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Hire in Ukraine

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024
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Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. It has one of the youngest populations in the world and is well-known for its transportation network. With multiple airports, seaports, railways, and the deepest metro connection in the world, the country has excellent connectivity with the rest of the globe. The young country with a huge number of recently graduated millennials has become one of the major hotspots for recruitment by major companies. Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, and IT services constitute the major sectors with maximum employment. Most of the population of Ukraine speaks either Ukrainian or Russian, and the country’s English-speaking population is concentrated in its cities.

Overview of Ukraine

Population: 37,400,941 people

GDP: 480.59 billion USD (2024 est.)

Economic Overview

Ukraine has developed a stable economy with a rich cultural history and an impressive growth rate over the past few years. Through wide-ranging political reforms to empower the youth and labor in the country, it has achieved a complete literacy rate of 99.97%. Although the pandemic has severely affected its economy, the country is steadily recouping and is allowing more investments into the country. Ukraine has high internet penetration and comes among the top 10 European countries to have high-speed internet. With more than 1500 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering fast, cheap internet, a majority of the population in the country is digitally active. The average download speed in the country is 50 Mbps and can go up to 130 Mbps in the cities.

Market Size

Ukraine is a leading exporter of grain crops like corn, wheat, and barley in the world. Agriculture constitutes 9% of its GDP, followed by IT services at 8% of the GDP. A rising trend in the export of agricultural machinery, seeds, and fertilizers constitutes 25% of the country's total agricultural exports.

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A Brief Glimpse of the Industries in Ukraine

Predominantly an agricultural country, Ukraine is now moving to offer a wide range of digital and IT services. According to a report, the country provides the highest number of IT services in Europe and is listed among the top 25 countries in the world for software development. Major Employment Sectors in Ukraine can be listed as follows:

  • Agribusiness
  • Food Processing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Mining and Metallurgy
  • Engineering Services - Machine Building
  • Software Development
  • IT services
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism

Talent in Ukraine

Ukraine is among the top five countries in the Global Skills Index in technology. The country has a highly educated population skilled to offer value-added services in business, software, and management. A large number of the Ukrainian population is involved in offering graphic design and software development online.

  • Plant/Machine Operation
  • Digital Designing
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Management
  • Soft Skills
  • Communication
  • Procurement, Logistics, and Supply Chain
  • Software & IT skills

Top Skills in Ukraine by City/Town

Name of the City Top Skills Job Positions
Kyiv & Lviv
  • Communications, Strategy
  • Programming, IT knowledge
  • Medicine
  • Business Advisor
  • Software Developer
  • Physician
  • Logistics, Branding, and Supply Chain Management
  • Creativity, Attention to detail
  • Coding and computer language proficiency
  • Export Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Programmer
  • Logo design, Web design, 3D modeling
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Visualization, Presentation
  • Graphic Designer
  • Sales representative
  • Illustrator
  • Machine Design, Operations
  • Designing, Aesthetics
  • Coding, Presentation, Optimization
  • Engineer
  • Architect
  • Web Developer
  • Basic accounting
  • Managerial, soft skills
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Accountant
  • Project Assistant
  • Technical coordinator

Hiring Cost in Ukraine

The cost of hiring in Ukraine is much lower than in other countries in Europe. As Ukraine is emerging as a newbie in the service sector, the perceived salary expectations are comparatively lower. The highly educated workforce resides in the Tier 1 cities of the country. Also, it is notable that a large number of freelancers from Ukraine’s cities provide high-quality design, programming, and software services.

Cost of Living

Being one of the largest producers of agricultural commodities in the world, Ukraine offers quality food products at affordable prices. Moreover, travel in the country has been subsidized and is relatively cheaper than in other European countries. With wide options for travel and accommodation in the country, the monthly cost of living for a single person in Ukraine comes to USD 700 or ₴ 19000 (Ukrainian hryvnia).

Monthly Cost of Living in Ukraine:

Type of Expense Monthly Expense (USD) Monthly Expense(Ukrainian hryvnia)
Renting (1 BHK apartment) $150 ~ $650 ₴4110 ~ ₴17700
Food & Beverages $110 ~ $200 ₴3000 ~ ₴5500
Transport $90 ~ $150 ₴2650 ~ ₴4100
Miscellaneous Bills - Electricity, water $40 ~ $65 ₴1100 ~ ₴1750

Cost of Rent

Famous for its tourism, Ukraine offers a wide range of accommodation options to residents and travelers. From fully furnished studios, apartments, rental rooms, hotels, hostels, and dormitory facilities, Ukraine offers affordable accommodation. As with most of the countries, accommodation gets costlier as one moves towards the city. Also, shared accommodation facilities are much cheaper than in individual apartments.

