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Sourcing for talent in new markets will surely allow you to access an extensive  talent pool for your organization. But the process of building a global team can be complex and time-consuming, if you don’t have the right resources and team of experts to help you out.

HR Trends in Asia

Links International, a Hong Kong-based HR and recruiting business, has released its top five Asia HR trends in 2020.

  • Increased Investment in HR transformation programmes
    Attracting and maintaining outstanding talent is still seen as the deciding element in most organizations' success. A growing number of HR teams are implementing global or regional Human Capital Management systems and investigating how Robotic Process Automation and HR technology may be leveraged to automate administrative processes and increase the HR team's impact on the organization.
  • Strong IT employment market to support IT projects across Asia
    IT projects across Asia continue to experience sustained investment, and as a result, IT candidates remain in high demand. While the IT job market is one of the few that has not been adversely impacted by the US/China trade war and other economic worries, IT candidates are demonstrating a declining willingness to shift positions, which means that organizations must compete harder to recruit IT applicants.
  • HR executives focusing on cost optimization
    According to a recent study, 92 percent of HR directors are increasingly prioritizing budgeting and cost-cutting strategies in light of the uncertain economic situation. However, according to the same study, only 20% of these HR leaders are assessing the impact of these initiatives on the organization's overall efforts.
  • Senior positions are being relocated from Hong Kong
    To avoid risks and continue to attract international talent, an increasing number of corporations with a regional presence are relocating top jobs out of Hong Kong and China and into other commercial centers such as Singapore.
  • Taiwan and South-East Asia come out on top
    While the trade war and economic uncertainty have had a significant impact on traditional powerhouse economies such as Singapore, China, and Hong Kong, businesses in other countries such as Vietnam and Taiwan have benefited greatly from increased trade, investment, and business growth as a result of the trade war. 

Furthermore, as MNCs in China shift their investment elsewhere, some local enterprises in China are claiming higher growth as a result of lower competition.

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Building a remote team?

Employ exceptional talent, anywhere, anytime!

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