majority of the median population in Yangon and neighboring cities. 

Construction Engineering

The government of Myanmar is putting in all its efforts to build robust infrastructure, which will help the government attract and provide full support to multi-national companies. The government is also planning to launch special economic zones, which means there will be a high demand for civil engineers. 

Marketing and Designing 

With the majority of the population in the country being young, social media is becoming an immensely popular sector for youth to find various job opportunities. The majority of advertising needs in the country are satisfied by physical events, and digital marketing is rapidly finding its way. 

IT Support and Software Development

IT technicians are the backbone for businesses in the modern age as most small- and medium-scale enterprises want to expand their business globally. IT technicians are expected to get various job opportunities in the country.  

Hiring Cost 

The hiring cost in Myanmar depends on the type of industry you expect to hire as various recruitment agencies provide both skilled and unskilled labor workforce. The hiring cost also depends on HR recruitment and training costs if you hire workers from the country's rural regions. 

Employment Laws 

Some of the common laws in Myanmar include section 5 (a) employment and skills development law. All the companies have to enter into written contracts with employees within 30 days of employment. It is suggested to complete all the legal paperwork before hiring to safeguard its rights and the brand.

Salary Structure for Various Job Roles In Myanmar

Areas Of Interest Average Monthly Salary (in USD)
Cashier 118.45
Financial Analyst 408.19
Graphic Designer 99.01
Web-Developer 284.28
Product Manager 232.65
Teacher 351.10
Software engineer 716.06
Lawyer 625.07
Accountant 137.80
Medical 285.09

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