Monthly Rent and Cost of Living in Ukraine:

Type of Region Monthly Cost of Living Monthly Rent (1 BHK)
T1 cities $650 - $850 $450 - $650
T2 cities $530 - $640 $380 - $470
T3 cities $420 - $500 $300 - $220
Tertiary Regions $300 - $450 $250 - $320

Salary Structure for Various Roles in Ukraine

Name of City Job Position Annual Salary (in USD)
Kyiv, Lviv $Industrial Engineer $19,000 ~ $35,000
Dnipr, Kyiv Executive Assistant $11,000 ~ $25,000
Kyiv Business Development $10,000 ~ $18,000
Dnipr, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv Web Development $10,000 ~ $18,000
Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv Software Engineer $10,000 ~ $15,000
Kyiv Content Marketer $6,500 ~ $10,000

Employment Laws in Ukraine

All employees in Ukraine, irrespective of their position, are governed by the common Labor Law in the country. The Labor Code is the principal legislative act in the country, which dictated the provisions of the Labor Law. The act provides the remuneration policies, contract provisions, social privileges, and the working conditions of all employees.

As per the Ukrainian labor contract, seven documents need to be provided by the employee with adherence to the employment order and probation period set by the legislation. Termination, liabilities, and grievance clauses are to be read by both parties before signing a contract.

Ukraine Remote Hiring Trends 2024

Remote jobs by industry

The technology industry in Ukraine is huge — and this trend is not set to slow down any time soon. Based on Glassdoor, the sector with the most remote opportunities in Ukraine in 2024 is information technology.

Some other sectors with remote opportunities include:

  • Media & Communication
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resources & Staffing

Due to the country’s innovation and expertise, along with the low cost of labor, many foreign economies hire remote workers and contractors in Ukraine for their IT and tech services. A survey revealed that:

  • 40% of Ukraine’s IT services market is exported to the United States.
  • 10% is exported to the United Kingdom.
  • Switzerland, Malta, Israel, Cyprus, Germany, Canada, Denmark, and the Netherlands also outsource significantly to Ukraine.

Remote jobs by job title

According to Glassdoor, the most popular remote jobs in Ukraine in 2024 are:

  • Android Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Java Developer
  • Computing
  • Software
  • Computer Engineering
  • Project Controls

International laws supporting Ukrainian remote workers

In response to the mass displacement of Ukrainians due to the war, many countries have introduced new immigration laws. Many of these allow Ukrainian refugees easier access to working rights and other benefits abroad.

These include:

International organizations like Na’amal are working toward helping Ukrainians get set up as remote workers, which may mean a larger labor pool for those looking to hire in Ukraine.

Hiring activity in Ukraine

With such widespread upheaval, many people have lost jobs, slowing hiring in Ukraine. This has, however, created shifts toward online industries and remote work, with many platforms opening remote jobs to Ukrainians. The war also created a demand for medical and health jobs. Since the war began, the most popular industries for job seekers are:

  • Agriculture 39%
  • Processing industry 12%
  • Trade 12%
  • Government and defense 11%

Top employers in Ukraine

The top five companies hiring in Ukraine, according to Glassdoor, are:

  • Luxoft
  • Grammarly
  • EPAM Systems
  • Helpware

Conclusion: How Can Skuad Help You with Hiring in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a young country with a steadily growing number of highly educated millennials. With a good digital presence, Ukraine has one of the largest workforce offering IT services. Moreover, a lower median salary in the country and the strategic location make Ukraine attractive for investors and recruiters.

Skuad is a Global HR platform that helps businesses to build remote teams. Now, you can focus on taking your business to the next level while Skuad creates an effective workforce for you.

Skuad helps your company:

  • Discover individuals with exceptional talent and choose the best fit for your company.
  • Seamlessly recruit, pay, and manage employees through a tech-enriched HR platform.
  • Create easy contracts, manage taxes, and local laws while hiring a new employee.

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Table of Content

Building a remote team?

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